Having a portable ice maker at home is a wise decision because it is going to get you the ice real quick, thus saving you from being embarrassed in front of your guests. When you’re organizing a party, you need to make sure that there is an ample amount of ice stored in your refrigerator. While ice can be made in the refrigerator’s freezer as well, but at times, there are already a few things stored in the freezer. In those situations, it is better to have a dedicated machine that can get you as much ice as you want in a matter of a few minutes. So, with a wide assortment of ice makers available on the market, you can cut to the chase by going through Best portable ice maker reviews consumer reports where you need to choose from only 5 best products.

Reviews Of 5 Best Portable Ice Makers

1. hOmeLabs Countertop Ice Maker Machine, Portable

portable ice maker reviews consumer report

This is high-performance icemaker machine, which creates bullet shaped ice up to 1.5 lbs at once with the number increasing to 26lbs per day. The water is poured into the 2.2-liter water reservoir, which then, begins its work of converting water into ice. With this icemaker machine, you get the option of creating small and medium-sized, bullet shape ice, which is going to get ready in 6-8 minutes. So, you can take your favorite wine or beer bottles out of the wine fridge, pour some into the glass and top it with a couple of freshly made ice cubes. That’s what I call ‘having a good time’

You can insert the small ice bullets into the water bottle, which you carry for work or gym. Whereas, medium sized ice bullets are perfect for mixed drinks and so on. The compressor integrated into the unit is highly efficient but doesn’t make noise during operation, which is exactly how we all want an icemaker to work. I really like the smart design of the unit because there has been a lot of thought put into the water that originates from the melted ice.

The machine reuses that water to make more ice. When the ice basket is full of ice or when there is a shortage of water in the reservoir, you will see warning lights blinking on the display of the machine. When the machine is not in use, then it shuts off automatically. Putting your money into this icemaker machine will be a good investment for you, as it is an efficient machine, which comes with many useful features. The ice basket and scoop that comes along with the machine can be removed in the case; you want to clean them up.

2. Opal Nugget Ice Maker

portable ice maker reviews consumer report

Opal is a top brand when it comes to manufacturing icemaker machines because of the technology it uses in those machines. From the looks to the performance, everything is just mesmerizing in Opal Nugget Ice Maker. It takes just 20 minutes for the machine to make the first nugget, and within an hour, the machine makes 1lb of ice. The bin that comes along with the icemaker machine has the ability to hold up to 3 lbs of ice, good enough to serve a bunch of people.

You can place this machine anywhere in the kitchen, as it is so sleek and compact, compared to other icemaker machines. The highlighting feature of the machine is the addition of Bluetooth, which you can use to schedule the ice making process remotely using ‘FirstBuild’ app. You can carry this icemaker machine to your camping and tailgating extravaganza as well, but you just need to ensure a reliable power source for this machine to operate seamlessly.

3. EdgeStar IP210TI Portable Ice Maker Review

portable ice maker reviews consumer report

Let me begin the review of this incredible product with the mind-blowing titanium finish on the machine. That titanium finish outclasses all other portable icemaker machines in terms of design. The beautiful looks are complemented by the high performance of the machine, which includes the ability of the machine to produce 28 lbs of bullet-shaped ice cubes in a day.

The machine incorporates a bin to store 2 ½ lbs of ice. If you have a party in the house and want a fast and reliable icemaker, then look no beyond than EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker because this machine can get you fresh ice every 10 minutes. Nothing beats the heat better than having a freshly made iced tea in the iced tea maker with some ice cubes on top.  

The portability factor of the machine allows you to carry the machine to your boat, RV or small kitchen. The ice bin of the machine is well insulated, so don’t worry about the ice getting melted. You can choose to make different sizes of ice using simple touch-sensitive controls. Moreover, the water produced due to ice that melts inside the bin is going to be reused by the machine automatically to get you more ice. The only drawback of the machine is that it doesn’t have a lock facility and self-closing door option.

4. Della Premium Countertop Ice Maker Portable

portable ice maker reviews consumer report

For a no non-sense portable icemaker machine, go for Della Premium Countertop Icemaker Machine, which will make bullet-style ice in a matter of a few minutes. This is a formidable machine, which you can use in the kitchen or carry on outdoor trips such as camping or tailgating. When it comes to the performance of the machine, then you will not be disappointed at all because this icemaker machine makes 26lbs of bullet-shaped ice in 24 hours. The bin where the ice falls after being made can hold up 1.5lbs of ice at a time, plus it is properly insulated to keep the ice in solid form.

