Whether you are transacting offline or online, you will find a postal scale a highly useful device for your business. It allows you to measure the weight of the postage in the most accurate manner, thus letting you know the exact price that would be required to mail a certain package. If you have been using an old, manual postal scale in the past, then it’s time to change it to a digital postal scale after reading consumer reports best postal scale reviews. You can also check out the guide afterward to determine the right features you need to consider to buy a postal scale.

Reviewing 5 Best Postal Scales

1. MUNBYN Accurate Postal Scale With Sweet Pink Style

consumer reports best postal scale

Featuring high-quality sensors and a durable platform, this scale is suitable for busy people. The postal scale can easily hold a maximum weight of 66 lbs. You can use it to measure the weight of light stuff, like envelopes, and big packages, so you don't pay too much for postage. Keeping envelopes and irregularly shaped packages like rolling tubes in the box is easy with the 90-degree open lid. Additionally, you can set the scale to display readings in grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces, or pounds and ounces. You can lock the reading automatically after it flashes for 3 seconds using the hold function.

This feature also works when there is an oversized package that covers the screen. You can easily reset the display to 0 using the tare function. You will get an accurate count of the items having the same weight, courtesy of the PCS key. Besides having versatile functionality, the postal scale has a very compact design that allows you to store it in a drawer when it is not in use. As far as the operation is concerned, then that is dependent upon 3 AAA 1.5 batteries, but it also operates on AC power and comes with an AC adapter for that purpose. The unit turns off automatically after 3 minutes of no use, but you can change that time as per your needs. The company provides good after-sale service to its customers.

2. Fuzion Shipping Scale, Accurate Digital Postal Scale 

consumer reports best postal scale

Fuzion has brought to you a highly accurate postal scale that allows you to parcel small packages without worrying about overpayment. This postage scale comes with a flip-up lid on the top to ensure that items with uneven bases stand easily without needing additional support. The company has added a hold button to the postage scale that allows you to lock the weight of the item while weighing large items that prevent you from seeing the screen.

The inclusion of the tare button is also useful, as it lets you reset the display to 0.0 when you put the container on the surface of the scale. The postal scale features a high HD LCD that allows you to take readings in the dark. The scale shuts down automatically after 3 minutes of no use, but you can choose a different time as well. You will get batteries, an AC adapter, and a USB cable in the package. As far as the warranty goes, then you will get a 3-year warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

3. Acteck A-CK65GS 65LBx0.1OZ Digital Shipping Postal Scale With Batteries And AC Adapter

consumer reports best postal scale

Have a look at this postal scale from Acteck, which has been redesigned with a smooth gold platform with a silver base and an open-up lid that opens at a maximum 90-degree angle. The postal scale boasts a solid construction combined with a modern and sleek style that makes it easy for you to store it. The postal scale can hold a maximum weight of up to 65 lbs in a 0.1-ounce increment. The scale can be used to weigh parcels as well as first-class packages.

You will also like the inclusion of an extra-large backlit LCD that lets you work even in low-light conditions. The postal scale can measure the weight in three units – oz, grams, lb/oz. Other notable features of the postal scale include the tare and hold function that lets you zero out the number for multiple packages and lock the number after you take the package off the scale respectively. The postal scale features an auto shut-off function that comes into play after the unit is inactive for 90 seconds. In the package, you will get batteries as well as an AC adapter.

4. Smart Weigh 440lbs x 6 oz. Digital Heavy Duty Shipping and Postal Scale

consumer reports best postal scale

This is another sleek yet highly durable postal scale, which can hold large packages. The scale comes with an extendable cord that lets you easily read the weight of the package regardless of how big the item is. The scale features a large LCD that makes it easier for you to read the weight of items. This makes it an ideal device for home and office use. The postal scale is made with durable stainless steel, which allows it to handle items up to 440 lbs along with a minimum reading of 6oz.

The postal scale also comes with a tare weighing option that allows you to weigh multiple items consecutively. The company also provides a manual as well as an auto-off function to preserve the battery life. To obtain the accuracy of items with the same weight, the device features a PCS function. It also features a USB cord that works as an additional power source. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the product that covers all manufacturing defects.

5. ACCUTECK ShipPro 110lbs x 0.1 oz. Digital Shipping Postal Scale

consumer reports best postal scale

Last on the list is a postal scale from Accuteck, which has a capacity of 110 lbs and an accuracy of 0.1oz. The scale measures weight in multiple units from grams, oz, kg/g, and lbs/oz. It also comes with a large backlit display with an energy-saving mode. Other notable features in the postal scale are the inclusion tare and hold function that allows you to measure the weight of multiple items with the same weight consecutively and let the weight flash on the screen for a few seconds respectively.

The postal scale features cutting-edge technology that makes calibration a breeze. You will also like the presence of a 2-way-sided mailer holder that you can easily fold up when not in use. The only downside to this unit is that it is not possible to transfer data through a USB cable. However, you can power the unit with the help of batteries, an AC adapter, or a USB cable, all of which are included in the package.

What Is A Postal Scale?

A postal scale is a sensitive scale that is designed specifically to weigh postal parcels to allow you to calculate the price of the postage as accurately as possible. Since the rates of mail continue to rise, it is a smart move to buy a postal scale in case you don’t have one already. This product will not only help you save money in the long run but also a lot of your precious time. You can easily buy a decent postal scale for less than 50 bucks, and it is going to be one of the most important investments for your business, as you will be able to save a lot of money for years to come.

How To Choose The Best Postal Scale

Finding the right postal scale is not that difficult if you know about your requirements and budget. Here are some features that you should consider when buying a postal scale:

You need to consider several features when buying a postal scale, many of which vary according to the purpose. However, there are 3 main characteristics that you must take into consideration.

Accuracy – This is arguably the most crucial feature that one should consider, especially when the majority of tasks are weighing light packages. Parcel services aren't exactly cheap, and an accurate read can often save you a lot of money. With current technology, the majority of postal scales available on the market offer accurate readings within an ounce. Most scales specify the accuracy of the reading, so keep that in mind while taking your decision.

Dimensions – This is another important factor that you will have to keep in mind for a couple of reasons. First, if you have a limited space to play with or planning to transport your scale, so you will want to have something relatively compact to ensure ease of use. However, you also need to keep in mind the size of the packages you are going to weigh. If you choose a big, bulky postal scale, then you will have to use a good-sized tray to let you do so.

Weight – The weight of your postal scale is also an important feature. Many of the best postal scales these days are durable as well as lightweight, which makes it easier for you to pick the right product. That said, it's worth considering the weight, especially if you plan to move your scales regularly.

Types of Postal Scales – You will find two types of postal scales on the market - mechanical and digital. These days, you will find most scales to be digital ones as they offer a more accurate reading. Whereas a mechanical scale measures the weight of items without power supply but then, you will have to compromise on the accuracy of the reading. In contrast, digital scales operate using a strain gauge force sensor and are operated by AC adapters or batteries.

Final Verdict

A postal scale is definitely a useful device when you are in the business of sending mail to different places in the US and abroad. If you were using expensive methods to calculate the costs of packages before, then you should select a product after reading consumer reports best postal scale reviews. Don’t delay this decision and buy the best postal scale today!

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