There are fewer activities, which are more exciting than swimming because humans have always been captivated by water. The fascination of human beings for water can be determined from the fact that millions of aboveground swimming pools are being sold every year during the summer season. Whereas, those have the budget to construct in-ground pools opt for them. There is nothing, which helps people beat the heat in summers better than swimming pools.

If you have a swimming pool, which has been the main source of fun for you and your family, then make sure that there is no obstruction in that fun. That can only be ensured when you install a pool alarm. Now, the market for swimming pool alarms is bigger than ever. If you decide to take a walk in the market in order to find the best pool alarms, then there is a chance that you may end up buying an unsuitable product. To make sure that doesn’t happen, you can check out reviews of six best pool alarms consumer reports. Keep it simple and choose the product from six options, which have been deemed best by millions of users.

Reviews Of 6 Best Pool Alarms

1. Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm 

best pool alarms consumer report

Check out this alarm system, which is specially designed to alert pool owners whenever someone intrudes the pool or accidentally falls into it. The alarm system is sufficient for swimming pools that are up to 800 sq. ft. The cutting-edge sensing technology of the alarm system allows it to differentiate real alarms from false ones.

You can install this alarm system without taking anybody’s help. Just install it on the deck of your swimming pool using the tools that come along with the unit and that’s it. A 9-volt battery is used to operate the device, which easily works for 4-6 months. The device even notifies you when the battery is dying.

Moreover, you can change the sensitivity of the alarm, turn it off when going to vacations. The device after being installed activates automatically and runs a test to make sure that everything is working nicely. The alarm is not water-resistant, so keep it away from the water.

2. Lifebuoy Pool Alarm System With Pool Motion Sensor

best pool alarms consumer report

This pool alarm is suited for those pool owners who have children as well as pets in the house. The unit features multiple sensors along with a highly advanced microprocessor to detect the dimension of the swimming pool. The alarm can float on the surface of the pool and can alert you in case someone takes it out of the pool. The unit comes with a swim mode and has the ability to reactivate itself after 10 minutes of no movement.

In simpler words, the alarm of the unit will go off in case of a fall into the swimming pool. The company has even developed a smartphone app to control and configure the pool alarm, so you can control the length of the alert, sensitivity and alarm state. The alarm system continues to work even if you cover the swimming pool with a pool cover.

3. Safety Turtle New 2.0 Child Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit 

best pool alarms consumer report

If your children are rugrats, then you can make use of this alarm system to keep them off the swimming pool area. Perfect for toddlers, the device comes with a wristband as well along with an in-house receiver through which you can hear all the activities being done by your children. You don’t have to set any program or make any adjustments in this alarm system. Just put it on the wrists of your children and monitor their activities. The portable design of the unit allows you to carry it for vacations as well. The only drawback of the unit is that kids can take them off.

4. Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm

best pool alarms consumer report

This is another alarm, which can be installed at the door to the pool, windows, gate or any other entryway to the swimming pool. The alarm has a sound output of 110dB if the person doesn’t hit the bypass button and results in breaking of the magnetic contact. The alarm features two smart sensors, which keeps it silent even when the sliding glass door is ajar.

The device is approved under UL 2017 standards and is also ETL listed, hence making it safe to use. Moreover, the device is made up of weather-resistant material, which will easily withstand all kinds of weather conditions. The alarm and its sensors come easy-to-understand instructions, which makes installation a breeze.

5. Blue Wave NA4212 Poolwatch Pool Alarm System 

best pool alarms consumer report

One of the expensive pool alarm systems that you will see on the market, many people prefer to buy it because of its list of amazing features. The ability of this alarm system to immediately detect the entry of children and/or pets in the pool makes it one of the most popular alarm system.

The alarm is also able to detect false alarms, as the system only sets off the alarm if there is anything above 18lbs. Moreover, the alarm has the 100ft., wireless reach, which is a feature that is hard to find in many alarms. To operate the alarm, you need a 9-volt battery along with 6D batteries for operating sensors. Another excellent feature of the unit is its ability to work with both in-ground and aboveground swimming pools.

6. Poolguard DAPT-2 Water Hazard Pool Door Alarm 

best pool alarms consumer report

Bestseller on Amazon, this pool alarm immediately responds when your child opens the door to the pool. The alarm wails for 7 seconds, and you will have to reset it. If you have sliding doors leading towards your swimming pool, then this is perhaps the best alarm to have. The alarm sound is deafening, so your children will refrain from entering the pool in your absence.

