The feel of fresh and clean air along with the serene beauty of the mountains intrigues everybody, but the excitement increases multiple times when you get to ride a bike on the mountain roads. However, riding a bike in mountains is not like riding on city roads, so make sure you have the right kind of bike for your expedition in the mountains. In a nutshell, you need a mountain bike, which you can easily buy after going through the consumer reports best mountain bike reviews. Make sure to carry a filtered water bottle and boot knife while going out for a ride to a local hill range. Also, wear a bike helmet to protect your head in case of an accident.

Reviewing 10 Best Mountain Bikes

1. Huffy Hardtail Stone Mountain Bike

consumer reports best mountain bike

Huffy Hardtail is an excellent bike for those who love outdoor adventures, especially in mountains. The bike is ideal for people aged 13 and above. The durable steel frame of this bike makes it last for a long period. Besides a solid frame, the bike features suspension fork handles bumps and dips to give the user a great riding experience. The minimum height required to ride this bike is 5 feet, so if your height is above 5 feet, then this bike is all you need to explore the serene beauty of the local mountain range in your area.

Since this bike is meant for uphill climbing, downhill riding, and pure acceleration, it features an indexed Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur with a guard to ensure smooth gear operation. The rear derailleur comes with a micro-shift twist shifter, which provides 21 speeds on-demand. The bike also features 26x1.95-inch knobby tires, which easily make way into the dirt. Kraton grips on the bike are comfortable to touch and won’t let you lose control over the bike.

The company has installed ATB-type resin pedals in this bike, which is fitted on a 3-piece crank to provide a responsive feel. The mountain bike has a smooth stopping action, thanks to linear pull hand brakes. The bike also comes with an ATB saddle, which has decent padding and stitched sides for comfortable seating. You can easily adjust the height of the seat, thanks to alloy quick release. This mountain bike won’t cause any pain to your back and shoulder, as it features a slightly risen handlebar.

2. Mongoose Dolomite Men's Fat Tire Mountain Bike

consumer reports best mountain bike

This mountain bike from Mongoose lets you enjoy any off-road trail, thanks to its solid construction and plenty of features. The bike features a solid steel frame, which is complemented by all-terrain knobby tires. The company has also included a thread-less headset in the bike, which you can adjust according to your height. The inclusion of lightweight yet durable alloy rims keeps the overall weight of the bike down.

For an easy and smooth ride, the bike comes with beach cruiser pedals along with disc brakes at the front and rear of the bike. Then, there is the rear derailleur, which has seven speeds to make hill climbing a lot easier. Changing gears while riding the bike doesn’t require any effort, thanks to the inclusion of twist shifters. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on the bike, so you can consult the company in case you come across any issue.

3. Merax 26-Inch Mountain Bicycle With Suspension Fork 24-Speed Mountain Bike

consumer reports best mountain bike

If you are looking for an affordable and reliable full-suspension mountain bike, then you should buy this particular model from Merax. It features 21-speed settings, which allow you to get to the right speed according to the terrain you’re riding the bike on. Besides riding on rough and tough mountain terrain, you can enjoy a comfortable ride this bike on plain city roads as well. The bike features linear-pull brakes, which deliver excellent stopping power on any terrain. The 21-speed derailleurs provide as much speed as you require. The bike comes with a 1-year warranty in which all manufacturing defects are covered.

4. Schwinn High Timber Youth And Adult Mountain Bike

consumer reports best mountain bike

This bike from Schwinn is excellent for city rides as well as mountain trails. The steel frame of this bike along with the suspension fork provides a responsive riding experience on different types of terrain. The bike features a Shimano rear derailleur along with 7-speed Shimano twist shifters for smooth gearshifts on any terrain. For steady gearing, the company has provided a durable alloy crank in the bike. Equipped with alloy linear-pull brakes at the front and rear, you can expect quick and reliable stopping of the bike on all terrain. Sporting all-terrain tires along with alloy rims, you get a durable riding experience on this bike.

5. Eurobike EURX1 27.5 Inch Wheels Mountain Bike

consumer reports best mountain bike

This is a special mountain bike for students, which comes with a 21-speed shifting system. The bike will arrive at your home almost fully assembled, as you just need to install the front wheels, seat, handlebar, and pedals. Then, you need to fill air into the tires and you’re all set for your maiden trail. The pedals are included in the package without any extra charge. The bike features a Shimano rear derailleur along with 7-speed Shimano EF500 21-speed shifter for smooth gearshifts on any terrain.

