Winters in the US can be very harsh, so people can be seen making all sorts of arrangements to keep their homes and offices warm and comfortable. As it is the 21st century, you will find no shortage of products that keep people warm and safe in bone-cracking winters. In fact, a wide assortment of products are available on the market such as infrared heater, heat pumps, pellet stoves, and electric blankets, but if you are specifically looking for a product that not just keep you warm, but adds to the aesthetic appeal of your house as well, then you better check out gas logs.

These are artificial logs, which are made of ceramic or cement, but painted and designed in such a way that they resemble actual wood. The logs are placed in a gas fireplace, on top of the burner along with embers, lava granules, pieces of coal and fire glass. Since there is so much variety available in gas logs, you should check out the reviews of 7 best gas logs consumer reports to buy the best product.

Reviews Of 7 Best Gas Logs

1. Pine Mountain Traditional 4-Hour Firelog

best gas logs consumer report

Check out this 100% American made product, which is crafted from recycled hardwoods along with molasses and nutshells. Each fire log burns for around 4 hours, with big and bold flames. Along with that, the entire room becomes alive with the ultimate natural ambiance of this wood. Lighting this wood is extremely easy, plus it burns more consistently than real wood. With this wood, you are emitting 80% fewer emissions and 75% less particulate matter, which makes it environment-friendly as well.

The emissions of carbon monoxide are 80% less than normal cordwood, thus avoiding the damages caused by harmful carbon monoxide. The wood can be used in the fireplaces, fire pits, and campfires. There are two versions of this fire log available, one with 2-hour burn time and another with 4-hour, so I’ve chosen to review 4-hour just because I don’t want you to get up from your cozy bed to add new logs to continue the fire.

2. Sure Heat SH18DBNG Seasoned Hickory Dual Burner Vented Gas Log Set

best gas logs consumer report

This is a dual burner vented gas log set, which consists of six painted refractory cement logs, which are stacked on a tiered gate in such a way that they give the look of a mature fire in your fireplace. Intrinsic work has been done on each log, which adds to the beauty of the room where you keep them.

The logs feature a wide range of accessories such as glowing embers (glows twice as bright as standard embers), shale, grate, pan, a cutting-edge u-shaped dual burner, and connection hardware. This is a match-light style vented unit, which brings warmth into your room and adds an aesthetic appeal at the same time. To use this log set, you will need a working open flue, and if you have that, you can use the log set, which has an energy output of around 50,000 BTUs – 60,000 BTUs.

3. Natural Glo Large Gas Fireplace Logs 

best gas logs consumer report

Natural Glo ceramic gas logs are efficient when it comes to giving you the warmth in chilly wintery nights, and at the same time, these logs don’t let your fireplace or fire pit look bare. Being a versatile gas log, you can use them in a variety of places such as vent-free fireplaces, gel fireplaces, standard fire pits, gel, natural gas, zero clearance, electric fireplace, and indoor gas fireplaces inserts, etc.

These logs look identical to natural wood logs even when you light them up, but the difference between these and natural wood logs come into the fore when you see no ash or residue from ceramic logs. They burn clean and keep your family and home safe from dangerous fumes. This log set can be operated using a hand-held remote control, thus allowing to control them without breaking a sweat. These logs won’t just add warmth to your room or house but enhance the beauty as well.

4. Sure Heat BRO24NG Burnt River Oak Vented Gas Log Set 

best gas logs consumer report

If you were scouting for a set of vented gas logs, then you can get the best ones from Sure Heat. These are beautiful cement logs, which are hand-painted and have an intrinsic design. These logs look very much similar to real wooden logs, courtesy of a u-shaped dual burner, which creates such an illusion. Along with that, a set of high-performance embers, which glow at the base of these logs add to the realistic look.

You will find this vented natural gas fireplace to be a great value for money product. To use it, you will have to manually light the unit using a match to get the flames going. You may feel an odor when you begin to use the logs for the first time, but the odor will eventually go away after a few hours, and then, you are going to enjoy the natural, warm glow.

5. Regal Flame Ceramic Wood Large Gas Fireplace Logs

best gas logs consumer report

This gas log set is for medium to large-sized fireplaces. The logs come in a variety of sizes, from 10 inches to 15 inches, and these are perfectly sculpted to look just like the real wood logs.

