A yogurt maker is a machine that transforms milk into yogurt by simple fermentation. In practice, a yogurt maker makes it possible to make a dozen 100 to 200 ml yogurts per pot. Of course, it is possible to vary the tastes by adding fruits or organic food colorings. The operation of a yogurt maker is quite simple. The device simply heats the milk which, when it reaches the perfect temperature, turns into yogurt after lactic fermentation. The addition of lactic ferments is not to be avoided during preparation. Regular consumption of yogurt, cow's milk, or vegetable is good for your health. Yogurt has many benefits, both nutritional and digestive. If you prefer to make your own yogurts, this yogurt maker buying guide and a list of consumer reports yogurt maker reviews has been specially written for this purpose.

Reviews Of 5 Best Yogurt Makers

1. Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

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Here is one of the most efficient yogurt makers available on the market, which consists of 7 glass containers of 6 ounces each to make 7 different types of flavors. The yogurt maker features an on/off switch along with an indicator to let you know if the unit is working or not. All the glass jars that come with this yogurt maker are dishwasher-safe. A timer is provided on the side of the yogurt maker to inform when the yogurt will be prepared.

You can make a maximum of 42 ounces of yogurt in this machine at a time. If you like firm yogurt and don’t want to boil the mixture, then you can add 10 tbsps., of powdered milk to the pasteurized milk kept at room temperature before pouring it into glass jars. The company has used BPA-free plastic in this yogurt maker and also offers a 3-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects.

2. NA Automatic Digital Yogurt Maker Machine With LCD Display

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Check out this digital yogurt maker from NA, which comes with an LED screen, auto-off timer, and temperature control to help save time and energy. The yogurt maker boasts a brilliant design that helps distributes the heat evenly and ensures proper activation of lactic acid bacteria. The surface of this product is made of stainless steel, which adds to the durability and makes cleaning a breeze. You can make up to 48 ounces of different types of yogurts in this device, thanks to the inclusion of 8 glass jars. You can easily set the time and temperature in this yogurt maker.

Just press the ‘start/cancel’ button to turn on the light, which indicates that the yogurt maker has started to work. You can also reset the time and temperature by pressing and holding the ‘start’ button to restart the yogurt maker followed by resetting the values according to your preference. Just keep in mind not to press the second keypress for more than 5 seconds, as it will then start the yogurt maker automatically to the initial mode, and then, you won’t be able to set the time and temperature on the unit. You can adjust the time and temperature when the green light is on.

3. Hatrigo 2-Quart Inner Capacity Greek Yogurt Maker 

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If you like the taste of Greek yogurt, then this is a perfect product to turn plain yogurt into Greek yogurt. You can strain a maximum of 2 quarts of yogurt in the inner strainer of the yogurt maker. However, the outer container of the product has a capacity of 4 quarts. You can use the outer container for food storage as well. Not just yogurt, but you can strain nut milk, cheese, almond milk, and other fine foods in the outer container.

The company has used stainless steel mesh for added quality because you don’t have to use disposable filters anymore. You just need to pour the Greek yogurt into Hatrigo yogurt jars and keep them in the refrigerator. You will get excellent support on this product so if any problem originates, just get in touch with the company’s customer service.

4. Bar Greek Yogurt Maker Machine With Strainer And Timer Control

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Have a look at this yogurt maker, which features a 304 stainless steel inner pot along with a highly advanced microcomputer control system for consistent heating. The yogurt maker is capable of producing a higher dose of probiotics for healthier and more nutritious yogurt. You can keep this yogurt maker on the countertop of your kitchen to convert milk into yogurt in a matter of a few hours. Besides making yogurt, you can use this device as a cheese maker, fruit winemaker, and Greek yogurt maker. You’ll just have to control the fermentation time and types of probiotics used; the rest will be taken care of by the device itself.

The temperature will automatically adjust for each function for up to 14 hours. The inclusion of a one-touch button along with an LED display allows easy control. As the yogurt is ready, the device will automatically shut off with a beep sound. To remove the whey from the yogurt, you will need a strainer. You will get a couple of 1-quart glass jars in the package to fulfill your personal and family needs without an issue. The yogurt maker is made from BPA-free material that can be cleaned in a dishwasher. The company also provides a 365-day warranty on the product that covers all manufacturing defects.

5. Suteck Automatic Digital Yoghurt Maker Machine

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Suteck has developed a top-class yogurt maker that has a unique design for uniform heat transmission, which helps maintain the activation of lactobacillus for healthier and more nutritious yogurt. The yogurt maker comes with box-type containers that are made of BPA-free material certified by the FDA and EU ROHS. It features a microcomputer for controlling the timer for up to 48 hours and a clear LED display for having precise control over the temperature.

As far as the temperature range is concerned, then that’s between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a cost and energy-efficient product that operates on only 25 watts of power. The yogurt maker comes with 8 jars that allow you to prepare 8 different types of yogurts at the same time. If you don’t like the product, then you can return it and get a 100% refund from the company.

How To Choose The Best Yogurt Maker?

In order to know which yogurt maker to choose, it is necessary to objectively and reliably compare the different characteristics of these devices. For this, it is necessary to understand the usefulness of the various information given by the manufacturer. Then, it is possible to carry out a comparison and even to buy a yogurt maker at Lidl or during private sales.

Here are the different elements to take into account to make your special yogurt maker comparison:


In principle, this device allows you to make yogurts, but sometimes some elements can also be used to prepare flans or cottage cheese.


The first batch of pots is always included and this generally corresponds to what can be prepared in one go.

You have to compare the number of jars (from 5 to 14 jars), their capacity (from 100 to 250 ml), and their material (plastic or glass). Also, remember to check if it is easy to order more.


We need 10 to 20 watts, no need to take much more. It's even the opposite, because a powerful yogurt maker only increases the electricity bill, without impacting the yogurts.


This concerns the handling and the settings. There may be a timer, automatic shutdown, LCD, temperature setting, end buzzer, etc.


It is possible to have a few more pots or pots with drainers to make fresh cheeses. A recipe book is often offered by major French brands.


Pay attention to colors and size. What place will it occupy in your kitchen?

The price

A yogurt maker costs between $20 and $150. If it's just to make yogurts, no need to spend more than $5. The more expensive models are interesting for their versatility, so if you plan on making more than just yogurt, then go for a high-end model.

How Does A Yogurt Maker Work?

To turn milk into yogurt, you have to let fermentation do its job. In a “natural” environment, this takes several days. The yogurt maker speeds up the process.

It heats the milk slowly and gradually until it reaches a constant temperature. Thus, it stimulates and accelerates fermentation. This makes it possible to prepare yogurts in only about 8 hours. Technically, the principle is completely natural, the device just serves to fully control the fermentation and make it faster. The user, meanwhile, has nothing to do during these 8 hours of break.

Benefits Of Having A Yogurt Maker

Not everyone sees the same interest in it, but the advantages are numerous:

  • Home cooking
  • Personal choice of ingredients
  • More economical than some ready-made yogurts
  • Possibility of cooking vegan or lactose-free
  • Fun to try new recipes.

Final Verdict

If you are fond of eating freshly prepared yogurt, then you should definitely get yourself a high-quality yogurt maker. There are so many varieties of yogurt makers available online, so it can be a bit daunting to find the right product, however, with a little help like in the form of a list of consumer reports yogurt maker reviews, you can get yourself a quality product at a decent price.