Whether it is to correct the imperfections of your current mattress or to spend more comfortable nights, the heated mattress pad contributes permanently to your well-being and comfort, for better restful nights. A heating mattress also called mattress pad or bed warmer is a mattress whose temperature can be adjusted by a machine called thermo-controller. It is very often used by putting it under the sheets directly or in direct contact with the mattress, but it is very different from normal mattress toppers. It allows you to control the temperature of your bed, making it easier for you to control the temperature of the environment in which you sleep.

A heating mattress pad is ideal for elders, people who sleep cold and all other people wishing to put themselves under warmed sheets. It also helps relieve pain related to back pain, neck pain, and lower back. If you are dealing with back pain, then you should buy mattress for back pain in the first place, as it will increase the benefits of a heated mattress pad. It is very useful in rooms where insulation is less; it also allows to lower the temperature of the room by taking advantage of your bed warmly ready for your bedtime. Find out 10 best heated mattress pad reviews consumer reports to make an informed choice.

Reviews Of 10 Best Heated Mattress Pads

1. Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad MSU3GTS-P000-12A00

best heated mattress pad reviews consumer report

Sunbeam Heated Mattress Pad is a high-quality product, which is available at a very affordable price. The mattress pad is available for different mattress sizes, so in case, you have an 18-inch mattress, even then you can buy this mattress pad. Besides its ability to cover different sizes of mattresses, the product features like auto shut off and 10 heat settings. The heating mechanism is through electrical wires, which are meticulously integrated into the pad, so you won’t even notice their presence, thanks to the ultra-soft cotton top.

The mattress pad offers uniform heat for a long period of time, courtesy of ‘ThermoFine’ Technology. The absence of preheating features will be a big disappointing factor, but then, the affordable price covers it up. The company offers a 5-year warranty on the product, so in case anything happens to the product, you can easily get it repaired or replaced by getting in touch with the company.

2. AmazonBasics AMB-MPD-CKG Hypoallergenic Quilted Mattress Topper Pad 

best heated mattress pad reviews consumer report

This mattress pad will transform your bed into a warm, plush cozy bed. The product is made from a hypoallergenic quilted material, which will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night. The mattress pad is filled with 50 ounces of loft-retaining polyester, which is what keeps you warm and insulated. Another highlighting feature of the product is that it isn’t too soft to hurt your back. The filling won’t shift and clump too, thanks to its box stitching. The product is available in different sizes, so it doesn’t matter, which size of mattress you are using, you’d be able to use this heated mattress pad with it. An OEKO-TEX certified product, you won’t have any issues using this heated mattress pad.

3. Beautyrest Cotton Blend Heated Mattress Pad BR55-0201

best heated mattress pad reviews consumer report

The reviews of heated mattress pads can’t be completed without having a Beautyrest Product. Beautyrest BR55-0201 Heated Mattress Pad is a cotton blend premium warmed mattress, which is available in different sizes. The mattress makes use of knitted cotton and has a deep pocket for absorbing the heat. The mattress features two heat controllers with each having five settings to choose from. As far as the construction is concerned, then you will find the use of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. The mattress pad is washing machine safe, so you won’t have to indulge in the painful handwashing of the product. The company offers a 5-year guarantee on all manufacturing defects. Try out this mattress pad for the most comfortable and relaxing experience in cold winter evenings.

4. MaxKare Heated Mattress Pad Underblanket Dual Controller 

best heated mattress pad reviews consumer report

This heated mattress pad is made up of soft, lint-free velvet material, which will retain the maximum amount of heat to help you sleep comfortably in cold winter nights. The grey color of the mattress pad matches perfectly with any color of the bedding. With this mattress pad, you get dual removable controllers, which have 10 heat settings. A meticulously designed mattress pad, you will not be able to notice the spread of wires placed underneath it. You can clean this mattress pad in the washing machine, which means cleaning effortless. The product is ETL-certified, which means it is totally safe for use. Should you come across any issue, then you can get in touch with the company at any time.

