Does your line of work require you to look poised at all times? Then, I’m assuming you pay attention to every aspect of your body. You must be using a hair straightener or curling iron to create new hairstyles, wearing branded clothes and shoes, but what about nails? If your nails are damaged, then you need to treat them because nobody likes to see a person with chipped or cracked nails with ridged edges. To treat your damaged nails, you should buy a nail strengthener, which you can now buy easily with the help of consumer reports best nail strengthener that consists of reviews of 5 best products.

Reviews Of 5 Best Nail Strengtheners

1. OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

Check out this nail strengthener from OPI, which you can use to make your nails stronger for a long period of time. This nail strengthener features added protein and calcium, which helps strengthen the nails and improve their growth. The company has used wheat protein, hydrolyzed and calcium, three main ingredients for enhancing the length and strength of your nails. You can use this nail strengthener as a stand-alone treatment or use it as a base coat on which you can apply your favorite nail polish.

2. Hoof Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening & Growing Cream

Get this cream for strengthening your nails in the most reliable way. This nail strengthening cream prevents peels, chips, cracks, and splits on even the most severely damaged nails. If you have been dealing with soft and fragile nails, then you can apply this cream to grow the nails to new lengths in a short period of time. Not only your nails will grow faster, but they will have high endurance and incredible strength, something you’ve been wanting to have. This nail treatment doesn’t feel like chemicals at all, as you will get the aroma of coconut from this cream.

3. Nail Tek Foundation Xtra 4 Nail Strengthener For Ridge Edges & Damaged Nails

If your damaged nails are taking a toll on your confidence, then you should try this nail strengthening and conditioning treatment from Nail Tek, which consists of micro-fibers and natural fillers that help strengthen natural nails. Apply this nail strengthening base coat on your nails to fill ridges, restore fragile nails to their perfect healthy shape. The nail strengthener contains a 100% natural formula that gets rid of multiple problems with your nails.

You can use this nail treatment with Foundation 4 to obtain quick and long-lasting results. Apply this nail treatment as a base coat to make your nails stronger and beautiful. If using it as a top coat to achieve salon-quality nail polish finish while ensuring stronger and healthy nail growth. Apply it on the nails before applying nail polish to ensure proper adhesion of nail polish on the nails. Not just this coat offers a smooth nail surface but protects the nails from yellow stains. The product is made from 100% cruelty-free, Toluene-free and DBP-free material.

4. BARIELLE Hydrating Ridge Filler & Nail Strengthener

Barielle brings to you a highly efficient nail straightener that treats dehydrated nails in a short period of time. If you don’t know, then dehydrated nails can use cracks, ridges, and imbalance. So, don’t let these things happen to your nails; get this nail strengthener today to repair, smoothen and restore your nails. The product contains silk protein fibers, which hydrate and strengthen the nails to ensure optimal growth. Applying this nail strengthener will keep your nails well moisturized and in a good shape. You can use it as a base coat, right before applying nail polish.

5. Elon Lanolin Rich Nail Conditioner For Healthy Nails

Last up on the list is a nail conditioner from Elon Lanolin, which boasts a gentle conditioning formula that helps prevent the splitting and cracking of brittle nails and promotes the growth of smooth, healthy nails. The inclusion of beeswax strengthens and thickens the cuticle fibers, which it does by sealing in the moisture and preventing peeling and cracked nails.

Apply this nail conditioner for a few weeks, and you will find a significant improvement in the length of your nails along with their condition. You will see well-shaped and beautiful-looking nails. No matter how severely damaged your nails are, this product will fix them in the most effective manner. The company has been manufacturing products for more than 25 years, and the one in discussion is even recommended by dermatologists and podiatrists.

How To Choose The Best Nail Strengthener?

When it comes to choosing a nail strengthener, a paying choice is a product that will help achieve its goal. This means that the choice you are going to make will solve and prevent his problems. The criteria below will help you make the right product choice:


It is the first criterion of choice not to be neglected. For this, opt for a nail strengthener that has received many positive reviews from users. So, do not hesitate to consult forums and specialized magazines which allow you to discern the most effective and safest treatments. Doing this will help you find the most effective product.

Ease of use

Products with a large brush allow you to apply them comfortably and precisely. The quantity of the product should be chosen according to your need and the recommended frequency of use. So, remember to check if the brush that comes with the nail strengthener facilitates its application, because the more fluid the treatment, the easier it will be to apply. Whether it is a soft, strong, or extra strong nail strengthener, you should not be mistaken in the choice when purchasing.

