Suffering from a debilitating back pain can affect you physically as well as mentally. It doesn’t matter if you are suffering from chronic or acute back pain when at peak, back pain is going to hurt, unlike any other pain. You won’t be able to do normal day-to-day jobs, and the only place left for you to be is on your bed, whining about your condition. However, if you are forced to lie on your bed, then at least make sure that the bed is comfortable and help improve condition you are suffering from. Fortunately, there are mattresses available on the market, which can significantly improve back pain; it’s just that people are not much aware of such mattresses. Therefore, today, the focus will be on discussing consumer reports best mattress for back pain because it is only after the awareness regarding the products that people will buy the right mattress.

Reviews Of 5 Best Mattresses For Back Pain

1. Tuft and Needle Mattress

consumer report best mattress for back pain

The reason for selecting this mattress is its ability to relieve the pressure from the back. Moreover, it offers excellent support to the back, thus making it condition less painful. If a person wants to gets physical with his/her partner during back pain, then this mattress will offer a full support due to its bouncy nature. The mattress is made of two layers of high-density chemical free CertiPUR-US polyurethane foam, which is a certified foam. This is a medium-hard mattress in which the 7-inch layer at the bottom helps support the spine & neck to remain in their natural shape during sleep.

2. Live and Sleep Resort Ultra Gel Memory Foam Luxury Mattress

consumer report best mattress for back pain

You are looking at the most beautiful mattress, which also helps improve your back condition. This mattress is also packed multiple layers to provide that extra bit of comfort that we all love to have in a mattress.

  1. 5-inch of Air Flow Visco Foam that provides excellent air circulation within the foam layer in order to keep your body cool the entire time you lie on the mattress.
  2. 1-inch layer of gel memory foam, which delivers the memory foam experience without heating.
  3. 5-inch of high-density support foam to provide you with an exceptional firm base.

You can definitely consider this mattress if you are suffering from back pain.

3. Sleep Innovations Shea Mattress

consumer report best mattress for back pain

This is a medium mattress, but offers optimum support to the users suffering from back pain. The mattress suits both, side and back sleepers, as it offers great relief to back by stimulating certain pressure points. You will find a 7-inch support layer of support-plus foam, which is a medium-hard foam along with a 3-inch layer at the top of the memory foam. The motive behind using a memory foam is that it doesn’t get heat up when you use it, plus it conforms to the shape of the body of the user, thus offering a comprehensive comfort & support to the lower back. Memory foam also provides support pressure points like shoulders and hips.

4. DreamFoam Elements Latex Eurotop Latex Mattress

consumer report best mattress for back pain

The reason this mattress has made the list of the top mattress because it is a foot thick, which is truly incredible because there are less mattresses that are 12-inch thick. Apart of being 1-foot thick, the mattress is made using latex foam with Eurotop padding. A number of users love latex foam because it is ideal for providing support to the damaged back. Latex foam is better than memory foam when it comes to treating back pain.

There are many types of latex foam available on the market, but this mattress uses the softer and gentler form, i.e., Talalay foam. Now, coming to the foam construction, then it comes with an 8-inch convoluted base that encourages excellent airflow through the mattress. It keeps you cool while sleeping. On the convoluted base, there is a 3-inch Talalay latex foam present along with a cushioned bamboo cover, which is biodegradable.

On the bamboo cover, there is a 1.5-inch super reflex foam layer that offers a comfortable and elegant lying surface that makes your shoulders, back and hips feel much better. You can interchange the cover of the mattress using the zippered cover that comes along with the mattress, but you can’t wash or dry-clean that cover.

5. Dreamfoam Bedding Mattress-Medium Comfort, Full, Made in The USA

consumer report best mattress for back pain

This 9-inch beauty is manufactured using convoluted high-density foam. The reason for adding a convoluted foam is to keep the mattress cool while you enjoy your sleep. Despite all its features, the company is not much sure about its use in the normal rooms because the company has recommended that the mattress should be used in the temperature-controlled rooms. The core of the mattress consists of a dual ‘convoluted’ layer, which gives a medium-hard feel, which is good for back, neck, shoulders, and hips.

The top layer of the mattress is soft, so you will get the required comfort in this mattress. Unlike most mattresses, this one has a squared padded top, which offers better comfort to the users. Overall, a decent mattress that can be a part of your bedroom for multiple years and will help lower the back pain problem as well.

Which Factors To Look When Buying The Best Mattress?

It is extremely important to find and select an ergonomic, comfortable and supportive mattress that helps in reducing back pain and encourages sound sleep. Let us discuss the most important factors for buying the best mattress.


A mattress needs to provide an ample amount of support to your body, so if a mattress is excessively hard or soft, has unresponsive sags or materials may result in unnatural sleeping position. A mattress that is way too soft or has sags can trigger back pain. When a certain part of the mattress becomes compressed and lowered, then that is called sagging. It usually happens at the center of the mattress, so you need to find a mattress that is constructed from a quality material.


By comfortability, I mean the ability of the mattress to conform to the contours of your body, ensuring a natural sleeping posture. If your body is laid down on the mattress in an unnatural way and you are feeling all stressed up, then that is anything but comfortability.

You are going to feel more pressure on your hips and shoulders, and as a result, your back pain is going to be aggravated. You need to make sure that your spine is naturally aligned because that will help relieve pressure off your lower back.


With firmness, I would like to address the hardness or softness of the mattress. Back in the day, people would have invested their money in firm mattresses thinking they would offer the best relief for back pain, but in reality, they’re not. You need to find a medium-firm mattress that offers a perfect blend of support and comfortability.

Mattress Material That is Best For Back Pain

The key to a good sleep without feeling the niggle in your back doesn’t lie in the material of the mattress, but also in the sleeping positions. You have to understand that different sleeping positions decide as to which material would suit a person. Therefore, you need to first identify your sleeping positions before putting your hands on the mattress.

Memory Foam

If you choose a mattress with memory foam as its main material, then that is the best option that you are looking at. Many people have gotten great relief from their back pain after sleeping on mattresses made with memory foam. However, make sure that you need to go with 5 PCF memory foams, as those are the most effective when it comes to providing spinal alignment and support. A number of modern mattresses are now equipped with several infusions to add a sense of coolness and responsiveness of the mattress.


This is another popular material that is used in the mattresses. It is known to have features that can reduce chronic back pain problems. What makes latex better than memory foam is its higher responsiveness and ability to cool much higher. However, it is not as contouring as the memory foam. Latex is highly effective for those who are suffering from severe back pain.

Final Verdict

A mattress is not just about getting a sound sleep, but these days, mattresses offer a big relief from back pain as well. Even if you are dealing with severe back pain, you will be able to have a sound sleep, that’s the power of the mattress. However, you need to make sure that the mattress you’ve chosen is made with the right material, otherwise, it is no good for you. Go through the consumer reports best mattress for back pain to select the right product because ‘sleep matters’!

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