The alarm is equipped with a pass-through feature, which allows you or any other adult to pass via the sliding door without setting it off. This pool alarm also gives you the freedom to attach any screen door alarm to beef up the security in and around the pool. The alarm runs on a 9-volt battery, which you will have to buy separately, and when the battery is about to die, the alarm unit will alert you regarding the same.

Different Types Of Pool Alarms

Underwater Alarms

The submerged alarms are actually probes that analyze both the movements of the water, but also the waves that disturb the water. If these appear to be strongly disturbed, for example by swimming movements, the alarm will then be triggered immediately. In addition, the system is relatively reliable and quick to detect any abnormality.

However, these alarms have a slight problem: there is a latency time between the detection of intrusion and the triggering of the siren, which is not ideal in case of a fall of your child, it is certain. Nevertheless, it is often possible to solve this problem by adding a talking alarm in the system.

Perimeter Alarms

Perimeter alarms consist of kiosks placed at every corner of your pool to create the virtual perimeter around the body of water. These terminals are actually infrared terminals that can detect any intrusion in the perimeter, and quickly trigger the alarm.

This is the most reliable alarm system because it plays on prevention and the alarm will be activated even before your child falls into the water. However, if you have pets, it is likely that they will activate the alarm by entering the perimeter, which can lead to untimely noise.

As far as design is concerned, we could certainly do better, because the bollards are usually imposing and really not discreet at all, which can spoil the appearance of your garden, unless you decorate them properly, without altering the infrared detection.

Wristband Alarms: The Essential Complement For Children

If you have children, the purchase of wristband alarms can be an essential investment. By attaching it to your children's wrists, these alarms will prevent any falls into the water, by warning you with a relatively strong siren. However, note that this is not a foolproof system in the eyes of the law, but a complement to a compliant alarm, to enhance the safety of your children.

Criteria To Consider Before Buying A Pool Alarm

Type Of Alarm

According to your needs, but also your budget, the first criterion to consider will be the type of alarm you want to acquire. As you have seen, there are two main categories, which can be considered. Both are reliable and have their strengths and weaknesses, but what differentiates them the most, apart from their detection system, of course, is the budget, and this is probably what will define your purchase.

Nevertheless, I can only advise you to take the time to identify your needs, and possibly consider a larger purchase with a perimeter alarm, if you feel the need.

Compliance With Government Standards

Swimming pool alarms are mandatory modules in the US and are, of course, subject to various rules and standards. Therefore, you need to consult with your local government in order to find out as to what the local law says about pool alarms and make a purchase accordingly.

Fall Detection Capabilities

In order to ensure optimal protection, but also to put yourself in order in the eyes of the law, it is better to prefer devices that can detect the fall of bodies weighing less than 6kgs or 13lbs. Of course, you can complete a system with wristbands and other modules, but it would be best to be able to detect everything with a single system.

Sound Intensity Of The Alarm

The alarm you invest in shall provide a minimum of 100 dB at a distance of one meter. However, it is important to take into account the sound level of the alarm, for example, when you are on your terrace or in your home. If the alarm is not strong enough, you will have to repeat the signal to a siren near where you are so that you can react as quickly as possible in the event of a fall in your pool, whether it is your child, your pet or even an object.

Ease Of Installation And Use

No one wants a system that is difficult to install, and difficult to use, i.e., taking a long time to program, activate and especially disable once the incident is settled. It is therefore important that you try the alarm and see if it works for you. If you are able to control the alarm properly, then that’s great because there are certain alarms, which pose issues for many people. What works for you may or may not working for everyone. If you want to buy an alarm, then make sure to test it yourself before making the purchase. Also, do not forget to check the warranty, and its conditions, provided by the seller and/or the manufacturer so as not to have bad surprises if you decide to return the alarm.

Wrap Up

If you have a swimming pool at home, which you think is not safe for your kids and pets, then you can buy an alarm that can alert you in case either or both of them lurk around the swimming pool in your absence. To prevent any catastrophic event from happening, you must invest in the best product, which you certainly can by going through the reviews of six best pool alarms consumer reports in which I have reviewed six different pool alarms with different functionalities and price range. Pick the product that you think fits in your budget and suits your requirements.

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