With office work, many of us spend a large part of our days sitting down. This great sedentary lifestyle is however not without consequence on our body and more particularly on our health. Lack of physical activity from prolonged sitting can lead to back pain, leg pain, weight gain, or an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Different fitness machines, such as the treadmill in the office or the mini elliptical trainer, can help you significantly improve your health and physical condition. You will indeed be able to regularly perform physical activity while working, watching a series, or reading. To accomplish it, you need an efficient machine, one like Cubii Mini Elliptical. You can find different elliptical models in the Cubii reviews consumer reports, which also include a lumbar support pillow and a workout mat.

Reviewing Cubii Ellipticals, Pillow & Workout Mat

1. Cubii JR2/JR2+/JR2 Under Desk Elliptical, Pedal Exerciser

cubii reviews consumer reports

Here is an updated mini elliptical from Cubii, which comes with 8 resistance levels to help you burn calories, increase strength and enhance mobility while you sit and enjoy other things. You will like the seamless gliding motion along with adjustable foot straps provided on the machine because they provide a controlled stride while you sit on your seat or desk. The unit boasts a lightweight design that allows you to move it from one room to another easily.

There is a handle attached to the machine for easy maneuvering. You can easily track the calories you have burned, minutes you have stayed active, distance pedaled, and strides per minute on the built-in LCD display and enter the values into Cubii mobile app. You can place the mini exerciser in front of any chair or seat without worrying about the chair moving while you pedal, thanks to the ChairLock feature incorporated into the machine. This product is a great way, especially for elderly people to stay active, and boost their leg circulation while sitting.

2. Cubii JR1 Under Desk Elliptical With Dumbbells And Workout Mat

cubii reviews consumer reports

Have a look at this portable compact elliptical that allows you to work out or rehab without leaving your seat. This product comes in a bundle package, where you will get a Cubii JR1 elliptical, a non-slip workout mat, and a pair of 3-pound dumbbells. The elliptical boasts a smooth gliding motion, which you can easily switch between 8 resistance levels to increase your exercise level according to the improvement in your strength.

You can use this product while enjoying your favorite movie, reading a book, or doing anything else without getting distracted. The inclusion of a digital monitor lets you keep a track of your progress, which includes the number of calories burned, distance traveled, strides pedaled, and more.

3. Cubii Jr Desk Elliptical With Built-In Display Monitor

cubii reviews consumer reports

This is another compact elliptical from Cubii, which boasts an ergonomic design to let you workout or rehab while sitting on your favorite chair at home or office. The elliptical comes with smooth gliding motion, which can be easily switched between 8 resistance levels to increase exercise level according to the improvement in your strength.

The inclusion of a digital monitor lets you keep a track of your progress, which includes the number of calories burned, distance traveled, strides pedaled, and more. You can use this product while enjoying your favorite movie, reading a book, or doing anything else without getting distracted.

4. Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical Machine For Home Workout

cubii reviews consumer reports

If you are looking for an under-desk elliptical machine, then you can check out Cubii Pro Elliptical Machine, which is perfect for exercising at home or office without putting any stress on your joints. You can sync the machine with its phone app to get all the details of your workout on your smartphone. Cubii Mobile app is available for both Android and iOS-based smartphones.

You can check the number of calories burnt, distance pedaled, and other things easily. You can place the machine under your desk, dining table, or even the couch. It can help you burn around 125 calories per hour. So, you can now indulge in a decent workout session while reading a book or watching your favorite movie/show. The elliptical machine doesn’t make much noise, so people around you won’t be disturbed as you use the machine.

5. Lumbar Support Pillow, Cushii By Cubii

cubii reviews consumer reports

If you are looking for a comfortable and supportive pillow, then you have to check Lumbar Support Pillow by Cubii. This pillow has been designed such that it gently enforces a good posture along with spinal alignment, which helps reduce stress on your lower back. As a result, your muscle will not feel tight or fatigued and the blood flow will also increase. It is made with premium-quality memory foam, which conforms to the shape of your back to deliver immediate relief from pain.

The pillow weighs just 22 ounces, thus letting you take it from one room to another easily. The outer layer is made of breathable mesh, which is easy to remove and wash. An adjustable strap ensures fast and secure placement of the pillow. The pillow will fit a majority of seats, chairs, and even wheelchairs, thus making it perfect for use at the home, office, and traveling.

6. Cubii Non-Slip Workout Mat

cubii reviews consumer reports

Cubii has manufactured a high-quality workout mat as well, which you can lay down on the floor to carry out floor exercises and even yoga without damaging your floor. With this workout mat, your floor won’t get scuff marks or scratches on the floor or carpet (wherever you intend to place it).

This is a non-slip mat, which means, it will hold its grip even when you are indulged in an intense workout session. Once you are done exercising on the mat, you can easily clean it using a damp cloth, then roll it to keep it in one corner of your room.

Why Use A Compact Elliptical Trainer?

As you will have understood, pedaling while working has many benefits such as:

  • Improve your physical condition by strengthening your lower body and burning calories to refine your figure
  • Stay dynamic at work and thus improve your productivity and ability to concentrate
  • Reduce the health risks associated with a sedentary professional activity
  • Space-saving fitness machine

How To Choose A Mini Elliptical Trainer?

To choose the fitness device that best suits your needs, your budget, and your sports performance, various elements must be taken into account. Here I have listed the main features to compare office ellipticals:

Resistance levels

The different resistance levels will allow you to select the level of difficulty. This will allow for progressive training to achieve your results. It is not possible to change the resistance in some mini ellipticals, but this issue is not present with Cubii ellipticals. You can easily find the resistance of your last session. Your progress will also be easier to see.


To be able to use it in the office without disturbing colleagues as quietly at home watching a movie, the pedal mechanism must be as quiet as possible.

LCD screen

To view the statistics of each of your workouts as well as the settings of your device, a screen can prove to be practical. Operation is generally going to be very simple with just a few control buttons.

Mobile App Control

Track all your workouts from your smartphone. Simpler and more complete management of each session to support you in your sports and weight loss goals. This is ideal for maintaining motivation until the end. Some applications even offer challenges or confrontations with athletes from all over the world.


Choosing a small elliptical will allow you to easily place it under your desk, under a table, or on your balcony. So, you can train anywhere, any time of the day, wherever you want. A full-size elliptical is definitely better, but if you don’t have space to accommodate it, then a mini version would also serve the purpose adequately. A small footprint will also make it easier to store the elliptical trainer when not in use.


A good grip on the ground will be essential. The vast majority of mini ellipticals have non-slip pads. A mat can also be placed under the bike for maximum grip. A carpet will protect your floor from any risk of scratches caused by the vibrations of the moving pedals.

Final Verdict

Now that you know the benefits of a mini elliptical, you can easily burn calories without going anywhere. You can read your favorite books, watch your favorite movies and shows or do your office work, while this machine burns your calories. So, don’t wait anymore, pick a product from Cubii reviews consumer reports and switch to a healthy lifestyle.

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