Are you feeling all stressed out of late? Well, you are not alone, as the modern lifestyle has led to the deterioration of health in people. If you are suffering from high-stress levels, fatigue, and restlessness, then you need to figure out ways to relax and rejuvenate your body. The good news is, there are multiple ways of relaxing at home – you can buy a massage chair, which works on several pressure points in your body and makes you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. However, the cost of massage chairs can make your budget topsy-turvy. A cheap and equally reliable option would be a hot tub, which is also known as ‘Spa’.

You can buy a hot tub in order to relax your muscles, get rid of the stress, which has been building up in your mind from tough days at work and be at peace both physically and mentally. You can go through hot tub buying guide consumer reports to figure out the best product for your needs. I have reviewed six hot tubs/spas, so you need to take a thorough look at each of the reviews and find out the product that you think is suitable for you and your family.

Reviews Of 6 Best Hot Tubs Buying Guide

1. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub 

Hot Tub Buying Guide Consumer Reports

Coleman is known for manufacturing affordable and reliable aboveground swimming pools and hot tubs, and the one we are discussing is a fine example of the finesse the company has in making such products. Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is a mini version of Lay Z Spa, which can accommodate four people at a time. Having a diameter of around 71 inches, the tub is smaller than other spas in the same price range.

The small size of the tub allows it to fit in tight places, but then, those who are enjoying hot bath get less legroom. The company has added padded floors in this tub, which provides better comfort to the bathers. The walls of the tub are equipped with 60 air jets for a mesmerizing spa massage experience. To control the functioning of jets and other features, an interactive control panel has been integrated on the outside of the tub.

This hot tub features a water-heating unit that heats up the water at the rate of 3 degrees Fahrenheit, thus taking less than a day for the unit to reach its maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. A timer has also been included, but you will have to adjust it before using it. Moving this tub is a breeze, thanks to two durable handles on each side.

2. Essential Hot Tubs 11 Jets Hot Tub

Hot Tub Buying Guide Consumer Reports

Essential Hot Tubs has manufactured an elegant and durable hot tub, which comes with insulated walls and a molded resin tub. You can plug the power cord into any standard power outlet to turn on the machine. The hot tub incorporates 11 therapy jets, which ensures a relaxing massage-type experience and a powerful water movement. The hot tub features a powerful 1.5 HP pump, which sports a year-round design and has two levels of operation.

With simple setup and flexible seating, this hot tub is ideal for a family of 4-6 people, as they all can enjoy a refreshing hot bath together. To control the function of the tub, a digital control panel has been added at a spot where it can be easily accessed. Moreover, the inclusion of underwater LED changes color to suit the mood of the user.

3. Essential Hot Tubs 20 Jets Arbor Hot Tub

Hot Tub Buying Guide Consumer Reports

This is another incredible product by Essential Hot Tubs, which features contour style seating. This type of seating is ideal for people who love partying in hot tubs. Coming to the construction of the tub, then it involves granite resin, which is durable and low on maintenance. The company has used high-quality internal components in this hot tub such as the 1.5 HP pump and other electrical components, which allow the unit to function for a very long time.

You will get 20 stainless steel jets in this hot tub for a long-lasting massaging experience, a stainless steel Balboa heater and a 2-speed energy-efficient pump for an uninterrupted bathing experience. To control the functions of the bathtub, the company has provided a digital backlit control panel. Coming to the drawbacks of the unit, then it has two, the absence of a lounger the inclusion of non-generic filters.

4. Intex Pure Spa Portable Inflatable Heated Bubble Hot Tub 

Hot Tub Buying Guide Consumer Reports

Intex is in the competition of best hot tubs with this inflatable and portable heated bubble hot tub, which can be quickly inflated and filled with water in around 20 minutes. This hot tub despite being lightweight is extremely durable and can easily accommodate up to 6 people. The water gets heated up to 170 degrees and you can enjoy bubble jets as well.

From water temperature to water flow, everything can be controlled easily, courtesy of the easy-to-use control panel. With this bathtub at your disposal, you don’t have to do much to enjoy a rejuvenating bath, just get inside the tub, rest your head on the comfortable headrests and soak in the pleasure of hot and soothing aqua.

5. Coleman SaluSpa Portable Square Bubble AirJet Technology Inflatable Outdoor Hot Tub

Hot Tub Buying Guide Consumer Reports

Another incredible product by Coleman that I thought should be added to the list of best hot tubs. This 4-person hot tub is easy to set up, use and maintain. The tub incorporates a heater/pump, which sticks out of the middle of one of the sides of the tub. The heating rate of the pump is around 2 Fahrenheit per hour. The I-beam construction of the bathtub divides the wall into sections for added comfort and stability.

You can sit in the tub without any fear and enjoy a soothing massage, courtesy of powerful air jet system. The inclusion of an air pad protector at the base of the tub provides protection and insulation from temperature changes. To control the functions while bathing, you can make use of the digital control panel. When you are done bathing, drain the water, deflate the tub and place the pool cover to protect it from debris and other unwanted elements.

6. Lifesmart Plug and Play 4 Person Hot Tub

Hot Tub Buying Guide Consumer Reports

This is a plug-and-play hot tub, which has a seating capacity for 4 people. The unit is made up of eco thermal plastic, which is heat-resistant and durable. Taking a bath in this hot tub will give you a feel of taking hydro massage therapy. The tub features a highly powerful 1.5 HP pump along with 13 high-therapy adjustable jets, which is sufficient for a soothing bathing experience. If you have been suffering from back pain, then this bathtub can help bring relief from that. Overall, a cost and energy-efficient product, which you can definitely consider buying for your family.

