Do you want to have a bronzed, beautiful and radiant skin? Well, you can now have it without having to undergo any harmful tanning procedures. There is a product named ‘Tan Physics’, which is meant to provide you with tanned skin without wasting time sitting under the sun. By the way, getting sun-tanned skin also means that you are exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays, so it is definitely not a smart thing to do.

The best way of getting a shiny, bronzed skin is Tan Physics Sunless Tanner. However, you need to apply a pre-tan exfoliator and tan extender before and after applying the tanner respectively. Check out more about Tan Physics products in the Tan Physics reviews consumer reports followed by the details about the product and instructions on how to use the product.

Reviews Of Best Tan Physics

1. Tan Physics True Color Sunless Tanner

tan physics reviews consumer report

If you want to indulge in the self-tan procedure, but without dealing with any tricky liquid application because Tan Physics True Color Sunless Tanner is a gel-based tanner. The story doesn’t end here, but the tanner contains anti-aging compounds as well, which add a natural medium-bronze color to your skin.

If you don’t want to wait to get a tanned skin, then this is exactly the product you should have because of its strong features and ability to dry quickly. But, it is better to apply the tan properly, by taking time otherwise, things will become streaky or the tan will fade away. Despite a quickly drying tanner that offers a clear, non-messy consistency, you should apply an extra coat the next day for better results.

2. Tan Physics True Color Balance Pre-Tan Exfoliator

tan physics reviews consumer report

This product by Tan Physics is applied before the tanning process. While Tan Physics True Color Balance Sunless Tanner is a capable product itself, but applying this Pre-Tan Exfoliator will further improve the results. It will nourish your skin because the tan you apply will result in a more authentic tan, which obviously will look stunning and gorgeous. Another great aspect of this pre-tan exfoliator is the fact that it replenishes and hydrates your skin, thanks to the natural ingredients it incorporates.

With the help of this product, you can improve your sunless tan with foolproof color along with the correct tints. The pre-tan exfoliator comprises of exclusive moisturizers, which obviously hydrate your skin and restore all the lost shine, but along with that, those work as anti-aging agents as well. Make sure to apply pre-tan exfoliator to prepare your skin for accepting the tanner and get the most incredible results.

3. Tan Physics True Color Ultra-Hydrating Tan Extender

tan physics reviews consumer report

As the name suggests, this product is used to prolong the length of the tan along with nourishing your skin in the most natural way. After you use Tan Physics Sunless-Tanner, you can apply this Ultra-Hydrating Tan Extender to get the most amazing results. This tan extender features a unique formula to improve, extend and maintain the natural tan that you have received in the hands of Tan Physics Sunless Tanner.

Besides keeping your tan for a longer period, the tan extender also helps in repairing, replenishing and restoring the tan. This is a dual-action product, which features an accurate blend of natural tanning agents along with age-defying moisturizers. Applying this tan extender allows you to maintain and extend the natural tan on your skin, so as to make it look and feel younger.

What Ingredients Are Included In Tan Physics?

Tan Physics products are popular for a reason, and that reason is the ingredients that are used by the company. Let’s dive into the details as to what ingredients are used in Tan Physics products:

Argan Oil

This is another ingredient, which you will find in Tan Physics and the purpose of Argan Oil is to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles on the skin. Being rich in Vitamin E, Argan Oil helps remove dryness of the skin as well. Moreover, you will also find a significant reduction in the stretch marks, crow’s feet along with skin irritation, thanks to Argan oil.

Coconut Oil

There is no doubt that coconut oil is very beneficial for skin, and Tan Physics has taken note of it, which is why you will find coconut oil as the main ingredient in their tanning lotion. The use of coconut oil is to act as a protection for the skin to allow it to lock the moisture correctly along with keeping the perfect tan. Being a natural ingredient, coconut oil provides the necessary moisture to your skin to make it look shinier and healthier, but without any pores blocking or skin irritation.

Hydrolyzed Collagen

Tan Physics also has hydrolyzed collagen, which works on rejuvenating and refurbishing the pliability and power of your skin. This component is found in jelly food items and there is no scientific proof whether it really helps improve the condition of skin or not.


Matrixyl is used in many skincare products, as it is known for its collagen-activating feature, so if your body is making less collagen, then Matrixyl will increase the volume, which in turn helps reduce the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. Matrixyl is nothing but protein, which acts as an anti-aging component, which is present in top anti-aging creams. The component also stimulates the skin to allow better cell formation.

DHA (dihydroxyacetone)

The majority of self-tanners incorporate Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which is what turns the skin’s top layer brown. Different companies add a different concentration of DHA, but usually, it is between 1 and 15 percent. The lower the percentage of DHA, the gradual will be the browning of the skin.

Sugar-Based Formulas And Caramel

Tan Physics also constitute sugar-based formulas, which the company claims are different from what other companies use. The negative effect of such sugar-based formulas is that they temporarily blacken the skin.

How Does Tan Physics Color Functions On Your Skin?

Tan Physics True Color is the best self-tanner for a reason. This product makes use of naturally derived sugar-based formulas, which are rich in peptides, amino acids, and fruit extracts or caramel. These elements help give your skin the deep tan color. Along with the aforementioned elements, the product features hydrolyzed collagen, Aloe Vera, coconut oil, Argan oil, and matrix, which help reduce the appearance of skin aging symptoms such as wrinkles and fine lines. These ingredients constitute the best anti-wrinkle creams on the market.

Things don’t just end right there, but the production of collagen also increases with those elements, plus your skin stays protected against harmful UV rays. Applying this lotion will leave your skin with a beautiful bronze color and anti-aging nourishing solutions. Besides getting a perfectly tanned skin, your skin will glow naturally and look younger, and all that without having any skin problem.

How To Use Tan Physics True Color?

Using Tan Physics is very easy, as you just need to follow a few steps, details of which you can find here below:

Step 1 – Skin Cleaning

The process begins with making your skin clean, and by that I mean, making it smooth and exfoliated. Only apply the tanning lotion once your skin is smooth. To get better exfoliation, you can make use of loofah or nylon wipes.

Step 2 – Dry Your Skin

Once you complete step 1, then dry out your skin and make sure there isn’t any piece of jewelry on the body parts where you are about to apply the tanning lotion. Don’t apply any deodorants, perfumes or make-up on the skin. Also, tie your hair up so that they come in the way.

Step 3 – Apply The Lotion

The last step is applying the tanner on your skin. Squeeze ¼th portion of the lotion in your hand and begin applying it on your skin. You need to start with the central part of your body and then moving in the upward direction, reaching your neck and then, the face. Gently massage your skin in a circular motion using your fingers.

With that, the tanner is applied all over your body and now, you can apply tan extender to make the tan work even better.


Tan Physics is the flag bearer when it comes to self-tanners because of the ingredients that have been added into the product and the effectiveness with which the sunless tanner works. If you want the best results, then make sure you buy all three products, the pre-tan exfoliator, the sunless tanner and tan extender, details you must have read in Tan Physics reviews consumer reports. If you have, then what you are waiting for, just buy the combination of tanner, exfoliator and tan extender now!