Green Mountain Grill Vs Traeger – The Best Pellet Grill

For the best grilling experience, you need to have the best grills. Today, we are going to do a comparison between two top grill brands, so if you are in quest for the best grill for your cooking, then you need to pay attention towards Green Mountain Grill Vs Traeger, which we will be doing today.

Prior to taking a decision on a grill, it is important for you to understand as to what makes a good grill/smoker. If you’d ask any BBQ or grilling aficionado, then he/she will tell you that the food cooked on a grill with wood pellets used as fuel brings out better flavors. While charcoal grills and smokers have been deemed as an orthodox way to cook food, but the inception of modern smokers have changed the way food is cooked.

Green Mountain Grills and Traeger provide a unique and innovative way of cooking food. Cooking food becomes a lot easier, plus it is not that difficult to clean up the mess and maintain these machines. So, you get good food with less mess and maintenance, which is what every person wants in the first place. Both brands have incorporated ‘pellet-burning technology’ into their products, which allows the grill to control heat precisely while the food is being cooked.

You don’t have to insert large chunks of wood anymore, as these grills use small wood pellets to cook the food. Green Mountain Grills and Traeger are among the top smoker brands, and people who love smoking and grilling.

Today, we are going to discuss one-one product of both brands just to see as to which product stands on top of the other. Go through the below-given details and you will find yourself in a better position to determine the best product and brand. We have tested both products on certain parameters, thus making the process of decision-making easier for you.

Let us now reveal the products that will represent both, Green Mountain Grills and Traeger. For GMG, it is going to be Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett Pellet Grill – WIFI, and for Traeger, it will be Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker.

Green Mountain Grill vs Traeger

Green mountain vs traeger

Sturdiness and Build

 When it comes to strong build, GMG is a much better option, as it is made of a heavy-duty material, which is going to keep the machine intact for a long period of time. The structural design of GMG is also a lot better than Traeger. As far as Traeger is concerned, old products were much better than a current lot of products because the company hasn’t made the current ones as sturdier as the previous models. There is a room for improvement, which Traeger needs to address on a priority basis.

Heat Control

GMG takes the edge over Traeger in this section, as it has higher heat temperature to play with. Not just the temperature, but a better heat control as well, which allows more scrumptious BBQs. It is easy to adjust temperatures up to +/- 5 degrees at a time, which is a lot worse in Traeger, i.e., +/- 20 degrees adjustment.

Controlling heat seems to be a big problem in Traeger grill, as there is no thermal sensing monitor incorporated into the device. Had it been included in the product, then it would be a lot better because then, it could have easily maintained the approximate temperatures of +/- 5 degrees instead of +/-20 degrees, which it does now. If you are fine with babysitting while the food is being cooked on the grill, then buy Traeger grill, otherwise no.

Grill Performance

While using Green Mountain Grills, we felt a sense of perfection in the product because the operation was smooth, and the overall performance of the product was flawless. The company has incorporated a ‘Sense-Mate Thermal Sensing System’ into the grill, which keeps a track of the heat when there is food on the grill so that you get a perfectly cooked food. Traeger, on the other hand, is a good grill, no doubt. But, when compared with GMG, there is still a lot that can be done. However, if you are looking for a grill that cooks delicious food, keeping all the flavors intact, then Traeger will do the job.

Surface Area & Size of Grills

Green Mountain Grills is a bit smaller than Traeger grill, but can easily accommodate two full-sized chicken and two racks of ribs at the same time. Traeger grill has an area of 300 square inches, which is more than enough for grilling multiple things at a time. You can easily grill two chicken and three racks of ribs simultaneously.

Energy Efficiency

This particular parameter can be determined from the number of wood pellets used for generating fuel for cooking the same type of food. We have cooked the same food on both grills and found that GMG uses fewer wood pellets in comparison with Traeger grill. This is due to the small size of the grill. But, it doesn’t mean that the Trager grill isn’t energy efficient because it is. There isn’t much difference in both products if you’d ask us, so you can count on both products in terms of energy efficiency.


Green Mountain Grills Vs Traeger was a fierce battle that could have gone anywhere. Both products have the potential to be called the best smoker, but we believe Green Mountain Grills has got that extra edge, which will place it at the top of the ladder.

Traeger is a beautiful machine, which will keep the entire grilling experience pleasurable. Though there are a few glitches that may lessen the excitement, those can be fixed by making certain adjustments. If you are looking for a smoker that offers an outstanding performance with great energy efficiency, then Green Mountain Grills is your ideal smoker.  Barbecuing food is great fun, but if you don’t have the right smoker, then all that fun turns into a big disappointment. Therefore, it is important to find the right smoker that is packed with amazing features and provides excellent performance.

Green Mountain Grills is one such brand and the product we have discussed above is a highly efficient grill that will get the food you like to eat in your preferred cooking type. The price of Green Mountain Grills is a lot more than Traeger, but if your first priority is to get a properly cooked food, then you must not hold back from spending a few hundred bucks. But, if you have budget issues, then Traeger grill will be a suitable choice for you, as it is not that expensive when compared with GMG, and will get the job done in a decent manner as well.