Types of Hot Tubs/Spas

There are two types of hot tubs or spas, which are; aboveground spa and the built-in spa

  • The aboveground bathtub/spa: It settles directly on stable ground. It is monobloc with an acrylic tank, inflatable PVC or with semi-rigid walls.

All are portable and require little work to be installed indoors and outdoors.

  • The built-in or semi-recessed bathtub/spa: This can be placed inside as well as outside but it needs to be integrated with the surroundings to work efficiently. Moreover, it is a fixed installation, which you won’t be able to move easily in the future.

The different models of Bathtubs or Spas

  1. The portable monoblock spa: This is the latest model on the market today. It is in the form of a sturdy frame with an acrylic tank. Externally, he wears composite material or wood. It is designed for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people with ergonomic seats for lying down or sitting. It has several types of jets (aero jets or hydro jets) to offer different massage modes. All the machinery that operates the jets, the filter and the heater are installed under its skirt. It can be accessorized, as you can add a perfume diffuser, audio or video system, tablet bar, colored water slide, etc. It requires only a stable and flat seat to be installed. However, be careful, this seat must be able to support its weight. And, although portable, it does not move so easily, especially if it is large.
  2. The inflatable spa: Cheap, lightning-fast and easy to set up, it is installed almost everywhere. It can really be moved easily. It is usually delivered complete with a pump, a filter, and a heater. It is nevertheless less ergonomic than a monoblock spa. Less well insulated, it is difficult to enjoy the winter. Its shelf life is also more limited but it is a very affordable price issue.
  3. The portable hot tub with semi-rigid walls: An interesting alternative to the inflatable spa. Its walls are made of blocks of tough foam insulation, 13 cm thick, wrapped in a liner. It is totally removable and transportable as easily as the inflatable spa. It comes with a motor unit including the filter, the electric heater, and the bubble system. A little more expensive than its inflatable sibling, it is solid.
  4. The built-in or semi-recessed spa: It is the most expensive spa but the most aesthetic. It can be equipped with an overflow system either on its periphery or in cascade to pour into a swimming pool. It is either monoblock acrylic or tiled concrete. In the latter case, it is fully customizable (shapes, dimensions, types, and nozzle positions). It is possible to add many accessories: spots for chromotherapy, swivel tablet, water and light games, etc. Durable construction also requires the installation of a technical room housing the filter, the pumps, the heater or the heat pump. It requires important work to be put in place.
  5. The spa kit: It is the ideal solution to have a "hard" spa at a lower cost. However, be careful, its mounting is not improvised especially if it is masonry. It comes in wood, concrete or with a synthetic shell. Generally, the kit includes all the materials to build the spa as well as the filter, the pump, and the heating system.
  6. The swim spa: Reserved for the sportsman, it is equipped with a counter-current swimming system that allows swimming as in a mini pool. Monoblock or masonry is around 5 m long. With its large volume of water, it is expensive to purchase and maintenance. Better to choose it with a double basin. On one side the swimming pool and on the other the space dedicated to relaxation. This makes it possible to adjust the temperature of the water differently: 37 or 38 degrees for relaxation and 28 or 29 degrees for swimming. It is acclaimed as the built-in hot tub or portable monoblock.

The Criteria For Choosing A Hot Tub

In addition to the financial criteria before ordering your Jacuzzi, do you ask the question of how do you want to use it? Based on your answers, you will discover which spa models and/or which spa accessories are best suited.

  1. A spa to relieve your pain: The monoblock portable or recessed spa is perfect. Its ergonomic seats are an important asset. Pay particular attention to the quality of the hydro jets and their locations.
  2. A spa to play sports: Go for a swim spa. You have the choice between monoblock or masonry spa. Prefer the spa with a specific location for relaxation. Not only will you save energy, but also everyone will be able to enjoy the equipment either for swimming or for relaxation.
  3. A spa for the conviviality: All the models are possible; it is the size, which is then important especially if you have many friends or a large family! On the contrary, for an intimate and romantic Jacuzzi, choose a 2 or 3-seater model. However, do not forget accessories such as the floating bar, airbags, underwater lights, audio or video system, etc.
  4. A spa to relax: Here too all models are possible. Focus on bubbles that are more relaxing than hydro jets. Incorporate a fragrance diffuser and a chromotherapy program.
  5. A spa at a low price: The champion is the inflatable spa followed by the rigid-walled foam spa. For a budget a little more consequent, interested in spa kit. However, be realistic about your handyman skills.

Tip: Do not forget to inquire about the energy consumption of your future spa. The bigger it is, the more energy it will consume to heat the water. The more hydro jets you have, the higher the power or the number of pumps, which will also impact power consumption.


Choosing the best hot tub is your decision to make. You need to outline a budget for hot tub and decide whether you need an inflatable hot tub, which can be packed and stored in one corner of the room after bathing or you are interested in getting a permanent fixed hot tub, which you can install in your bathroom or any other place of your choice. There is obviously a price difference between these two types of hot tubs along with various other differences. To get a better picture, you can go through the reviews of six hot tubs buying guide consumer reports in which I’ve reviewed both, inflatable and fixed hot tubs.