Are you inquisitive to know what does rabbit taste like? Well, don’t douse off your inquisitiveness because this post will let you know the exact taste of a rabbit. I would like, to begin with, the prevalence of rabbit meat by mentioning that this meat is not as easily available as chicken or pork in the world. This also means that not many people know about the unique flavor of the rabbit meat. In most parts of the world where rabbit meat is available, the prices are kept very high.

People who love non-vegetarian food has quite a large variety, but people restrict themselves to chicken, lamb, beef, pork, and seafood. It is important to try something new in order to keep the taste buds excited and at bay for new flavors. Rabbit meat, in general, is tasty and distinct, yet it is hard to describe the flavor of rabbit meat in one word. In this post, I will try to be as precise as possible in terms of describing the taste of rabbit meat.

what does rabbit taste like

What does rabbit taste like?

As mentioned above, we are not familiar with too many meats other than chicken, pork, beef, lamb, and turkey. These are the most easily available meats in the restaurants today. Rabbit meat, on the other hand, is a new and interesting meat for many. The flavor of rabbit meat will depend upon the type of rabbit you are eating. If you have bought a domestic rabbit, the flavor would be milder than that of the meat of a wild rabbit. Moreover, a wild rabbit will be leaner and drier compared to the domestic rabbit.

The general perception among people is that the rabbit meat tastes similar to chicken. Well, this is not entirely true because rabbit meat is gamier to that of chicken. The gaminess is further intense in the meat of a wild rabbit. I would also like to mention that there is no specific way of pointing out the perfect way of describing the taste of rabbit meat. The kind of recipe you have chosen, the combination of spices you have added during the marinating process will define the taste of the meat. A dry recipe will taste completely different from the one having gravy.

Cooking rabbit: What options do you have?

There are quite a few options available when it comes to cooking a rabbit, but most often, people like to have it roasted. The recipe is quite simple as well, as you just need to marinate the rabbit with black pepper, olive oil, and Dijon mustard.

After marinating the rabbit, put it in the fridge for an entire night and then, begin with the roasting process. The flavors will be immersed deep into the meat, thus making the rabbit juicy and flavourful. If you want to cook rabbit as a stew, then that will also result in a great delicacy. You can decide on the type of base you want for the dish. From white vinegar to chicken broth, anything can be used. You can also use beer and cider to make things more interesting.

You can also make the rabbit dry and crispy. For that, you have to marinate it in the spiced buttermilk, which will give it a distinctive flavor. You will have to cover the rabbit with flour and deep fry it. This will make the rabbit crunchy on the outside and juicy from inside. If you are one of those kinds who want to experience the rich flavor, then prefer a slow-cooked rabbit.

In this, the ingredients that you can use for marinating are onion, pepper, garlic, chestnuts, celery, carrots, and mushrooms. The slow cooking will ensure that all the flavors are fully absorbed by the rabbit and you get a mouth-watering delicacy.

Why should you eat rabbit?

I would rather ask, why not? If you haven’t had a chance in your life to eat rabbit, then you must try it. The selection of having a wild rabbit or a domestic one is totally yours, but the main thing is that you must try it. The flavors that you experience will be purely magical and they will force you to eat this meat more and more.

Rabbit meat is also rich in a wide range of nutrients such as protein, phosphorous and calcium. Rabbit meat is white meat, therefore, the fat content will be lesser than other types of meat. If you are dieting, but want to eat something tasty, then rabbit meat is for you, as it contains low fat and sodium. You can pet a rabbit, feed him healthy food and then, harvest the animal at the right time. Rabbits are not that expensive to maintain as well, so you can consider the option of growing it domestically.

Tips for preparing & cooking rabbit

Cooking the rabbit in the right way will help you get the optimal flavor. It doesn’t matter which dish you want to prepare, just make sure that the cooking procedure is right. The whole craze of eating a rabbit dish will be ruined if the dish is undercooked or overcooked. So, be very careful while preparing the rabbit meat. One thing about rabbit meat that you must definitely not know is the option to retain its internal organs. You can retain some of its internal organs such as the liver.

The recipe becomes a whole lot tastier with the presence of internal organs. If you don’t want an intense taste, then you can remove the organs and cook only the meat. There is a specific heat level at which the rabbit is cooked. You must not go beyond this level as this will ruin the meat. 325 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimum heat level in which you can extract most of the flavor from rabbit and also avoid the meat from becoming soggy. Cooking the meat at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for an hour will be good enough to get the best flavors.

Final Verdict

Now, you are fully aware of the question ‘what does rabbit taste like’, so don’t you waste any time of yours thinking whether you should have rabbit meat or not. There are many options for preparing rabbit such as fried, stewed, roasted, slow-cooked and braised. Right ingredients, proper preparation, right heat temperature and cooking time, all these will ensure a rich and flavourful rabbit meat.

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