We all have experienced bed bugs at least once in life. Bugs are creepy, filthy and dangerous to your health. No matter how clean your room or house is, these bugs find a way to sneak into your house and into your beds. I’m getting creeps when I’m writing all this, but I have to because my job is to get you to the right product that helps you kill these bugs. If you are dealing with bed bugs (I can understand your pain), then you need to find a way to tackle them once and for all, and there is an efficient way of doing that. You need to get a bed bug spray, as that is your one and only option of getting rid of those pesky bugs. If you want to know the consumer reports best bed bug sprays along with their details reviews, you need to go through the next section, as I have explained everything below that you may possibly need.

Reviews Of 6 Best Bed Bug Sprays

1. Rockwell Labs CXID032 Cimexa Dust Insecticide 

best bed bug sprays

If you had a perception of bed bug sprays as stinky, choky and dangerous products, then this Rockwell bed bug spray will change that perception to some extent. First of all, it is odorless, so no foul odor to choke your throat. Secondly, it doesn’t stain, so you can use it on mattresses and carpets without leaving any marks.

The spray is made with silica dust, which is highly efficient in killing bed bugs compared to other sprays, which make use of other elements. Silica soaks bed bug’s wax and expedites desiccation. You can use this spray on your premium quality mattress and it won’t let anything happen to it.

The bugs stick on finely ground dust via electrostatic attraction. Once that happens, the exoskeleton of the bugs breaks into many parts, which results in the death of bugs. The spray comes with an applicator and puffer.

For spreading the dust in hard to reach places, use a paintbrush, otherwise, the dust won’t go that easily. Wear a mask while doing all that despite the fact that the spray isn’t toxic to humans.

2. Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Spray

best bed bug sprays

If there are bugs in your bed, but they are confined to a specific region, then you don’t need a big spray, as that would be a waste of money. Invest in a portable spray such as Bedlam Plus, which is not at all toxic, but highly effective as any other top bed bug spray.

This spray even kills those bugs, which have become resistant to pyrethroid. There are three main ingredients in this spray, 2-dimethyl-3, Imidacloprid and 3-phenoxybenzyl. All these elements make a highly effective spray, which kills bugs without choking your throat, burning your eyes or skin.

Besides functioning like an adulticide, the spray shows ovicidal features as well, thus killing the eggs of the bugs as well. A totally safe product, you can spray it on your clothes and furniture as well. Its effects remain for about two weeks, which shows how efficient it is.

3. Bed Bug Patrol Bed Bug Killer

best bed bug sprays

This bed bug spray has got everything that you need to kill bugs. This spray is efficient, toxic-free and eco-friendly, three features that everybody looks for in a bed bug spray. An independent laboratory has tested this spray and found that the spray has 83 percent mortality rate within 30 minutes of use, and it continues to rise to 98 percent within the first four hours.

As harmful as this spray is for bed bugs, you don’t have to worry about your safety, as it will do no damage to you or your family members. The spray is made with 100 percent essential oils, thus making it safe for your children and pets. You can even apply this spray over your mattress protector in case you find the presence of bugs on it. After applying the spray, you won’t be experiencing any foul odor, so you can stay in the room and do your stuff right after the procedure. You can buy a 24 oz., bottle of the spray, a pack of two, 1-gallon bottle and a travel spray.

4. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer

best bed bug sprays

As the name suggests, this bed bug spray is eco-friendly, but at the same time, it is not at all friendly to bugs. You apply the spray and see bugs being obliterated in a matter of minutes. The composition of this spray contains mostly natural elements, but you will find some chemicals included in the spray such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

Besides that, other ingredients include Ethyl Lactante, Distilled Water and Citric Acid. However, the spray is quite efficient and kills bed bugs as soon as you use it on the affected area. Moreover, it won’t leave any stains or artificial odor in the room. Overall, a decent product, which has the ability to kill bugs that have been causing you sleepless nights.

5. Ortho 0202510 Home Defense Max Bed Bug

best bed bug sprays

Check out this versatile bed bug spray, which can be used for a wide range of purposes. It won’t just kill the bed bugs, but their eggs as well, so that you don’t have to deal with their off-springs in the future. You can use this spray in the cracks and crevices where bugs can usually be found hiding.

This is a stain-free and odorless spray, thus allowing you to spray even on the bed on which you have placed a premium quality latex mattress, if necessary. The spray is even effective in eliminating bugs, which have developed resistance to insecticides such as pyrethroids. If you are traveling, then make sure to spray your suitcase in order to safeguard your belongings from pest attack.

As you apply this spray on the bed, the effect of it can be felt for two weeks. The only precaution that you need to take while using this spray is, keep it out of reach of your children and pets, as the spray contains chemicals, which may pose harm to them. Moreover, you need to use a lot of sprays to curb the pest infestation.

6. EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray 

best bed bug sprays

If you are looking for a safe and effective way of killing bugs that have infested your house, then check out EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray, which is mostly made up of natural products and is 100 percent effective on bugs, which are impervious to insecticides, larvae and adult bugs. The effects of this spray last for around two weeks.

The key ingredients of this spray include Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Geraniol and Cedar concentrate. You will even smell the cedar scent coming from the place where you use the spray, so if you love the smell of cedar, then you’ll love this spray as well. This spray won’t leave any stain on the floor, thus keeping the treated area clean and tidy.

How Effective Are Bed Bug Sprays?

The effectiveness of bed bug sprays depends on several factors. You need to first make sure that the spray you are using is of the top-notch quality. Secondly, you need to apply it in the right area and in the right quantity to see the best effects. Moreover, you should know as to which elements are used in the spray and how will they fare against the bugs that you are dealing with.

Bugs tend to build resistance against the sprays that are regularly used against them, so make sure that scenario doesn’t rise because if it does, then all your efforts will go in vain. Bed bugs hide deep down in the fabrics, where it is hard to detect their presence, so make sure the spray you are investing in has the ability to kill the bugs, which have found a resting place in your beds. Make a strategy because only then, you are going to increase the effectiveness of the spray.

What Precautions And Safety Measures Should You Take While Using Bed Bug Spray?

A bed bug spray despite the claims of being 100% natural and eco-friendly is harmful to you, especially when you are exposed to it in a way you are not supposed to. Therefore, you need to take some safety measures when using a bed bug spray in order to keep yourself and your surroundings safe.

  1. Check the instructions/directions on the bed bug spray bottle and follow them in the exact same way.
  2. Wear gloves to minimize contact with the spray liquid.
  3. Clean the room in which you are about to spray so as to increase its effectiveness.
  4. If you are using a bed bug spray, which contains various types of chemicals, then make sure to close the room after applying the spray so that the foul odor can subside and the spray liquid dries up.
  5. Keep the spray bottle away from children and pets because it is nothing less than poison for them.
  6. Keep the spray bottle in a dark cupboard because heat can reduce the effectiveness of the chemicals that are present in the spray bottle.
  7. Throw the bottle once its expire date is up.
  8. If you have used the spray with your bare hands, then make sure to wash them before touching or eating anything.
  9. Make sure to do a diligent bug inspection of the room every week where you think the chances of bugs are there.


Getting rid of bed bugs is of paramount importance not just because you hate them, but because they can harm you in multiple ways. Bugs and filth go hand in hand so that filth after entering into your body, can make you sick, very sick. Therefore, you need to buy a bed bug spray, six of which I have reviewed in this post above. These products are exactly same as you would find in consumer reports best bed bug spray, so you just need to pick the right spray that according to you would be effective on the bugs that have infested your room or house.