Rice is undoubtedly the most popular food grain in the world. Rice is consumed more than any other grain, and there is a lot to do with the taste and aroma of rice. In Asia, rice is a staple food item, which is prepared almost every day. Japan is known for its scrumptious rice dishes such as sushi in which rice is the main ingredient along with raw fish slice.

This high popularity of rice gave birth to Japanese rice cookers, which are known worldwide for their great performance and long-lasting usability. If you are fond of rice and consume it every day, then you must have the best Japanese rice cooker in the kitchen of your house. You have no idea how much convenience this cooker can give to you while preparing rice. With the passing of time, the market has seen a tough competition between companies manufacturing Japanese rice cookers.

Now, companies are using advanced and sophisticated technology to manufacture Japanese rice cookers, thus making things easier and more interesting for the consumers. Let us discuss five best rice cookers reviews consumer reports that are being liked by millions of people all around the world.

Reviews Of 5 Best Japanese Rice Cookers

1. Zojirushi NS-LAC05XT Rice Cooker & Warmer (3 Cups)

best japanese rice cooker reviews

Preparing food on time is very important these days, as everybody has got time constraints. This rice cooker and warmer from Zojirushi is the perfect answer to this impending need of many people. This rice cooker is going to prepare food quickly and properly, plus it is totally safe to use.

Design & Features

If you look for soft, fluffy rice, then this cooker is going to give you exactly that. You can serve up to six people at a time. The cooker comes with Fuzzy technology, which allows you to monitor cooking process and adjust time and temperature automatically. After the rice has been prepared, the cooker switches itself to a different mode, which keeps the food warm for a long period of time.

The technology that does that is known by the name of ‘warm technology’. You will get a number of cooking functions in this product.You can steam rice, fast cook, it and prepare rice in the way you want to. You can easily measure the quantity of rice and volume of water with the measurements engraved on the inside of the cooker. Rice is cooked evenly in this cooker and you can easily make out when the rice is ready.

Performance & Quality

The cooker is made up of stainless steel, which makes cleaning a lot easier. The inner part of the cooker is coated with a thick black layer that ensures faster and evenly cooking. No stirring, no lumps, the rice will be perfect at the end of cooking.

Pros and Cons

  • Cook up to six cups of rice at a time.
  • Multiple cooking options.
  • Retractable cord.
  • Cleaning this cooker is easy.
  • The size of this cooker is compact, therefore, it consumes less space in the kitchen.
  • The rice cooker comes in just one size.
  • Can’t cook different kinds of dishes besides rice.

2. Zojirushi NP-NVC10 Induction Heating Pressure Cooker & Warmer 1 Liter

best japanese rice cooker

This is a 5.5 cup capacity rice cooker that is known for its unique cooking abilities. Whatever your cooking style is, you can accomplish it with this rice cooker, as this product is going to automatically adjust itself to your cooking habits. The results you get from this cooker are going to be excellent and consistent. The inner pan of the rice cooker is platinum infused, thus allowing the rice to absorb water in a lot easier manner.

Pressure Induction Heating

The heat in this rice cooker is generated electromagnetically, and the reason for that is the inclusion of pressure induction heating technology. It is the surface of the cooker that generates heat instead of any external source. Therefore, the cooking is going to be faster, more even and controlled. The cooker comes with a smart lid that keeps a track of how many times someone has opened the cooker and for how long. The temperature changes accordingly then, so that the food is cooked on time.

Pros and Cons

  • Fuzzy AI technology.
  • LCD control panel.
  • Automatic food warming.
  • Detachable inner lid.
  • Multiple cooking options with quick cooking functionality.
  • Rice that is near to the bottom of the pan becomes soggy if kept for a long period of time after turning off the flame.
  • Foul smell coming from rice after leaving it in the cooker after cooking.

3. Tiger JNP-1800-FL Rice Cooker & Warmer

Best japanese rice cooker reviews

A traditional looking product, but consists of a number of hi-tech features that will definitely intrigue you. Cooking process in this cooker is as simple as it can be. Just press down a lever, and the cooking of the rice begins. Features like ‘keep-warm’ setting and checking the cooking process are also included in this rice cooker, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can keep the rice for 12 hours for warming, and the rice won’t dry out at all. You can easily clean the inner pan of the rice cooker, as it is non-stick and removable.

You can prepare up to 10 cups of uncooked rice in this rice cooker, thus making it apt for large family/friend gatherings. This rice cooker incorporates an ‘element-driven technology’, which ensures quick and evenly cooking. The product accompanies a retractable power cord, which makes sure that the cooker is easier to store and transport.


  • Rice warming mode is a great feature to have, as it keeps rice warm and moist for 12 hours.
  • You will get consistent cooking each time with this cooker.
  • Operating this machine is a child’s play.
  • Easily cook rice for large family or friend gatherings.
  • Cleaning, storing and transporting of this rice cooker is quite easy.

4. Tiger Jkt-S10u-K Induction Heat Rice Cooker

Best japanese rice cooker for your kitchen

What can I say about this rice cooker? It takes the level a bit more up with its performance and features. It not only cooks rice to perfection but also makes bread. I don’t know how many rice cookers have this dynamic functionality, but this one surely does. While making bread, this machine will be used for fermentation in order to make bread proving a lot easier. The baking will be done in an oven only.

