Our body is deteriorating with every passing day, and we can’t do anything about it. We can delay the inevitable, but cannot prevent it. But what if I tell you that there is a small window of hope that you can jump through to prevent a serious medical condition that was going to affect you? Would you like to know about that ‘small window of hope’? I’m sure you do, so let me tell you what that is. That small window is called ‘DNA Test’, and you must have heard about it on TV and newspapers, but if you have limited knowledge about it, then what follows next is going to be nothing less than a revelation for you.

A DNA test can help you know about your ancestors, your heritage. You can find out as to what is common about your family, especially the diseases (if there is any pattern). In case, there is a history of hereditary disease in your family, then DNA test can bring it to your notice, and then, you can take the necessary action. Moreover, you can complete the initial DNA testing process at home only by purchasing a DNA test kit after going through seven DNA testing reviews consumer reports. Find out more about the products and other details regarding DNA testing in the sections below.

Reviews Of 7 Best DNA Test Kits

1. My Forever DNA - Paternity DNA Test Kit

dna testing reviews consumer report

The reason why I wanted to begin with this product is that it is highly accurate. You can expect 99.999 percent accurate results from this DNA test kit. The DNA test kit is easy to use, as there are easy-to-understand instructions that you can follow to take the sample. There is no pain, no stress while using this test kit, which makes it such a preferred choice among most customers. When you buy the DNA testing kit, you are actually paying for the kit as well as the laboratory costs. The company is using the 24-marker test, which means, they are using 50 percent more markers than the industry standard.

You can call the company or email them to know more about the DNA test kit. MyForever DNA has a laboratory set up in the US, which is AABB accredited, so you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of your results and the privacy of your personal information. Once you give you sample to the company, it takes them 2-3 business days for you to receive your results. The company offers a limited money-back guarantee on the test kit, just in case you receive a faulty one.

2. Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test 

dna testing reviews consumer report

Check out this DNA test kit, which is arguably the best dog DNA test kit available on the market right now. The DNA test kit analyses over 350 dog breeds, types and varieties. In order to collect the DNA sample of your dog, you will have to perform three easy steps, collect the DNA with a cheek swab followed by activating the kit online and finally, sending the DNA test kit to the lab.

The shipping costs and the laboratory costs are already included in the package, so no need to pay anything extra. It takes the lab two weeks to adjudge the breed and send the results to the customers. Carrying out DNA testing of your dog will help identify specific health issues in the dog and develop better nutrition, training and healthcare plans. Based on the results, you can get the best dog food for your dog. Get all the information about your dog, which you could never have gotten otherwise with the help of this DNA test kit.

3. AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test 

dna testing reviews consumer report

AncestryDNA is a leader in the field of genealogy. The company has a large DNA database, which allows it to reveal your DNA story. If you want to compare your DNA results, then you can certainly do that with millions of other people within the community. The DNA test kit makes use of ‘Autosomal DNA testing’, which is an extremely popular and reliable form of genealogy testing. You can expect profound historical insights along with precise ethnic estimates with the help of this DNA testing. A notable feature of getting your DNA tested from this company is going to remain private.

4. My Forever DNA - Sibling DNA Test Kit

dna testing reviews consumer report

My Forever DNA has launched a sibling DNA test kit, which can be used to determine whether the siblings are really siblings or not. It is used in cases when one of the siblings is male and the other is female. The DNA test is dependent upon the statistical probability and can be used to identify a common parent. After taking a sample, you can send it to the company’s laboratory, which is Gold accredited. The experts working in the lab has a vast experience in the field, thus ensuring you accurate results.

You will be able to get the precise siblingship index, which if turns out to be more than one will mean that the two individuals are related. If it turns out to be less than one, then it shows that they are not related. Oral swabs are used to take samples, which are included in the test kit. The results can be obtained in 7-10 working days after the lab receives the sample. The DNA test kit makes use of 46 genetic markers compared to 16 or 23 markers as used by the rival companies.

5. 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service Personal Genetic DNA Test 

dna testing reviews consumer report

The next DNA test kit on my list is from 23andMe Company, which is another reputed organization that makes reliable DNA test kits. The company also boasts exceptional administration along with the mammoth database. You will definitely be able to find your ancestral history with the help of results that are given by the DNA test kit of 23andMe Company.

You will get two testing packs, one for the Autosomal ancestry test and another for the wellbeing. In the first test, you will get three reports, which will be related to haplogroups, Neanderthal ancestry, and ethnic organization. Whereas, the wellbeing results will have 35 bearer status reports, 12 characteristics reports, and 5 health reports. Therefore, you are going to get detailed knowledge as to how you are and how your ancestors were.

