The environment in which we live or choose to spend time says a lot about our personality and even affects our mood. Therefore, a beautiful design makes all the difference, even in the smallest details. Window blinds are important elements in the aesthetics of a place. In addition to pleasing the eyes, they are also very useful, blocking out light and preserving privacy. Window blinds work best in areas where you can’t install a retractable awning on the outside. There are many models of blinds, so many that sometimes we don't even know which one to choose among so many varieties. To help you with that, in this post on consumer reports window blinds, I have prepared a list of the 5 best blinds on the market for you to make a satisfying purchase that will add that final touch of elegance to your home or office.

Reviews Of 5 Best Window Blinds

1. Cordless Light Filtering Mini Blind By Achim Home Decor

consumer reports window blinds

If you are looking for a window blind that prevents sun rays from entering through the window but at the same time looks aesthetically beautiful, then you should buy this cordless mini blind by Achim Home Décor. These are lightweight, vinyl blinds have no cords to get tangled, hence making them easy for you to use them. These are made of a durable vinyl material, which won’t fade, warp or sag.

The window blinds come with all the hardware that you need and instructions that you can read to install. It also comes with hidden mounting brackets that allow you to install the blinds on the inside, outside, or ceiling. To use these blinds, just lower or lift the bottom rail to lower or raise lower blinds. You can use the tilt want to filter in the right amount of light and privacy. The company has been manufacturing top-quality products that offer outstanding values for years.

2. LOTUS & WINDOWARE 1-Inch Cordless Vinyl Mini Blind

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You can get this blind, which is 10.5 inches wide to let you mount it inside a window having a width of 11 inches. You can also mount the blind on the outside of the window frame for decent coverage. The package includes blinds along with all the hardware you need to mount it inside or outside the window. The cordless design of the window blinds makes them easier to use and safe at the same time. Children won’t get hurt raising or lowering the blinds. You will get the measuring instructions in the package to make sure that you get the best fit.

3. US Window And Floor 2-Inch Faux Wood Inside Mount Cordless Window Blinds

consumer reports window blinds

Check out these window blinds from US Window & Floor, which are made from 100% PVC. It can easily fit windows having a width of 28-3/4 inches and 29 inches. The blinds feature all the instructions related to the installation such as mounting brackets, a 3-1/4-inch decorative valance, valance clips, and screws. It also features a heavy-duty steel headrail to keep the blinds steady for years to come.

The blinds feature a cordless lift mechanism, which offers a novel and cleaner appearance to the room you decide to install them in. To use the window blinds, just hold the bottom rail to lift or lower the blind down. The absence of dangling cords makes them safe for children and pets as well. The company has used quality materials, which are not just durable but resistant to humidity as well. The slats are made of non-leaded PVC, which lasts longer and doesn’t need any maintenance as well.

4. Linen AVENUE Cordless Faux Wood Window Blind

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This is one of the most stylish and effective window blinds, which comes with a flush inside mount, which means you can install it inside the windowsill. You need to measure your window horizontally at the top, middle, and bottom. Once measured, you need to order the smallest measurement, and make sure to take any deductions because the size you will order reach you with a ½-inch deduction to ensure it fits perfectly on the windowsill.

You need to check that the window frame is a minimum of 2-inch deep to be able to install it as a partial mount on the inside. You won’t get side valances in the flush inside mount. Keep in mind to properly measure each window because the measurement needs to be accurate. In the package, you will get an upgraded color coordinated valance, wand control, and end box brackets. Since there are no pull cords to raise and lower the pull cords, it is easy to use and safe for children.

5. Lumino Vinyl Mini Blinds 1 Inch Cordless Room Darkening

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The best thing about these mini blinds is that they come in a perfect fit for your windows, so you don’t have to settle for a close size because you can get the exact fit. The blinds can be installed inside as well as outside of the window, but make sure to measure the windows exactly, but you’ll have to add 3 inches to the measurement for outside mounting.

The window blinds come with a one-piece headrail that is integrated with color-coordinated valance and tilt wand, which allow for easy installation and a beautiful appearance. All the materials used in the blinds are moisture resistant which makes cleaning a breeze. This is a certified product, which is totally safe for kids and pets, so you can buy them without having any doubt in your mind.

What To Consider When Buying Window Blinds?

When purchasing your window blinds, it is important to consider some details. There is a wide range of blinds on the market and not all of them match every type of decoration in a home or office.

Buying something without first checking some information can generate regret later, so pay attention to the following points:

Blinds measurements

Being aware of the measurements before buying a blind is essential to avoid the possibility of purchasing a product that simply does not fit in the area you want to cover, be it a window or a door.

To measure correctly, add 10 cm more on each side (above, below, and sides) in addition to the actual window measurement.

Design and appearance of blinds

It may not seem like it, but the design and appearance of the blind is one of the most important things to consider. That's because this model needs to match the environment itself and form a harmonious aesthetic in the final result.

So, pay attention if the blind you want to buy doesn't differ too much from the style of the place where it will be installed.

Blinds light control

You may or may not want your blinds to darken the room. If it's a blind for the bedroom, for example, it's likely yes, because we usually have a better night's sleep when the place is dark.

Therefore, opt for models that completely block out light coming from outside, such as blackouts.

Material and composition of blinds

The material and composition of the blind need to be to your liking, but more than that: it needs to be functional. Please check the material quality before purchasing.

Does it feel sturdy or does it feel fragile? Does the brand that produced it have a reputation for being reliable? All this must be taken into account.

Installing And Handling Window Blinds

At this point, it all depends on your patience and availability. If you feel you don't want to ask or pay someone else to install it, opt for easy-to-install models, products that you can install yourself with little loss of time.

Everyday handling needs to be practical and comfortable, so make sure to check the reviews of other customers before buying.

Cleaning And Care Of Window Blinds

Cleaning a blind can be easy or difficult, fast or slow. What you should keep in mind is your time availability.

Most fabric blinds and blinds are a bit of a hassle, as they do need to be washed. Aluminum or PVC ones are more practical and can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a little soap.

Summing Up

I know that it is not easy, among so many options, to know which one is right for our situation, but I think that after reading consumer reports window blinds reviews, and a buying guide, you are now better informed to choose something more suitable for your preferences. If that is the case, then you should select the window blinds of your choice and add them to your cart.