Matte or glossy effect

Another criterion that must also be taken into account is to ask a question if the nail strengthener you are going to choose should have a matte or glossy effect. In fact, strengtheners come in two types which provide matt or shiny results. If you want to use it alone without adding polish, go for a product that will make your nails shine. On the other hand, if you want to use it as a base for varnish, it does not have to be glossy. So, choose models that only take a few minutes to dry.


Price is also an important criterion. The most expensive nail strengthener is not necessarily the best. You have to try to find the best quality/price ratio when buying. But the price can vary from $10 to $50 depending on the brand, its quantity, and its composition. So, remember to check the capacity of the bottle but also the components of the treatment. It is especially recommended to favor products that include an antibacterial agent when purchasing.


Nail strengtheners are made up of several formulas. If you want a product that works just by protecting the surface of the horny plate of your nails, look for a product that contains diamond powder, as one coat of this product may be enough to protect your nails. And if you want a nail strengthener works by nourishing your nails. You will be spoiled for choice because these are the most popular models on the market. Keratin remains the most effective ingredient for strengthening the resistance of the nails.

According to the opinions of dermatologists, it is better to use a product based on natural ingredients. And they mostly recommend using a product without formaldehyde, as this chemical compound has the power to effectively harden the nails but in the long run it can break them and give them unwanted side effects on the nails.

How To Apply A Nail Strengthener?

Depending on the brand of nail strengthener you choose, the initial treatment usually lasts two weeks. It is followed by a maintenance treatment every three weeks. And when the nails regain their health, it will be necessary to remember to use them twice a year. However, before applying any nail strengthener, the nails should be cleaned well before using it. As this care product is quite aggressive, it is recommended to protect your cuticles and your skin with a little hand cream.

The treatment begins with the application of a layer of strengthener to the nails on the first day. You have to put a second layer on top of the first the next day. Then you have to remove everything on the third day with a mild acetone-free nail polish remover and put on a new layer followed by another 24 hours after. This treatment must be repeated for two weeks. To optimize the use of the nail strengthener, the application must be carried out before sleeping so that the product can take effect during the night.

Good to know

Homemade products, such as water saturated with salt or lemon juice, are an alternative to chemical strengtheners while providing the same benefits.


Strengtheners should not be applied under the fingernail, on the cuticles, or the skin, as they may harden as well.

Different Types Of Nail Strengtheners

In the market, there are 3 types of nail strengtheners that we will present to you below.

Soft Nail Strengthener

The soft strengthener is a nail strengthener suitable for people with sensitivities to cosmetic products because it does not contain formalin and TSF resin, but natural components like keratin and other proteins that strengthen the nail and are not at all aggressive.

Strong Nail Strengthener

This nail strengthener is especially suitable for people who have drier and more brittle nails. It is best known for having fast results on the nails because it has ingredients that will make the nails a little harder and more resistant.

Extra Strong Nail Strengthener

These nail strengtheners offer a comprehensive care for nails that are too damaged and no longer have their normal shape. They are known for their rapid effectiveness in just a few days. Very rich in amino acids, they mainly have the role of strengthening the nails. And the results are visible from the first use.

Nail Strengthener Or Nail Polishing Cream – What’s The Difference?

Nail Strengthener

The advantage of using a nail strengthener is that it can be used as a base for a manicure. Also, it is discreet and can also be used by humans. On the budget side, it is not expensive at all and not difficult to find in the market. Its downside is that some of these products contain ingredients that can be harmful to health and even cause cancer.

Then, they can also cause allergies and worsen the situation of your nails if you don't choose the wrong one.

Nail Polishing Cream

The good thing about nail polishing creams is that they can rid your nails of streaks, take care of jagged edges and even encourage natural nail growth. But also, polishing can increase blood circulation to the nail plate and bed and will bring a smoother surface to which the polish adheres better.

The downside with nail polishing creams is that they are hard to find on the market. Using the nail polishing cream on a daily basis can cause several health problems such as skin irritation, nausea, allergic reactions, and breathing problems.

Which One Is Better?

Both of these products have their benefits and drawbacks. However, if you really want to fix your broken nails and make them come alive again, use nail strengtheners. But if you just want to do a manicure, go for nail polishing creams.

Summing Up

Nobody likes cracked, chipped, and damaged nails, so if you are nails are not in a good shape, then you should definitely buy a nail strengthener. Now that you have gone through consumer reports best nail strengthener along with a comprehensive buying guide, I feel you don’t find any issue choosing the right product. So, purchase the right product and restore the shape and health of your nails.

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