Weed wackers are specialized tools, which are used to cut the unwanted weed and grass. Weed wackers have different names, such as string trimmers, weed eaters, weed whip and line trimmer. Therefore, if you hear any of these names on the market, it means one and the same thing. If you have a lawn in the front yard and backyard of your house, which as of late is not in the best of shapes, then you need a machine like a weed wacker. If you want to know which weed wacker is the best, then you will be surprised to see so many world-class products on the market. A wide assortment of options makes things difficult than easy. If you want to get done with the purchase of a weed wacker, then you should go through reviews of six best weed wackers consumer reports in the section below.

Reviewing 6 Best Weed Wackers

1. WORX WG163.9 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer/Edger

best weed wackers consumer report

If you want a machine that cuts sharp and precisely, then you have to take a look at WORX WG163.9 cordless grass trimmer. If you have a large garden or yard, even then, you can make use of this machine, as it converts from cutting edge to the trimmer in no time. This machine can quickly transform without needing any tools. Along with that, this sidewalk edger features a cutting path, which can be easily rotated at 90 degrees. Aside from that, the height of this string trimmer can also be adjusted as per the user’s convenience.

2. BLACK+DECKER LSTE523 Li-On String Trimmer

best weed wackers consumer report

Check out this one hell of a string trimmer, which is a part of the 20V MAX system, which allows you to use the same battery and charger with other tools that use 20V MAX system. You can use this machine as a lawn edger as well as trimmer. The machine features a ‘Power Drive Transmission’, which gives it more cutting power at the string. Moreover, you get the option to choose from two modes, i.e., more power or extended runtime.

To switch the unit from edger to trimmer and vice-versa, you just need to push the collar down, rotate the cutting end followed by pulling the collar back up. The unit incorporates a string feeder, which gives you the ability to advance your line with a single push of a button and without any bumping. This is an ideal machine for an average-sized yard, and you can do all sorts of trimming jobs on a single charge.

3. WORX WG154 Edger 20V 10" Cordless String Trimmer

best weed wackers consumer report

This is another weed wacker from WORX, and this one is different from the one that I’ve just reviewed. This machine can be used as a lawn edger as well as a trimmer, depending upon the task you want to carry out. This is a very versatile sidewalk edger, which you can easily control. The unit can be used in small as well as big yards. This weed wacker features a single cutting line, which allows you to perform the cutting task quite easily.

The rotating head of the machine also moves without any issue, allowing you to cut even the difficult spots with ease. This is a battery-powered unit, so the company has used heavy duty and durable battery in this weed wacker for long-lasting operation. When you’re done using the machine, it takes five hours to recharge the machine.

4. Greenworks 2101602 12-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer

best weed wackers consumer report

Greenworks is another premium weed wackers manufacturing company and the one I’m reviewing is operated on battery power. Being a cordless unit, you can easily maneuver it to any location of the garden. The machine is equipped with a G-Max 40V battery, which can be used with more than 25 different tools.

You will also find a 12-inch cutting swath in the string trimmer, which is perfect for small and medium-sized yards. When fully charged, which takes about an hour, the machine easily runs for 30 minutes. There are several exciting features in the unit such as a twisted dual-line for enhanced cutting efficiency, variable speeds, and easy control.

5. BLACK+DECKER LST136B Lithium High-Performance String Trimmer

best weed wackers consumer report

BLACK + DECKER is known for making some of the most durable utility products, and this string trimmer is no different. The model is available with and without batteries, plus you will also find a version in which the unit is available with battery and a replacement spool. The one I’m reviewing is a model without a battery, but you can buy the one with the battery as well.

If you choose to buy the model with a battery, then you will get a 40V Li-ion battery, which powers the proprietary ‘Powerdrive transmission’. Along with that, the unit features an ‘Automatic Feed Spool AFS System’ to deliver an extended line without constant bumping. All these features cohesively work to deliver excellent performance.

The battery pack features a power gauge, which allows you to check the status of the battery. There is a ‘PowerCommand’ dial given in the unit, which can let you select the level of power you want this unit to perform, so for heavy tasks, you can change the level of power to the highest.

6. Greenworks 21342 12-Inch 24V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger 

best weed wackers consumer report

This is another dual-purpose weed wacker, which can work as an edger or trimmer. Being a cordless electric string trimmer, you can use it freely all around the lawn. The unit features a straight telescopic shaft, a built-in wheel, and dual-purpose guard.

To change the operation from trimming to edging mode, you just need to twist the pivoting head. The swath range of the unit is 12 inches, which along with a thin single-line string gives a slightly weak performance despite that fact that this is a 24V model. The machine can be used for normal cutting jobs and not on rough terrains. The engine of the weed wacker is located at the bottom, which makes the unit heavy and cumbersome to use. It is advised to use a harness to use such a unit that is heavy at the bottom.