When you put these logs on the fire, you will see red and yellow spots under them, which give the feeling of warmth. You can use these logs as per your convenience since they come in independent pieces. These logs work perfectly with all fireplaces and with all types of fuels. Moreover, they don’t emit any fumes and leave ashes behind.

Overall, a highly efficient, affordable and reliable product, which will provide you with sufficient warmth in winters.

6. Barton Fireplace Decoration Petite Ceramic Wood, Gas Fireplace Log Set

best gas logs consumer report

Barton is another company, which manufactures the best gas logs, and the one we are discussing is a 10-piece set that comprises of a couple of 15.3-inch, 14-inch, 11.5-inch, 11.3-inch, and 10-inch logs. This variety in sizes makes the set ideal to be used in medium to large-sized fireplaces.

The finish of this log set looks identical to real wood, and each piece is designed using the most resilient ceramic, which can hold up to several hours of burning in the gas fireplace without scuffing or scratching it. All log pieces have smooth edges, so you don’t need to worry about your fireplace. If the company can add a grate for realistic placement, then this gas log set will be perfect.

7. Regal Flame Petite Set of Ceramic Wood Gas Fireplace Logs

best gas logs consumer report

This is another ceramic made gas log set, which comes with nine logs of different sizes, with the range starting from 4 inches and going up to 9 inches. Each log is beautifully designed to give an authentic look. There is a set of 18 logs available as well, just in case you think the set of 9 will not be enough for you. Another benefit of using these logs is that they don’t produce toxic fumes, thus keeping the operation clean. Each log has a unique design, which gives an authentic look, something that you will greatly appreciate.

Eight Reasons To Choose Gas Logs

The popularity of fireplaces is far away from declining and gas logs add an added attraction appreciated by many. Do you know them already? For those who are unaware of their features and for all others interested in knowing more, here are some of the benefits of choosing gas logs.


Lighting the gas logs is fast and easy, which means less effort to enjoy a good fire. Just turn the switch or use remote control. Forget about cutting wood, transporting it, storing it and spiders infiltrating the house. Nothing in this list will bother you or is necessary. Convenience is a strong argument for encouraging people to adopt them.

Fire prevention

Maintenance and cleaning will always be important. However, gas logs produce significantly less residue and soot that accumulate on the chimney walls. The risk of a fire is therefore lower.

Authentic appearance

Current gas logs are much more realistic than previous versions. The ceramic logs are molded to realistically reproduce the logs. There are ax marks, knots, branches, and natural bark patterns. Some log sets contain glowing embers. The species vary as well. The logs imitate walnut, birch, driftwood, and oak.

Affordable installation

The costs for a gas fireplace are less than you can imagine. The range starts from $500 and can go up to $3000, but in the high-end models, you will get everything that you need to get started. The return on investment potential is high because when you sell your house, you will have the opportunity to recover about 90% of the amount of this sum.

Lower costs of use

It is possible to heat by zone with the gas logs. With this method, you only warm the temperature in the rooms you occupy. This approach is most effective during seasons when central heating works more often than is necessary. It costs less to use only the energy you need.


The variety of models of gas logs is such that you will find one that will fit your decor. There are traditional styles, eclectic, rustic and minimalist. It is also possible to obtain sets that can be seen from two separate rooms.

Environmentally friendly

Few pollutants result from the use of natural gas or liquid propane in a gas fireplace. If you are one of the millions who have realized the importance of protecting the environment, gas logs are a respectful choice and possibly the right option for you.

Easy maintenance

You will not escape regular maintenance even for gas logs, but it is much easier than with a wood fireplace. Call a professional to check the condition of the logs. He will look for cracks in the gas logs and other damages. It is important to mention that some elements of gas fireplaces need to be replaced regularly.

Wrapping Up

Winters in the US is no fun at all. In some southern states, it doesn’t get as much cold as other parts of the country, yet people need things to keep themselves warm. One such thing is gas logs, which are artificial logs made to provide the same look and feel of original wooden logs. If you have a gas fireplace and want to have a unique and trendy gas log set, then you should check out the best gas logs consumer reports in which I’ve reviewed seven of the best products in detail. All products have made differently and sport different designs, so take a look at each of those products to find the most suitable one for your needs.