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Nothing is more fascinating than the cosmos. If you have seen both seasons of cosmos, then you know what I’m saying. Seeing the planets and stars as they rotate and cross other celestial objects can’t be explained in words. You have to see it with your own very eyes, and for that, you obviously would require a telescope. Now, the market for telescopes is expanding like the Universe, hence making it very hard for a newbie to choose the best telescope. If you too are unable to find the right telescope, then you should go through telescope reviews consumer reports comprising of 10 products.

Reviews Of 10 Best Telescopes

1. Gskyer telescope AZ 70400 AZ Mount Astronomical Refracting Telescope

telescope reviews consumer reports

Get this portable telescope, which features two replaceable eyepieces along with a 3x Barlow lens for having a much better magnification power. The telescope also features a 5x24 finder scope for finding the objects quickly. Fully coated 400mm optics ensure high transmission. A durable travel scope, you can easily fit in your luggage bag and transport it anywhere. Made from premium-quality aluminum alloy, this telescope is going to remain for a long duration. A fully adjustable unit, you can place the telescope in a standing position to get the ideal angle for stargazing. The company features a 1-year warranty that covers all manufacturing defects in the unit.

2. Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ Newtonian Telescope

telescope reviews consumer reports

If you are looking for a user-friendly telescope, which sports a durable design, then look no further than Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ Newtonian Telescope. The unit dons a sturdy yet lightweight frame, plus it has a wide range of features such as StarPointer red dot finder scope, two eyepieces and coated glass optics. Stargazing becomes a lot easier with this telescope, thanks to its adjustable tripod, which keeps the telescope stable. A fully coated primary mirror of 114mm is placed at the core of the telescope. The telescope also features AstroMaster mount with two control knobs to help you determine the adjustments made by terrestrial as well as celestial objects. The company provides a 2-year warranty on the product.

3. Celestron NexStar 4SE Telescope (Best Telescope For Deep Space)

telescope reviews consumer reports

Sporting a robust design, this telescope from Celestron makes use of a spherical primary mirror and meniscus corrector lens for accurate viewing of far-off objects. The corrector has an aluminized spot, which serves the purpose of a secondary mirror. The telescope dons a unique single fork arm design, which when combined with sturdy steel tripod makes it a long-lasting unit. You can see 200+ deep-sky objects in dark skies, thanks to the small aperture of the telescope. The presence of SkyAlign technology makes alignment of the telescope a lot easier. This is a fully motorized and computerized product, which you will love to use. The company provides a ‘Starry Night’ software with the product to precisely locate stars, planets, and other celestial objects in the night sky.

4. Celestron 11068 NexStar 6SE Telescope

best telescope reviews consumer reports

This is yet another computerized telescope, which incorporates the latest technology available on the market. Both children and adults can use this telescope to give a new dimension to their curiosity regarding astronomy. Just like its other sibling, this telescope too features a single form arm design, which can be placed on the high-quality steel tripod. The durable design of the telescope is complemented by its portability. You can easily disassemble the unit to transport it from one location to another. There won’t be any issue in aligning your telescope, thanks to ‘SkyAlign’ technology. The company also provides free access to ‘Starry Night’ software. As far as the warranty is concerned, then you will get 2 years of warranty on this product.

5. ToyerBee 100247 Telescope for Kids & Beginners (Best Telescope For Beginners)

best telescope reviews consumer reports

This is an excellent telescope for kids as well as beginners. It comes with a 3x Barlow lens along with two replaceable eyepieces for getting varied magnifications. You can easily view earth’s neighboring celestial objects with ease in both day and night. The images on this telescope appear brighter and clearer, thanks to the 70mm large-aperture objective lens. The aperture is large, hence giving you a bigger field of vision and clearer images. With this telescope, you will get a smartphone adapter and wireless camera remote for exploring natural beauty. Assembling and dismounting this telescope is a breeze, thanks to the instruction manual and videos that come along with the unit. The company provides a 3-year guarantee on the product as well.