Quality Product With High Durability

The inner bowl of this rice cooker is strong and sturdy, thus prolonging the usability of this product. Handles are attached on each side of the bowl for better handling and to prevent your fingers from burning.

Synchro-Cooking Function

This feature will allow you to cook two dishes simultaneously with one being rice. With this, you can save a lot of your time and effort. Though, the rice when cooked in the cooker on the automatic mode will not taste as good as it would under your supervision.

Want More? Spend More

This rice cooker has a plenty of amazing features, but those come at a price. So, you will have to shell out a decent amount of money in order to access all those features.

Pros and Cons

  • Cooks rice perfectly.
  • The lid is fully removable, thus making cleaning a lot easier.
  • The handles attached to the inner bowl makes lifting the pot easier, regardless of how hot it is.
  • Strong and sturdy inner pot.
  • Can cook two different food items at a time.
  • Excellent working steaming feature.
  • An expensive rice cooker.
  • Non-retractable and non-removable cord.
  • The company could have added a ceramic pot.

5. Instant Pot Duo Mini 3 Quart 7-in-1 Rice Cooker

Best Japanese Rice Cooker 2017

Instant Pot is a popular brand with a great product line-up. Let me start explaining the details about this product by mentioning its top-class safety features and ease of operation. If you are looking to make quick rice, then this is the product that you need to have in your kitchen.

Perfect For Cooking Side Dishes

The small size of this rice cooker will bar you from cooking large chicken or turkey breast, but you can cook beans, grains and different kinds of vegetables in this rice cooker.

A Power Saving Machine

The power consumption of this rice cooker is less than many rice cookers at this price range. Moreover, the cooking time is also quite less; 15 minutes for white rice and 28 minutes for brown rice. So, fast cooking time along with low power consumption is what you’ll get on this machine.

Multiple Cooking Options

There are 11 programmable digital controls given in this machine that allows you to make different food items with great perfection. You don’t have to take out another utensil from the drawer when you have this rice cooker in your kitchen.

Pros and Cons

  • This product replaces 7 of your kitchen appliances.
  • You can prepare a number of dishes by choosing the respective button on the panel of the machine.
  • Always get properly cooked food with this rice cooker.
  • Adjustable temperature settings give you the comfort to choose from three different settings for flexibility.
  • Unable to cook a large quantity of food at a time.
  • The time taken to cook rice is somewhat more than other rice cookers at the same price range.

How To Choose The Best Japanese Rice Cooker

Convenience is the game changer when it comes to choosing a rice cooker. But, there are many other aspects that you need to pay attention to before finalizing a product.


Every rice cooker has its own unique capacity. Some companies list the amount of uncooked rice a cooker can hold, whereas others mention the quantity of rice a cooker can hold after the rice has been cooked.

Frequency Of Cooking Rice

Rice cooker is for those who are regular rice eater. If you are not, then no need to buy a rice cooker. But, rice cookers that are available today don’t just cook rice, but a plethora of vegetables and meats as well. But, you should only buy a rice cooker if you eat rice on a daily basis.

Counter Space

Keep in mind the counter space available in your kitchen. If there isn’t enough space available, then you have to find a highly compact rice cooker in order to prevent your kitchen from looking cluttered and clumsy.

Material Of The Pot

At present, there are different kinds of materials used for pots, these are; Teflon, aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic. The price of a rice cooker varies with respect to the type of material used for making the pot.

How To Use A Rice Cooker

Using a rice cooker needs no special training. These feature-packed machines integrated with advanced technologies are available on the market for making things more comfortable for the people.

Here are some tips and tricks for using a rice cooker:

  1. Want to cook more? Add more water: In the nutshell, if you are looking for a perfectly cooked rice, then add as much water into the pot as the rice. Didn’t get it? If you have added 1 cup of uncooked rice into the pot, then add 1 cup of water.
  2. Rinse the rice before cooking: Before cooking the rice, take a large container, add rice in it along with water and swirl. Remove all the dust particles and stones from the rice. It will also remove excess starch from the rice. When cooking jasmine or basmati rice, don’t perform this rinsing process, as it will eradicate all the beautiful aroma from the rice.
  3. After cooking the rice, don’t take the rice out of the pot immediately. Let the rice cook a bit more in the steam, and you will feel the difference in the taste.
  4. While serving the rice, don’t use a metallic serving spoon, as most rice cookers have a non-stick surface, which can get damaged.
  5. Don’t immediately clean the rice cooker after emptying it. Let the rice cooker cool down a bit before you could clean it.

Final thoughts

After going through all those models, it is pretty much evident that rice cookers are highly advanced machines that can be used to perform a wide range of tasks. So, it is up to you as to which rice cooker you would choose. Just keep in mind that rice cookers these days are not just used for cooking rice, but cook a number of other food items as well. Whichever brand you choose, just make sure you have got the best Japanese rice cooker reviews consumer reports in the kitchen of your house.