If you have a passion for gardening, then tools like a lawn mower, lawn edger and rototiller should excite you more than anything else. If the answer to that question is ‘Yes’, then you will definitely like this post, as today, we will be discussing the best riding lawn mower. A mower is basically a tool that is used to cut, clip or trim the grass. The secret to a beautiful lawn lies in the properly cut grass for which you need a riding lawn mower. With so many companies manufacturing riding lawn mowers, it is going to be a daunting task finding the best product. But, you can save yourself from the hassle of going through hundreds of products to find the best one by simply going through the below-mentioned consumer reports best riding lawn mower in which the best five products are reviewed in detail.

Reviews Of 5 Best Riding Lawn Mowers

1. Troy-Bilt Premium Neighborhood Riding Lawn Mower 

Consumer reports best riding lawn mowe reviews

An ideal mower for medium to large yards, Troy-Bilt is a solid machine that sports an auto-choke OHV engine. This displacement of the engine is 382cc, and it comes with a 6-speed transmission, so you can expect immense power generated by the unit while working in the yard.

The top forward speed of the mower has come out to be 4.25 MPH, and when you combine the efficient grass cutting capabilities with that much speed, then you will get a quick and reliable grass cutting solution. The fuel capacity of the unit is 1.3 gallons, so you can easily mow your lawn a couple of times.

In this mower, you’ll get 5-position cutting height setting, so you can select the height setting and start mowing. As far as the construction of the mower is concerned, then it was built with a 14-gauge cutting deck, so you should not have any doubt regarding the durability of the unit.

The mower comes with an adjustable seat that raises to mid-back, so you won’t feel any inconvenience sitting on the mower. Moreover, a 13-inch soft grip steering wheel has been provided to control the mower. The turning radius of this mower is 18 inches, which allows you to walk-behind it.

2. Troy-Bilt 540cc Briggs And Stratton Intek Riding Lawn Mower 

best riding lawn mowe reviews

Troy-Bilt is known for manufacturing efficient and durable riding lawnmower, and this 540cc Briggs & Stratton Intek Automatic mower testifies to that claim. This model is all about power, as it’s 540cc engine generates 19HP of power, which is good enough to mow a large field. The fuel capacity of the mower stands at 1.36 gallons.

For easy maneuvering of the mower, a patented ‘Soft-Touch Steering’ has been given along with a mid-back seat that will offer a comfortable experience to you at the time of mowing. With a turning radius of 18 inches, you can easily walk behind the machine.

The deck of this mower features a 46-inch side discharge system along with mow-in-reverse mowing capabilities. The inclusion of ‘Power Take Off’ system makes mowing a lot more effective.

To prevent scalping, two deck wheels along with a deck engagement system that can be adjusted manually are also added in the mower. The 5-position height adjustment allows you to mow in a much more efficient manner. If you want a power-packed unit, then Troy-Bilt is the right choice.

3. Husqvarna Z254 Riding Lawn Mower 

best riding lawn mowe reviews

It may seem like a usual riding lawn mower to you, but in reality, it is a lot more than that. This is a zero turn mower, which means, when you are done mowing a strip, you can go right back by turning on a pin. This mower is excellent for cutting a wide range of obstacles such as flowerbeds.

Let’s check what’s the company has added under the hood, so you will get a 26HP engine from Kohler. This engine is fast and durable, so if you have a large field to mow, let’s say 3 acres, then it will mow it in an hour or so. The maximum speed of this mower can go up to 6.5 MPH.

The company has paid attention to the hydrostatic transmission by not designing spots to connect hydraulic hoses due to chances of leakage. Each drive wheel comes with its own dedicated wheel motor along with fan-cooled 10cc pumps, so you won’t have any issue taking the mower on hills and uneven terrain.

The deck of the mower is big, i.e., 54 inches and it has six positions to choose from. The mower comprises of three blades that are made of 12-gauge stamped steel and a washout port to help with cleaning. The addition of four anti-scalp wheels will prevent the turf from messing up on the uneven ground.

The chassis of the mower is made of welded steel, so you won’t feel any vibration during operation. Even the 15-inch high seat of the unit is extremely comfortable, giving full support to your back and lumbar. Features like an hour meter and a cup holder make mowing a fun task.

4. Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52 FR691 Series Lawn Mower

best riding lawn mowe reviews

Get the benefits of a commercial quality mow at an affordable price, thanks to Ariens 915223 IKON Zero Turn Mower. With this mower at home, you can turn your ugly looking yard pristine and elegant, and that too without putting in much effort. The mower comes with a durable deck and a dependable motor, a combination that will get you the best mowed lawn. The whole body is made of heavy-duty steel and so, it will last for many years to come.

