Summer heat can be unbearable at times, which is why it becomes important to invest in a product that can keep you cool 24/7. While mini split ACs are available for instant cooling, but these can also increase your power bill as well. A better option would be to buy a floor fan, which is easy to operate and adjust. Besides cooling rooms, floor fans are proficient in drying wet floors and carpets, etc. If you had already been looking for the best floor fans consumer reports but weren’t sure as to which product you should put your money on, then the below-mentioned reviews on 10 best floor fans can guide you in the right direction, so pay attention to what follows next.

Reviews of 10 Best Floor Fans

1. Lasko 3300 20-Inch Wind Machine Fan

best floor fans consumer report

Lasko is leading the list of best floor fans, and Lasko 3300 is the company’s flagship product. The floor fan emulates the shape of a tank and is designed with a rugged material. The robust construction of the product ensures its durability. It can easily handle a few knocks and scrapes but be rest assured, it won’t die on you. The fan has three-speed settings, which is what you will usually find in high-velocity fans. The head of the fan pivots to ensure even cooling in the room.

The fan scores high on safety as well, as the company has added many top safety features in the unit such as the blue plug, which rapidly cuts off the electric current to the fan if there is any electrical glitch in the fan. Mostly, the electrical glitches in the fan can occur due to malfunctioned motor or improper power supply, but you don’t have to worry, as this floor fan has got all that covered. Coming to the drawbacks of the unit, then the awkward placement of speed controls would be one and secondly, it is the removal of the grill, which takes a lot of time and effort.

2. STANLEY ST-310A-120 Heavy-Duty Utility Blower

best floor fans consumer report

The next best floor fan on my list is Stanley ST-310A-120, which is a heavy-duty utility blower. Just like Lasko 3300, it also comes with three-speed options with the fastest speed blowing at 3500 CFM. The three speeds help the fan perform three different functions, fast cooling, air circulation, and drying. A handle is attached to the fan, which makes it easier for users to carry the fan from one location to another.

The company has also arranged for electricity problems by incorporating a 10-amp circuit breaker with reset. With a pivoting head, this fan can blow the air where you want. Another notable feature of the unit is its onboard accessory out, which is placed at a location that makes it very convenient for users to plug other equipment simultaneously.

3. XPOWER P-80A Mini Mighty Air Mover

best floor fans consumer report

Now, this is a multipurpose product, which can be used as a floor fan, dryer, air mover, utility blower and whatnot. If you have a wet floor, then this can easily dry it up, and similarly, if your best carpet is wet, then you can turn the head of the fan in the direction of the carpet to dry it out. Such an efficiency comes from the fact that the fan uses a 138-watt motor, which produces 600 CFM of airflow.

However, don’t you worry about high power bills, as the unit just draws 1.2 amperes for its performance packed operation. With three speeds and four angle-drying positions, you will be able to get desired results. The floor fan comes with a 10-ft industrial power cord with a wrap-around cord design, which makes operating this unit a lot easier. A handle has also been attached to the fan using which, you can easily move the fan from one room to another. This is a completely safe product, which comes with ETL/CETL Safety Certifications. The company offers a 1-year limited warranty on the product.

4. Geek Aire Battery Operated Floor Fan

best floor fans consumer report

If you are looking for a battery-operated floor fan, then you should definitely consider getting this fan from Geek Aire. Despite being a new company, Geek Aire has made a name for itself by manufacturing durable products. The product in review is no different, as it is designed from a rugged material, which allows it to deliver performance that you would only see from premium quality products.

The floor fan is capable of cooling the room quickly or drying the floor surface or any other object in a short amount of time, thanks to its high-performance brushless motor and aerodynamic structure. As it is a battery-operated unit, you don’t have to keep looking for power outlets to turn on the unit. Just charge the battery and enjoy two hours of non-stop operation of the fan. Another notable feature of the unit is its noiseless operation, which is a major drawback in many units.

5. Lasko 2264QM High-Velocity Floor Fan 

best floor fans consumer report

Did I mention how good Lasko is as a floor fan manufacturing company? If not, then Lasko is a brand to reckon with, and Lasko 2264QM is one of its premium products. This high-velocity fan comes with a quick mount, which allows you to hang the fan on the wall as well. With three speed options, you can use this fan in the attic, garage or even a shop as well, because its most powerful speed level can easily cover a large area.

