How many times have you injured your fingers or seen someone else injuring his/her fingers while opening a jagged can with a manual can opener? If that has happened to you or to someone you love on multiple occasions, then why don’t you get a product that effortlessly opens the cans of any size and shape? Well, I am talking about buying the best electric can opener consumer reports, as this can solve your problem once and for all.

Just get an electric can opener to open the lid of the can, and enjoy what’s inside it, or if you want to save some food for later, then put the lid back on or use the best vacuum sealer to seal the food. Make your life easy in the kitchen by investing in an electric can opener. For more details, check out the reviews of 10 best electric can openers that are available on the market right now.

Reviews Of 10 Best Electric Can Openers

1. AmazonBasics Electric Can Opener CO4400-UL-R

best electric can opener consumer reports

Looking for an affordable and reliable electric can opener? How about getting an AmazonBasics product. The company has developed an electric can opener, which can give other brands a run for their money. This unit features a powerful electric motor and gears, which work in tandem to deliver the necessary power to the cutting blade to open the cans of standard size. There is nothing much to do before the operation, as you just need to set up the can and turn on the device. The can opener also features an automatic stop feature, which comes into use when the can moves from its correct position.

After making a cleaning and smooth cut, the electric can opener stops automatically. A lid holder accompanies the can opener, which holds the lid in place instead of letting the lid that has been cut by the can opener to fall inside the can. The can opener comes under a durable plastic housing, which protects the unit from rust. A non-slippery base of the can opener ensures a firm grip on the countertop. The main component of the can opener, i.e., the cutting blade is made from premium-quality stainless steel that helps it to last longer.

2. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener CO-1100 (Best For Elderly People)

best electric can opener consumer reports

This electric can opener is ideal for those with a limited kitchen space or those who want to cook over a campfire. The compact size of this unit allows them to perform can cutting tasks much easier. The can opener operates on AA batteries, hence the portability factor. Despite being a compact unit, it features a powerful 1200-RPM motor, which delivers power to the blade to cut the cans effortlessly.

The ergonomic design of the can opener makes it easier for elderly people or those who are suffering from arthritis or have delicate hands to use the device. This can opener can easily open standard size cans with a push of a button. And, when you are done using the device, just stash it in a drawer. The batteries that I’ve talked about are not included in the package, and that is the only drawback of the product. Coming to the warranties, then you will get a 30-day return policy along with a 1-year warranty on the product.

3. YASUOO Electric Can Opener

best electric can opener consumer reports

This is another compact and lightweight electric can opener, which can be used by anyone in your house. The small size and 6 oz., of weight, gives you the option of putting it inside the pocket of your pants. Sporting a powerful motor and ultra-sharp blade, you can expect effortless cutting of the cans with this electric can opener.

It is a battery-operated unit, so you need to get 2 AA batteries to operate it. A highly efficient magnetic lid holder accompanies the product, which holds the can’s lid from falling into the can. Cleaning of the can after use is pretty simple too, as you can clean it with a damp cloth.

4. Hamilton Beach 76389R OpenStation Can Opener

best electric can opener consumer reports

Opening a can shouldn’t be an act of checking a person’s strength, and Hamilton Beach 76389R makes sure of that. This is a user-friendly device, which allows users to open the can effortlessly. The device features a ‘SureCut’ action that helps open the cans on the first try. Another great feature of this can opener is the non-slip base it has, which allows it to sit tightly on the countertop until you are using it.

When you are done cutting the cans, you can remove the cutting unit and wash it with water. As for the canned food, you can reheat it on your portable induction cooktop. A highlighting point of the device is its ability to open almost any container with ease, which includes cans, hard-plastic packages, bottle tops, and lids.

5. Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener SCO60C (Best For Tall Cans)

best electric can opener consumer reports

Cuisinart SCO60C Can Opener is among the most premium quality can opener you will come across on the market. With most companies sticking to the use of plastic housing, Cuisinart took a different road (a better one) and used stainless steel construction, which makes the can opener almost timeless because you won’t experience rust and corrosion.

If you’re not down with the design of the unit, then how about its one-touch operation for cutting the cans, that’s impressive, right? Finally, the strong grip of the electric can opener allows it to sit on the countertop firmly so that you can open the cans containing your favorite food or drinks. Once that is done, you can detach the activation lever for quick and easy cleaning.

6. Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener 75224F (Can Opener + Knife Sharpener Combo)

best electric can opener consumer reports

This can opener doesn’t just allow you to open cans, but also help you sharpen your old knives. Sporting a tall form factor, this can opener can open small and tall cans without any issue. The inside of the can opener features a powerful motor and a very sharp blade, which makes the opening of cans a breeze.

The inclusion of a retractable power cord keeps the can opener well organized. As you complete the can opening process, you can easily clean the device with a damp cloth and put it back in the drawer. The device comes with 3-month complimentary tech support from Amazon where you can get the solution to any problem befalling the device.

7. Expertcun Electric Jar Opener (Best Cordless)

best electric can opener consumer reports

For those looking for a versatile can opener, this product can be a great option, as it opens all types of cans and jars with ease. Operating this can opener is anything but tiring, thanks to its push-button opening, which makes it easy even for people with delicate hands or arthritis. The device is constructed from quality materials, which makes it durable and long-lasting. It works on 2 AA batteries, which can open over 250 cans/jars. Once you’re done using the can opener, you can quickly clean it and put it back into the drawer.

8. Ankuwa Electric Can Opener 

best electric can opener consumer reports

If you are fed up using bulkier electric can openers, then why not try Ankuwa Electric Can Opener, which is a lightweight device that can open any can with a push of a single button. There is no need to put a strain on your arms and hands when you can have a device like this to open the can for you. As the can is cut to its fullest, the magnet on the can opener will hold the metal lid to prevent it from falling into the can opener.

Also, the lid is cut with rounded edges, thus reducing the chances of a potential injury. The smart design and operation of the device keep the lid intact to help you close it, just in case, you don’t want to empty the can at once. Sporting a recessed blade makes cutting smooth and ensures the safety of the user too. The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

9. Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Heavyweight Electric Automatic Can Opener 76380Z (Best For Large Cans)

best electric can opener consumer reports

Hamilton Beach is a brand that manufactures only top quality products, and this can opener is a validation to that claim. You can cut cans of any size with a press of a button, that is how simple the whole process is. Just set the can up and the can opener will do the rest. The slim and lightweight design of the device makes it easier even for kids to operate it.

A fully automatic cutting makes you enjoy the food inside the can without making any contact with the blade or sharp edges. The can opener has got certifications Underwriters Laboratories, a trusted organization, which confirms how good the product really is.

10. W-Dragon Electric Can Opener 

best electric can opener consumer reports

Get this can opener if you want safe cutting of the cans along with getting a re-sealable lid. W-Dragon Electric Can Opener is designed to cut all types of cans without leaving sharp and dangerous edges. Moreover, if you want to keep the food covered inside the can, then that can also be done, as the device creates a smooth-edged re-sealable lid.

The can opener adheres to cans of any size and shape, but you just need to put a little pressure on the top for it to do so. Once the can is placed perfectly inside the grip of the can opener, just push the button and see the effortless opening of the can. The operation is carried out with the help of 2xAA batteries along with an ultra-sharp blade, which by the way doesn’t create sharp edges, thus making it perfectly fine to use for people with some kind of hand discomfort.


I hope that you would throw away your manual can opener and embrace its new and advanced sibling, i.e., an electric can opener. The reviews of 10 best electric can opener consumer reports make things a little easy, right? Now, you just need to select the product that you think meets your requirements and budget because all 10 products are just superb and highly considerable.