As far as the engine of this mower is concerned, then it’s a V-Twin Kawasaki FR Series Engine, which generates 23 HP of power. The cylinders come with a cast iron lining, which prolongs the life of the engine. The inclusion of a vented carburetor ensures a smooth start of the unit along with better fuel management. 

The deck of the unit is made out of 52 inches of 11-gauge steel, which is formed with three different blades to deliver an excellent cut each time. The cutting height can be adjusted using a dial, which is installed on the unit. There are 13 height positions ranging between 1.5-inch to 4.5-inch from which you can choose one as per your choice.

Other features of the mower include EXT hydrostatic transaxles for smooth gear transition, a four-point hanging system to keep the deck stable and frame rails for durability and high-back comfort seat with standard armrests for comfortability.

5. Craftsman T225 Riding Lawn Mower 

best riding lawn mowe reviews

A simple yet high effective machine that can you’re your lawn look alive again. Let’s start with the engine, so this mower is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton gas engine, which works efficiently even on large yards. It includes a 46-inch cutting deck for cutting, clipping and trimming grass in one go.

If you want to do underside cleaning, then the deck wash, which comes along with the unit will save a lot of time. The ability of this mower to operate in reverse allows you to operate the machine in difficult spots. The mower is equipped with foot hydrostatic transmission, which is easy to control.

As far as the convenience of users is concerned, then the company has added a high-back cushioned seat that gives a decent back and lumbar support. For easy maneuvering around the yard, especially in areas where mowers usually get stuck, this mower will operate with ease, courtesy of 15-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels.

How To Choose The Best Riding Lawn Mower

Buying a riding lawn mower is not easy, just like any other gardening tool. You want to buy a lawn edger, you need to pay attention to a few factors or else you’ll end up choosing a wrong edger. Similarly, if you want to buy a lawn mower, pay attention to the following parameters.

Brand: Not all lawn mowers are efficient and dependable, so choose a mower, which comes from the house of a reputed brand. The five products that I’ve reviewed above are all branded, so you can pick one from those five if you want.

Deck Size: How much time a mower will take for mowing the yard depends upon the size of its deck. The larger the deck size, the shorter will be the time taken by mower for mowing your yard.

Transmission Type: You will find three types of transmissions in riding lawn mowers, which are; Belt, Gear, and Hydrostatic. You can select the type that you are most comfortable with.

Engine Brand: If the engine is from Briggs and Stratton, Kawasaki, Kohler, Honda or Tecumseh, then don’t think too much because these are the top engine manufacturers in the world today.

Horsepower: The more the horsepower of the unit, the better result you will get. On average, you will get 20-25 HP from a standard riding lawn mower.

Uncut Circle Diameter: When you take a sharp left turn, there is a circle of grass that is left uncut, so make sure that the lawn mower you’re buying has a low turning radius.

Reverse Mow: Many riding lawn mowers are nowadays equipped with this feature. This feature allows you to mow a spot that you missed earlier while working on a tricky landscape.

Wheelbase: Check the distance between the front and rear axles of the mower. The higher that distance is the better maneuverability the mower gets.

Traction Control & Differential Lock: Check if these are available because these will prevent slippage on upward climbs along with managing slopes greater than 15%.

Fuel Tank Size: Riding lawn mowers come in different fuel sizes, i.e., 3, 4 and 5+ gallons. Buy the one according to your usage.

Weight: The weight of riding lawn mowers also ranging between 600 lbs and 800 lbs, so if you are looking for a light mower, then you’ll have to do a bit of research.

Price: The range of riding lawn mowers starts at $2000 and goes up to $8000 or more, so choose the one that fits your requirements as well as budget.

Warranty: As a general rule of thumb, a longer warranty means more confidence in the mower and its manufacturer.

How To Start A Riding Lawn Mower?

Now that you have bought a riding lawn mower, so you can begin mowing your lawn. But wait, don’t you know how to start this machine? Well, there is no need to feel ashamed because we can’t know everything, can we? Starting a ride on your new lawn mower is incredibly easy.

Everything is controlled electronically these days, so you just have to start the machine using a start button, and then adjust the height of the cutting deck to your desired level. The majority of models come with fender-mounter levers, which allow you to adjust the height of the cutting deck easily.

When this much is done, you need to climb into the mid-back seat and press the ‘Start’ button or turn the on/off switch. You don’t have to shift gears anymore, thanks to automatic transmissions. All you need to do is apply pressure on the foot pedal to increase the speed and release the pressure to decrease the same. Many models nowadays offer cruise control, which makes the entire mowing task a lot easier.

Concluding Remarks

In the conclusion, I’d just like to mention that there is a huge variety of riding lawn mowers available on the market, so it is not going to be easy for you identifying the ideal product. However, you can take some benefits of this post in which I have reviewed five of the best products. You just need to go through the consumer reports best riding lawn mower and I’m sure you will easily decide as to which riding lawn mower you want to buy.