If you were looking for a fan for your garage, then this can be a great addition, especially when your garage is cluttered. The head of this fan can be easily pivoted, so you can turn the fan in any direction for fast ventilation of the area. You can install the fan wherever you feel it would work best for you. When it comes to versatility, this fan scores really high simply because what it can do, nobody else can.

6. Max Storm Air Mover Carpet Dryer Blower Floor Fan 

best floor fans consumer report

Check out this floor fan, which can be used as a carpet dryer, air mover and blower. This is a compact looking floor fan, but don’t you get deceived by its compact looks, the fan is very powerful, courtesy of an energy-efficient motor. The fan has three-speed settings for different types of jobs such as quick cooling, drying, and air circulation. A 25-ft., power cord is connected to the fan, which allows you to move the fan freely in the room. With three operating angles, you can easily target the surface you want to dry.

7. Ryobi P3320 Battery Powered Floor Fans

best floor fans consumer report

If you are specifically looking for a battery-operated floor fan with an easy rechargeable feature, then check out Ryobi P3320, a product, which you can use in your daily routine for cooling a room or drying floors as well as during emergencies when there are power outages or natural disasters. Having a floor fan like this at disposal gives you the confidence of overcoming any unfavorable situation. Despite being a battery-operated unit, it has a long runtime. Moreover, it is easy to store, thanks to its compact design. The only drawback that I’ve come to know about this unit is the absence of battery and charger in the package, so you will have to buy both the things separately.

8. B-Air FIRTANA-20X High-Velocity Electric Industrial and Home Floor Fan

best floor fans consumer report

Now, this is the beast when compared to other floor fans. With 20 inch blades, you can expect this fan to cool down a huge room with ease, be it your office, living room or workshop. Sporting three-speed settings allow this fan to carry out multiple jobs according to the needs of the users. Then, there is a 360-degree tilt feature, which gives you the freedom to adjust the fan in any direction. The company has used top quality metal to manufacture this floor fan, which makes it strong and durable. The floor fan is UL certified, so you can’t question its safety because it has been taken care of well by the company. Moreover, the company offers a 1-year warranty on the product as well, just in case something goes wrong with it.

9. Air King 9230 Industrial Grade High-Velocity Pivoting Floor Fan

best floor fans consumer report

If you own a workshop and looking for a floor fan, which provides you with a comfortable working environment, then invest in Air King 9230 Industrial Grade High-Velocity Pivoting Floor Fan. This particular fan features a number of essential components, which make your life easier at work. The floor fan consists of powder-coated metal blade edges, which are highly robust, thus serving you for a long time. The secret behind the exemplary performance of the fan lies in its metal ball engine, which empowers the blades to run at higher CFM along with ensuring a noise-free operation. The floor fan is ETL, OSHA and AMCA certified, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of the product at all.

10. Maxx Air Industrial Grade Air Circulator 

best floor fans consumer report

If you are in need of an immensely powerful floor fan, then Maxx Air Industrial Grade Floor Fan won’t disappoint you. A US-made product, you can totally rely on this air circulator/floor fan because of the stringent tests it went through. This unit may have a high price, but when you see the strong construction and amazing features it boasts, you will feel that the price is totally justified. The floor fan can be mounted on the wall or ceiling. The company offers a two-wheel stand with the fan using which, you can move the fan from one room to another. The floor fan comes with a 10-ft grounded cord, which has 180 degrees swivel function to help circulate air in the bigger rooms, and this feature helped the product get OSHA certification as well. The only problem with the product is that its grate doesn’t come off easily and is difficult to clean as well.

Concluding Remarks

While a ceiling fan may be aesthetically more appealing, but when it comes to quick cooling of the room or drying of a wet surface, a floor fan performs much better simply because it can be placed anywhere. Moreover, you can easily adjust the floor fan, a feature that you won’t find in ceiling fans. Now, if you are unable to decide as to which floor fan to choose from the list of 10 best floor fans consumer reports, then I’d suggest that you should outline your requirements first because that’s how you will be able to identify the most suitable product. Take the help of the aforementioned reviews and then, make a purchase.