The bike features 27.5-inch wheels to make your cycling experience perfect. The bike sports dual disc brakes for quick and reliable braking power on different types of surfaces. The bike comes with a comfortable seat post and free kickstand for added convenience.

6. Royce Union RMT Women's 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

consumer reports best mountain bike

This is an all-terrain bike for women, which is ideal for those who don’t have a specific biking scenario in mind. An affordable mountain bike, you can use it for riding uphill, downhill, and other types of terrain. These bikes are made from a rust-resistant aluminum frame, which makes the bike durable yet extremely lightweight. You can easily accelerate this bike to achieve incredible speed. A notable feature of this bike is how easily the shifting of gear is, even on the rough terrain. The bike features 21-speed Shimano Revoshift along with Shimano Tourney indexed derailleur to make gear responsiveness fast and easy.

It is easy to control the speed of the bike according to the surrounding landscape. The bike features 27.5-inch wheels, which help users pass through the tough mountain terrain. This bike has a tread pattern, which ensures better biking performance. The wheels of this bike have less rolling resistance for a fast and smooth ride on rough terrain. Its alloy wheel rims offer much better brake pad contact, which enables the alloy linear-pull brakes to work consistently.

7. Mongoose Impasse Men's Mountain Bike

consumer reports best mountain bike

If you are looking for a full-suspension bike, then look no further than Mongoose Impasse Men’s Mountain Bike, which is perfect for riding through tough trails and obstacles that are difficult for a hardtail to tackle. The unit features full-suspension traction and stability for confident and fearless mountain biking.

Made up of aluminum, this bike is durable yet very lightweight. It comes with 29-inch wheels along with 21-speed levels. The bike also incorporates Shimano Rear Derailleur, which along with SRAM Twist Shifters make it easy to change gears. The disc brakes at the front and rear give you perfect control over the bike. A great looking bike, you will love going to trails on it.

8. Outroad Mountain Bike 21 Speed Anti-Slip Bike

consumer reports best mountain bike

This mountain bike is amongst the most durable bikes you will find on the market. It is made from a high carbon steel frame, which has a thick front fork along with excellent shock absorbers, hence making it suitable for all kinds of surfaces. The bike is resistant to deformation and tensile force, which makes it a high-performance unit.

The bike also features large-sized all-terrain knobby tires to ensure a smooth ride in all kinds of terrain, be it dirt, mud, snow, and of course, city roads. The maximum weight that this mountain bike can accommodate is 440 lbs. The bike features a disc brake at the front and rear. The package includes all the tools you need for installing the bike.

9. Hiland Aluminum Mountain Bike For Women

consumer reports best mountain bike

Check out this mountain bike, which has been specially designed for women. The small frame of this mountain bike contains a special upper tube, which is ideal for women of all sizes unless they are unusually small or large. The bike features a‘ Lock-out Suspension’ fork, which makes the bike-riding experience nothing but pleasurable regardless of whether you’re riding on mountain roads, forest ways, and highways.

The company has included 26-speed gear in the bike, which allows you to ride the bike at your speed. The bike also incorporates Shimano Rear Derailleur along with disc brakes at the front and rear for excellent support on the bike. The bike comes 85% pre-assembled, so you don’t have to spend hours assembling the same.

10. Max4out Fat Tire Mountain Bike

consumer reports best mountain bike

Check out this incredible mountain bike from Max4out, which is ideal for mountain, city roads, trail, and wasteland. The company has used premium quality steel for making this durable cruising bike. The bike features 26-inch wheels that come with alloy wheels for all-terrain tires. Coming with 21 speeds, you can expect this bike to handle any type of terrain perfectly.

 Even the gear shifting is impeccable in this bike, regardless of which terrain are you riding the bike on. The inclusion of disc brakes in the bike ensures the safety of the user. If your height is between 5.2 and 6 ft., then this mountain bike is perfect for you. Other features of the bike include front suspension, Shimano rear derailleur, and front & rear V-brakes. The company also provides seat and pedals in the package.

Summing Up

Mountain bikes are becoming more and more popular due to their special design and features, which favor riding on the rough mountain terrain. Now that you have checked the consumer reports best mountain bike reviews, you can decide as to which mountain bike you would like to buy. If you’ve already taken a decision, then go ahead and place an order right away.

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