5. Electrowarmth M38FXL Extra Long Heated Mattress Pad

best heated mattress pad reviews consumer report

Electrowarmth is a brand that is known for its rich heritage of manufacturing world-class bed and bath essentials. The company has designed this mattress pad thinking how to offer the maximum and long-lasting warming sensation to the users. In the process of keeping you warm on the mattress, it saves you some money on electricity bills as well by keeping the thermostat off. Also, you can easily control the warmness of the heated mattress pad with the help of a warmness controller. The company has added 10 warm settings to allow users to select the setting they feel most comfortable in. Being a polyester mattress, it can be easily washed and dried. An excellent product for those suffering from arthritis, backaches and other

6. Giantex Heated Mattress Pad EP23809 With 8 Temperature Regulation

best heated mattress pad reviews consumer report

Giantex heated mattress pad is equipped with five heat settings along with four-time controls, so you can easily choose the best setting based on your comfort level. In this heated mattress pad, you will see an insulated duplex wiring system, which distributes heat evenly. Moreover, it won’t consume as much power as other mattress pads, thus keeping the power bills of your house low. This is a combination of a heated mattress pad and a detachable electric blanket, which is made up of hypoallergenic material. When dirty, you can wash it in the washing machine.

7. SimplyWarm Electric Heated Channel Quilted Mattress Pad 

best heated mattress pad reviews consumer report

Check out this piece of beauty, which assures you of the ultimate warmth. Made up of luxurious super soft material along with a cushion for added comfort, you will love laying over this mattress pad. It features dual-zoned controls along with the pre-heat system. Then, there is a timer as well, which lets you set the warmth level on the mattress pad in order to experience instant comfort as you slide in the mattress pad. When not in use, you will the mattress pad shutting down automatically, thanks to its auto shut-off feature. The heat delivered by this heated mattress pad is going to be consistent, hence leaving no cold spot on the mattress.

8. JML Water Heated King Mattress Pad

best heated mattress pad reviews consumer report

JML Heated Mattress Pad is a water heated mattress topper, which features temperature control. The working of this mattress pad is premised upon an adjustable, water-based system, which regulates the mattress’ surface temperature. It does that by circulating the water through silicone micro-tubes in the mattress pad. As a result, you get a warm and comfortable environment to sleep on.

This mattress pad makes use of electricity besides water, but you won’t find any electric heating wire inside the mattress pad. Instead of releasing electromagnetic waves, this mattress pad emits negative oxygen ions, which keeps the air moist and your skin healthy. With this mattress pad laid over the mattress, you can save 40 percent more energy compared to conventional electric blankets.

The heated mattress pad sports a special noise reduction design, which along with suspension mute technology enhances the circulation speed of the water. The mattress pad has a pre-set temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and you get the ability to control the temperature within the range from 86 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Then, there is an auto shut-off feature, which can be very useful especially when you tend to forget things easily. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the mattress, so you won’t feel any cold spots on the mattress. The company has left no stone unturned to make this product great, but if you are still not satisfied with it, then you can return it within the first 30 days and get a full refund.

9. Cesobey Electric Heated Mattress Pad

best heated mattress pad reviews consumer report

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and effectively heated mattress pad, then Cesobey Electric Heated Mattress Pad can be a great choice. This product will keep the mattress warm so that you can enjoy a comfortable sleep each night. The patented low voltage technology that this product is equipped with keeps the unit safe. Then, there is a programmable digital controller with 10 heat settings along with a timer, which makes using the heated mattress pad a lot easier. The product is made up of polyester, which warms up quickly and retains that warmth for a long period as well. The heat is distributed evenly so that you don’t find any cold spots on the mattress. Cleaning this mattress pad is easy too, as you can throw it into the washing machine, and get rid of the dirt, splashes and stains quickly.

10. MP2 Heated Mattress Pad with 5 Heat Settings

best heated mattress pad reviews consumer report

I’m going to end the review with MP2 Heated Mattress Pad, which is made from 100 percent polyester material. The mattress pad is soft, comfortable and reliable. Since it is an electric heated mattress pad, it consists of flexible wires, but you won’t feel them under the quilted top. The mattress pad comes with 5 heat settings along with dual controllers that allow you to customize your comfort level. The company has also added a controller preheat button, which warms up the pad beforehand so that when you lay down on the bed, you feel the instant warmth and comfort. The thermostat can also be adjusted, which will help keep the power bills in check. For safety, the company has added an auto shut-off feature of 10 hours. As far as cleaning is concerned, the mattress pad can be cleaned in a washing machine and can also be tumble-dried. As for the warranty of the product, then the company offers a 5-year warranty, which is the norm.


Now that you have gone through the reviews of 10 best heated mattress pad reviews consumer reports, you can make out easily as to which product to choose from. The list contains different products with different features, so you need to understand your requirements and then, make a decision regarding the heated mattress pad that would suit your requirements in the most suitable way.