Choosing The Best Weed Wacker

There are several factors, which you need to consider before making the final decision on the purchase of a weed whacker.

Gas Powered Weed Wackers

A gas-operated weed wacker is suitable for properties with a large garden. The gas weed wacker once filled with gas can run for a long time compared to electric weed wacker, thus offer a longer runtime. The market is flooded with gas-powered weed wackers, but you should opt for the model that comes with an adjustable handle and a translucent fuel tank through which you can easily know the status of fuel.

Gas-powered weed wacker features either a 2-cycle engine or 4-cycle engine, with the former one being very common and affordable. Moreover, a 2-cycle engine weed wacker can run on a mixture of oil and gasoline. While there is everything good about a gas-powered weed wacker except the fact that they make loud noise while working.

Corded – Electric Weed Wacker

This type of weed wacker is ideal for people having small yards to clean, around 100 ft. The unit comes with a short cord, so people will have to buy an extension cord in order to operate it easily. The cheapest of all the electric weed wackers, this type of unit lasts for a very long time and doesn’t give its owner the stress of fuel refills or battery recharge.

Battery Powered Weed Wacker

People who have large yards to clean use a battery-operated weed wacker. However, there is a difference between the two types. Battery-powered weed wacker is expensive than gas-powered, but then, it makes less noise and emissions. Moreover, it is not difficult to start the engine of a battery-powered weed wacker. On a full charge, the machine can work for half-an-hour non-stop.

How to Use Weed Wacker

Despite being a lightweight unit, it is not that easy to use a weed wacker. If used in a wrong manner, a weed wacker can cause serious injuries to you.

Safety Precautions

  • Don’t operate the device without wearing protective gear. The speed of the unit can be as high as 3000 RPM, so coming in contact with the machine can be life-threatening, to say the least. Wear a helmet, sturdy trousers, tough gloves, protective eyeglasses, and tough shoes.
  • Beware of the cables, especially when you have an electric weed wacker. You can tip over the cable and fall on the running machine, which can be fatal in the worst-case scenarios. Moreover, you should also check if there are any cables being laid out in the yard where you are cutting the weed.
  • Watch the surrounding while removing weed and grass from the yard because there will be flying debris all around such as rocks and pebbles, which can seriously injure you. Even the glass windows of your premises and vehicles are in jeopardy because any flying rock could hit the windows and can damage them.
  • Consider environmental pollution if you are using a weed wacker that runs on gas. Make sure that the level of toxic gases emitted by it is less or nil (preferable). Keep in mind not to buy a weed wacker that emit carbon monoxide.

Cutting Techniques

  • Understand how the weed wacker spins because the direction of the unit will allow you to efficiently cut the weed without injuring yourself or anybody in the vicinity. If the string trimmer spins clockwise, then you should cut the grass from the left side whereas if the unit rotates counter-clockwise, then the grass should be cut from the right side.

Basic Cutting Techniques

Your weed wackers allows you to cut the grass using four essential techniques such as screeding, scything, edging and tapering. If you want to get the best results, then you should know ways to master these cutting techniques.

  • Screeding: This technique can help get rid of weeds accumulated in the driveways and paths. Position the machine in such a way that its strings are placed off the pavement. Then, move the machine into the base of grass, so that it makes a clean cut above the hard ground. In case, you cut the grass at a sharp angle, the string will not hit the plant base in the right way. If the angle is too shallow, then the machine will eat the string, but you won’t get the right cut.
  • Scything: If you are facing any obstruction while cutting the weed, then use this cutting technique. You need to make a shallow U motion by bringing the machine in and out of work alternately.
  • Edging: If you want to cut the grass in your yard that is side by side the driveway or walkway, then you should opt for edging. Turn on the weed wacker in order to get the string in an upright position and parallel to the ground. After that, you can set up the edger into the path that needs to be cut, as then you can eject the material from that part of the unit where you’ve cut the grass. The drawback of this technique is the machine pulls up a lot of dirt and rocks along with grass.
  • Tapering: This technique allows you to cut edges along with retaining walls, fence, trees or other curbs. You should avoid holding the string parallel to the lawn’s surface and cut the whole swath of grass.

Sum Up

If your lawn/yard is in a dire condition due to overgrowth of weed and grass, then you need a weed wacker to get rid of all that. I have reviewed six of the most amazing weed wackers in the section above, so you can go through the best weed wackers consumer reports to shortlist the unit that you think suits your lawn/yard. You can also decide whether to opt for a gas-powered unit or an electrical one or the one operated on battery power. Then, you need to decide on whether you want a corded or cordless machine. Once you have answers to these questions, you won’t have any issue buying the best weed wacker.