However, you should transfer the ice in the freezer to make sure the shape of ice remains intact. The absence of ice cube sizing may disappoint you, but the absence is somewhat compensated with the consistent and excellent ice cubes that this icemaker machine makes. Where other icemaker machines make a serving of ice in 8-10 minutes, this one from Della outclass them by making a serving of ice in 6 minutes. The operation of this machine is as easy as it gets, courtesy of easy-push buttons along with intuitive pictograms.

Moreover, this is a smart icemaker machine, so you will be notified when the ice bucket is full of ice. You can remove the ice cubes from the bucket and keep it in the freezer or serve to the guests. Similarly, an alert will appear when the water level in the reservoir is low.

5. IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop

portable ice maker reviews consumer report

Make as much ice as you want with this incredible counter-top icemaker machine. You can place this machine anywhere in your kitchen, as it doesn’t consume much space. Moreover, the elegant design of the machine adds an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. If you are a party animal and like to party with your family/friends outdoors, then this icemaker machine will truly be a great companion. This machine sports a trendy chic design, which lets you see through the window for ice level checking and process monitoring. You will really like the looks of this machine.

The machine can work seamlessly for up to 24 hours and has the ability to produce up to 26lbs of ice. The icemaker machine incorporates an ice cube basket that has a capacity of 1.5lbs, which can store plenty of ice cubes for the event that is about to begin shortly. The time taken by the machine to create ice is around 6 minutes.

In case, the water level in the machine depletes, you will be alerted via a light indicator, so you can fill up the water accordingly. Similar sort of indication will be up when the ice bucket is full and the machine is making more ice. All-in-all, a very user-friendly machine that comprises of a visible function touch display setting for easy control.

Why A Portable Ice Maker?

Despite having refrigerators at home, there could be times when you don’t have sufficient ice to serve to your guests. Moreover, the freezer is not always available to make ice because all sorts of things are kept in the freezer such as meat, ice cream, and vegetables, etc.

Therefore, it is imperative to have a portable ice maker to fulfill the ice-related requirements that may arise at any time. Especially when you are a party animal and always have your house occupied with guests, you need ice, in fact, lots of it. A portable ice maker will get meet the ice-related requirements in a perfect way because icemakers are fast and efficient.

You can get anywhere between 1-3lbs of ice within 6-10 minutes (figures may vary depending upon the brand and model you’re using). On an average, an icemaker can make 26lbs of ice per day. So, if you want to set a benchmark in hosting guests, then you will have to invest in a proficient icemaker machine. 

Important Features To Consider When Buying An Ice Maker

Aesthetic: Focusing on the features and functions of the icemaker machine is your duty, but you must not ignore the looks of the machine in the process. Check the quality of the material used to make the product and what value do they add to the overall working of the product.

Size: You are investing in a portable icemaker with ‘portable’ being the operative word, so make sure that the machine is compact and fits in perfectly where you have wanted to keep it.

Ice Production: Ultimately, the efficiency of an icemaker is going to be determined by the fact as to how much ice is produced by it. The icemaker with the highest production of ice wins the battle provided it has all the features that you need in an icemaker.

Storage Capacity: Most icemaker machines come with a storage bin where all the freshly made ice cubes are stored, so you must check as to what the storage capacity of the bin is because more capacity gives you the advantage of serving more people at a time.

Noise: Icemaker machines are equipped with a compressor, which does the conversion from water to ice, but the conversion process could be noisy as well. Therefore, you need to check the noise level of the machine before making any decision.

Price: Lastly, the price of an icemaker machine could force you to change your decision because if the icemaker machine that you’ve selected is expensive, then you will have to look for economical options. So, find a machine that has everything and is available at an affordable price.


With a wide range of icemaker machines available on the market, it is never going to be easy taking a decision as to which one is the best. However, that is where I came to the rescue with my own list of portable icemaker machines. To make things easier, I have also presented unbiased and accurate portable ice maker reviews consumer reports. Therefore, the only thing left for you now is to purchase one icemaker machine from the list of five. Go ahead and get the best ice maker right now!

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