6. Embark Dog DNA Test

dna testing reviews consumer report

This is another dog DNA test kit, which can deliver quick and reliable results. One of the key features of this DNA test kit is that it has a large database of more than 200,000 genetic markers, which covers the majority of the necessary information that you as a pet owner would like to know. If you have doubts regarding the lineage of the breed you’re petting, then undergoing such a test is very useful. Many owners have been shocked after the DNA results because they bought the dogs thinking as they were pure breed dogs, but that lie was busted after the DNA test, and the dogs came out to be from a mixed breed.

The test will also help you know the recessive traits of your dog, which may cause anxiety in it due to a possible ‘anomaly’. You will be surprised to know that the information obtained after the DNA testing can be used for over 170 genetic conditions. A number of dog-related diseases can be identified, which can then be treated on time. The only downside to this DNA test kit is the time it takes to get the results. The company has joined hands with credible authorities in veterinary science at Cornell University, which tells how series it is when it comes to quality.

7. DNA Direct Paternity Test Kit

dna testing reviews consumer report

This is the last product on the list, but it is highly efficient when it comes to getting accurate DNA results. After taking the sample using cotton swabs, and sending it to the laboratory, you can expect the results in two working days. You just need to register online after sending the sample in order to receive the results in your email. With 22 genetic markers, you will get accurate results about your ancestral history. Moreover, the secrecy will be kept regarding your information, which is another reason why you should opt for the DNA test kit of this company.

When You Should Go For In-House DNA Test?

A DNA test can be done for various purposes such as, learning about your heritage or to determine if you are dealing with a genetic disposition for specific diseases. DNA self-test kits can provide detailed information to you about yourself and your ancestors that are otherwise impossible to get.

A DNA test kit can help you find out some profound information about your lineage such as the unique features of your previous family members and the types of diseases, which have remained prevalent in your family. Knowing such details will help you prevent or get ready for the unknown perils.

DNA test kit can also be used to clear the air as to who the parents of the unborn child are. The results shown by the DNA test can’t be challenged because the parameters, which are taken into consideration for this test can’t be changed manually no matter how many times you perform the test.

How Do DNA Tests Work

In order to get the best results from a DNA test, you need to make sure that the DNA test is performed accurately. Let’s find out how a DNA test works so that you can carry it out without any mistake.

Although DNA test kits make use of different methods for finding out the exact DNA, the initial process of most DNA testing kits is the same. Here is how the whole procedure works:

  • The DNA testing begins with answering some standard questions on the internet followed by ordering a kit (or simply ordering the kit).
  • Then, you need to collect a sample, which is usually of the saliva, but sometimes it could be of the blood as well.
  • Then, you need to register your DNA kit by sending it back to the DNA testing center so that it can be analyzed in a better way.
  • Finally, you need to wait for a few days before getting the results online.

You must follow the aforementioned procedure before sending the DNA test kit back to the center, or else, you won’t get your results. Follow the procedure and you will get the results in the quickest possible time. By registering your DNA kit, you also ensure its privacy, which means, your name is not going to be associated with your sample.

You will have to sign in with your name and other details on the website to access the results, but then, the DNA sample, results and other data stored on the website will be assigned a unique reference number or barcode instead of your personal details. Once you send your DNA kit, you will get a confirmation from the company in your email after a few days. Then, after a gap of 2-8 weeks, you will receive an email on your laptop in which it is told that you can check your results.

How Accurate Are Self-Test DNA Kits?

DNA testing kits are becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience that they offer to people. For a complicated test like a DNA test, people now don’t have to go to a medical lab, wait for hours to give the samples to the pathologist and then, inquiring for the results. With self-testing DNA kits, people can do take the samples on their own by following the instruction manual given in the kit. DNA kits are way more affordable and engaging, hence empowering people to be more active when it comes to managing health.

As far as the accuracy of the DNA test results is concerned, then yes, self-test DNA kits are totally reliable and deliver accurate results provided the person has taken the sample properly and followed all the instructions as they are given on the manual. It is also important for people to only buy FDA-approved DNA testing kits because there are many replicas available on the market, which may not provide accurate results.


A DNA test can let you know about your family history, as to what common traits in your family members are and what type of diseases are most common in your family. By being aware of such information, you can take the necessary precautions or treatment. Similarly, a DNA test can help people in a number of situations. But then, people need to invest in the right DNA test kit for which, they can take the help of DNA testing reviews consumer reports. If you already know as to which DNA test kit you need to invest in, then it’s time to take a step ahead and place an order.