For a comfortable sleep, we do all sorts of things, i.e., change mattresses, change bedsheets, adjust the air conditioner and many more, but on most occasions, we fail to pay attention towards the pillows on which we rest our head every night. If your pillows are not as per your requirements, then you can’t get a good sleep. When it comes to comfortable pillows, the name of ‘down pillow’ comes to my mind, as this type of pillow is very popular in the market. Moreover, down pillows emanate quality as well. If you think that the solution to your sleepless nights is present in down pillows, then you should buy one or more as soon as possible. To ease up the buying process, I have laid down the reviews of six best down pillows consumer reports, which you can go through in order to make the best selection.

Reviews Of 6 Best Down Pillows

1. Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather White Pillow

best down pillows consumer report

When it comes to top down-pillows, Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather White Pillow can’t be missed because it gives a soothing effect to the user who rests his/her head on this pillow. It comes in various sizes, but I am discussing the standard one because I think it’s the size that most people like to use. The down pillow makes use of the premium quality cotton fabric, which makes the product soft and durable. Although this pillow set is suitable for anyone and everyone, but those suffering from back pain and neck pain will find huge relief after using these pillows for a significant period of time.

2. Puredown Natural Goose Down Feather Pillows

best down pillows consumer report

Another excellent down pillow by Puredown, but this one is stuffed with 95 percent goose feather and 5 percent goose down, which makes it a medium-firm pillow. The pillow sports a very attractive look, courtesy of double lattice quilting and cored brown piping. Made up of hypoallergenic materials, you don’t have to worry about sneezing or skin rashes after using this pillow because it won’t let the dust, mites and mildews to settle down on its surface. The pillow is highly recommended for those suffering from neck and back pain, as many have gotten huge relief after using it.

3. East Coast Bedding 2 Pack Luxury Goose Feather & Down Filled Pillows 

best down pillows consumer report

A set of two down-filled pillows, East Coast Bedding has designed these pillows to allow users to have the most comfortable experiencing laying on the bed. With a comfortable memory foam mattress placed on the bed, you can place this pillow set to get the most amazing feeling. As you receive the product, unpack it and keep it in the open for the odor to go away. After that, you can use it to your convenience.

This pillow set is ideal for all kinds of sleepers, which also adds to the versatility of the pillows. Coming to the durability, then you will find the 85 percent goose feather along with 15 percent goose down, a combination that makes the pillow extremely comfortable and durable. The cotton shell on the pillow is made of 100 percent cotton fabric and has 300-thread count, thus making the pillow lasts for a very long time. Even a pillow protector is given that adds an additional layer of safety on the pillow.

4. Continental Bedding Premium 100% White Goose Down Soft Pillow

best down pillows consumer report

Check this down pillow, one of the softest that you will come across in the market. The pillow is available in different sizes, but the one I have reviewed in a standard size, soft material. The pillow has 550-fill power, which makes it one of the most durable down pillows as well. This down pillow is made up of 100 percent premium quality white goose, which is the secret to the added softness and comfortability. The cotton fabric of this pillow has a 300-thread count, which makes the pillow durable and long-lasting. This pillow is ideal for back and side sleepers, so if you are one of those, then this pillow is for you.

5. JA COMFORTS Goose Down and Feather Bed Pillows

best down pillows consumer report

The common perception among the general public is that feather pillows are very expensive and therefore, it is better to avoid them, however, that is a wrong perception because JA COMFORTS has a broad range of feather bed pillows, which look and feel premium, but doesn’t empty your wallet. The company has used high-quality feathers in pillows, which improves the air circulation, resulting in a suitable environment for users to have a sound sleep.

The down in this pillow is added for a specific purpose, i.e., to add cushioning to the edges of the pillows. The rest of the pillow’s fill is made of feathers, thus adding to the resilience of the pillow. The pillow is washing machine safe and comes with a 3-year warranty. Moreover, the company gives you the option to try the pillow for 90 days, which is free of cost.

6. Continental Bedding Superior 100% Down 700 Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down Pillow

best down pillows consumer report

This down pillow is coming from the house of that company, which is known for manufacturing excellent bedding accessories. When you look at this down pillow, you will be able to find out that you’re looking at a quality product. This is a 700 fill down pillow with a superior grade down feathers, which keep the pillow lightweight, fluffy, soft and comfortable.

The use of 100 percent cotton material for designing the pillow actually makes it breathable. With 300-thread count, Hungarian cotton keeps the pillow soft and as a result, you get a silky surface to sleep on. The pillow is most suitable for those who are dealing with back or neck pain, or those who want to sleep on the side or back.

Types of Down Pillows

Before you move on with the purchasing of down pillows, you should know as to which are the different types of down pillows available on the market.


Goose feathers are used to make some of the finest down pillows. A goose down pillow will be soft, comfortable and a bit expensive. Premium quality goose down pillows are made from Hungarian geese, as Hungary is the place where the best quality geese. Other countries from where geese feathers come from are Canada, China, and Siberia.

Duck Down

Duck style is another top-quality option that is used to make down pillows. It gives a premium feel but doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. When compared to the goose, the quality is a bit on the lower side, but then, the price is also less. However, the quality and comfort level this material offers is second to none.

Down Alternative

The material used in down alternative pillows is man-made, most commonly polyester microfibers, but it is not be noted that the polyester microfiber used is not cheap. A high-quality fill is added, which is why it is one of the most popular materials that is used to make pillows.

Down Pillows: Features To Look For

When choosing the best down pillow, you need to consider a few important factors, which you can find in the below section:

Filling Material

When you go into the market to search for down pillows, you will come across pillows that make use of 100 percent down filling material. Some pillows are just called down pillows. This difference occurs because some pillows feature a combination of both down and feather. Some have 95 percent ratio whereas others have 75 or 50 percent.

Fill Power

Fill power of a down pillow will define its durability along with its ability to hold its shape with time. The pillow with a fill power of 700 and more is going to ensure durability and longevity. Moreover, it will also retain its shape for a long period of time.

Filling Weight

The filling weight of a down pillow will determine the softness or firmness of a pillow when you lie on it. Firm pillows will weigh more than soft pillows.


A down pillow is as firm as any other pillow type and its firmness can be divided into soft, medium, medium-firm and firm. Each of these firmness levels caters to a specific set of people. Where soft down pillows are for stomach sleepers, medium and medium-firm are for combination sleepers and back sleepers respectively. As far as firm down pillows are concerned, then those are good for side sleepers.


All the down pillows that I have reviewed come in different shapes and sizes, so you will not have any problem finding the right sized down pillow. When selecting a down pillow, you need to be sure about the size of pillow you need beneath your head for a comfortable sleep.


The longevity of a down pillow is better than any other pillow, but you need to make sure that you have placed the pillow in a quality cover. Having a cover on the pillow will also save you from those feathers that poke through the pillow. A cover also allows pillow-filling room to breathe, thus providing you with a healthy sleeping surface.


If you were searching for a comfortable pillow to have a sound sleep at night, then down pillows can help. However, all down pillows don’t work the same way, so you need to find the one that suits your body the best. I have compiled a list of six best down pillows consumer reports, with each of the pillows offering a different set of features. You need to figure out the best down pillow based on your comfort level and body requirements. Once you are sure, you can go ahead and make a purchase.