6. ECOOPRO Telescope For Kids Beginners Adults

best telescope reviews consumer reports

ECOOPRO is one of the most popular telescopes not just amongst kids and beginners, but adults as well. It features 360mm focal length along with a 70mm aperture, which provides brighter and clearer images. The optical glass on this telescope is fully coated to deliver high transmission of data. The unit comes with two 1.25-inch eyepieces to deliver you different magnifications. You can easily set up this telescope, as there are no tools required for the same. Once set up, you can begin looking for the unknown in the sky. The 70mm telescope is ideal for bird watching and cherishing other natural beauties of this planet. An adjustable tripod comes with the telescope to let you observe celestial objects from any viewing position.

7. Aomekie Kids Telescope For Adults Astronomy Beginners AO2002

best telescope reviews consumer reports

Amoekie AO2002 is a great telescope for kids and adults, as it sports a lightweight design. You can also transport it from one place to another, thanks to its ability to fold into a compact unit. Besides being a lightweight unit, it is also quite durable, so you can expect it to last for several years. You will get excellent contrast and brightness in this telescope, thanks to its multi-coated lens. The telescope will deliver larger magnification and a more stable multiplier, courtesy of its 400mm focal length. A tripod stand comes along with the product to keep the telescope in different places easily.

8. OYS Telescope For Kids Beginners TEL-01

best telescope reviews consumer reports

It features 400mm focal length along with a 70mm aperture, which provides brighter and clearer images. The optical glass on this telescope is fully coated to deliver high transmission of data. The unit comes with two 1.25-inch eyepieces, which deliver different magnifications. The telescope features a 5x24 finder scope for locating far-off objects easily. The diagonal prism on the telescope will help you get erect images for viewing terrestrial and celestial objects in the most amazing manner. The travel scope is very easy to set up, and the inclusion of a phone adapter with 10mm eyepiece makes it easier for you to capture amazing images. The lightweight telescope comes with an adjustable tripod to help you get a stable view of the sky. The company provides a lifetime warranty on the product along with round-the-clock support.

9. Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope (Best Telescope For Astrophotography)

best telescope reviews consumer reports

If you love gazing stars and are already using a beginner telescope, then the time has come when you upgrade your telescope for clearer and brighter images of the mesmerizing celestial objects. The unit features a large parabolic mirror, which provides much better images than what you’ve been getting so far. You can easily track an object in the sky, thanks to the EQ-2 equatorial mount. If you are into astrophotography, then this telescope is of great use, as it keeps the image centered.

The telescope has an aperture of 5.1-inch along with a 24-inch optical tube, which lets you see detailed images of objects beyond the solar system. With this telescope, you will get a collimation cap, 2 eyepieces with a pinion focuser, and 6 finder scopes. The company also provides a special edition of astronomy software to make stargazing a lot more fun. This telescope may look simple but has many amazing features for its users. You can easily assemble and disassemble this telescope quickly, which lets you pack and transport it a lot easier. 

10. Zhumell Z130 Portable Altazimuth Reflector Telescope

best telescope reviews consumer reports

Check out this incredible telescope, which comes with a collimatable primary mirror along with tube rings, which are fully rotatable, so you can rotate the tube for seeing your favorite celestial objects. The tube also works excellently with heavy eyepieces. The telescope features 114mm scopes, which offer excellent images, thanks to the additional half-inch of the aperture that the company decides to put add. You can precisely aim at the object you want to view in the sky, courtesy of red dot finder.

The Dobsonian base of the telescope lets you enjoy smooth motions and easy tracking. The company also provides two eyepieces of 10mm and 25mm, which offers 25x and 65x magnification respectively. A 6mm Goldline allows you to view planets in high resolution, as it offers 108x. However, there is one drawback in the unit, i.e., its weight, which is around 20 lbs, so you will have to do special preparation for packing and transporting this telescope from one place to another. Moreover, you will have to find a sturdy table to place it.

Summing Up

I hope the 10 telescope reviews consumer reports that you have just read gives you a precise idea as to which telescope you should buy to take your curiosity of taking a close look at the stars and finding what exactly it is to a whole new level. If you have already shortlisted the telescope, then what’s stopping you now? Go ahead, make a purchase, and bring home a device that you have always wanted while looking up in the sky and asking what that star could be.

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