An average house has many small and large appliances that run on 9-volt batteries, but not all batteries are equally reliable. Using unreliable batteries can cause damage to devices, which is why it is important to choose a branded battery because that is how you can ensure high performance from your devices consistently. With a reliable 9 volt battery, you can run a wide range of appliances such as smoke detector, fire alarms, kids’ toys, flashlights, remotes, and many more. If you are unable to find out the best 9-volt batteries on the market, then don’t worry. Take a look at the best reviews of the 10 best 9 volt battery consumer reports. These reviews can help you get the best batteries for your devices.

Reviews Of 10 Best 9 Volt Batteries

1. Energizer Premium Alkaline 9 Volt Batteries (Best 9V Battery For Metal Detector)

best 9 volt battery consumer reports

One of the top-selling batteries on eCommerce stores, Energizer Premium Alkaline 9V batteries are ideal for keeping your devices up and running for years. If your house is packed with a wide range of electrical and electronic devices such as remotes, clocks, flashlights, metal detectors, toys, and others. This is a pack of 8 batteries, but there is nothing to worry about, as these can power up to 5 years in storage. This also means you are never left powerless. Energizer has been developing the longest lasting AA battery, and this product is no different.

2. Duracell CopperTop 9V Alkaline Batteries (Best 9V Battery For Gun Safe)

best 9 volt battery consumer reports

Everybody is aware of Duracell, a brand that has cemented its position as the top battery manufacturer. This is a coppertop alkaline battery, which can be used to power up many different types of devices such as smoke detectors, home safe/gun safe, garage door openers, and more. Since you’re using Duracell batteries, you can rest assured of their performance and reliability. In case, any issue arises in the batteries, the company will repair or replace it free of cost. You can store this battery for 5 years and expect it to work fine whenever you decide to use it. You are less likely to find a battery as powerful and reliable as this one, so just go for it.

3. AmazonBasics 9 Volt Lithium Batteries

best 9 volt battery consumer reports

Amazon is in the competition with its incredible set of 9-volt lithium batteries to power up your everyday devices. This battery is ideal for a wide range of devices ranging from handheld games, digital cameras, outdoor surveillance systems, smart home devices, and more. The batteries can retain power for up to 10 years in storage. With the ability to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use these batteries for indoor and outdoor use. The company offers a 1-year limited warranty on these batteries.

4. EBL 9 Volt 600mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Batteries

best 9 volt battery consumer reports

This is a pack of some powerful rechargeable batteries, 600mAh to be precise. Get these 9-volt batteries to put your devices in a working condition for years to come. Each of these batteries features improved low self-discharge, thus helping it maintains ¾th of the capacity after 3 years of no use. You can insert these batteries in a wide range of devices from clocks, toys, portable speakers, smoke alarms, bathroom scales, game controllers, and medical devices such as blood pressure monitors. The battery can be charged for up to 1200 times when fully or partially drained. You can’t go with these batteries, so make sure you consider them when making a purchase.

5. ACDelco 9 Volt Super Alkaline Battery

best 9 volt battery consumer reports

ACDelco presents a highly efficient alkaline battery, which can be used in a variety of devices like, alarm clocks, carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector, remote controls, and many other household devices. The performance of this battery is much better than batteries developed by competitors when it comes to devices that drain a lot of battery. Another highlighting point in this battery is its long shelf life, so it is going to hold the power and won’t vent or leak, provided you store it in a cool and dry place. The battery is safe for your devices and you, as it contains no cadmium or mercury.

6. Rayovac Ultra Pro 9V Reclosable Batteries

best 9 volt battery consumer reports

If you are looking for a reliable set of batteries, then Rayovac Ultra Pro batteries are what you should consider because these are dependable units, which offer incredible performance too. Made in Malaysia, these batteries are trustworthy and long-lasting. If you are in a business where you require batteries regularly, then you can choose these batteries, as they are designed for commercial use only. The company has taken care of the safety aspect as well by developing these batteries without including mercury, so you won’t get any health issues in case these batteries leak (which it won’t but just in case). Coming at an affordable cost, you will love using these batteries once you begin using them.

7. Girapow 9V 600mAh Lithium Batteries (Best 9 Volt Battery For Guitar Pedals)

best 9 volt battery consumer reports

Nobody beats these batteries when it comes to compatibility, as you can use these batteries for electric guitar pedals, electronic toys, microphones, digital cameras, multi-meters, home security devices, gas meter, fire alarms, and smoke detectors. What I liked the most about these batteries is their ability to retain up to 92 percent of power despite being stored in a dry and cool spot for up to 10 years, which is something that I couldn’t found in any other battery brand. This is a non-rechargeable battery, so once drained, it won’t be recharged.

Another notable feature of these batteries is their ability to work from temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, the batteries come with over-temperature protection, over-current protection, and leak-proof protection. If you think that alkaline batteries last long, then that myth is going to burst when you start using these batteries, as these last three times longer than alkaline batteries. With these batteries connected to your devices, you don’t have to worry about replacing them again for years.

8. Delipow 9V Lithium-Ion USB 650mAh Rechargeable Battery

best 9 volt battery consumer reports

This 9-volt Li-ion battery is rechargeable, and the company provides a USB cable with the battery to carry out fast charging. It takes just 1.5 hours to fully charge the battery. Each piece contains 800 dry cells, which replace disposable batteries in the most efficient manner. These batteries are way better compared to alkaline or carbon-zinc batteries. You can easily charge the batteries using a power bank, USB port on your laptop, or smartphone adapter via a micro USB cable.

A notable feature of this battery is the inclusion of an intelligent lithium chip, which provides over-charge protection, over-voltage protection, and overheat protection. Each battery comes with two high-quality cells built-in, which allows the battery to deliver the same performance as that of a 9-volt alkaline battery. The battery will remain active even when it hasn’t been used for 3 years.

Despite being stored in a safe place for 3 years, the battery will have 80 percent of its initial capacity, which is spectacular given the fact that the battery has 85 percent capacity at the time of manufacturing. The company offers excellent support for any issue befalling the battery, so you can get in touch with the company officials anytime.

9. Enegitech 9V 600mAh Non-Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

best 9 volt battery consumer reports

Enegitech is another highly reliable Li-ion battery, which can be used on a variety of devices such as fire alarm, infrared thermometer, mini photo printer, gas meter, optical equipment SCT, vital signs monitor, and smoke detectors. This is a one-time use battery, so you won’t be able to recharge. Another incredible feature of this battery is its ability to use even after 10 years of no use.

The battery is going to last 3-5 times longer than most alkaline batteries when used in devices such as digital cameras, thanks to its ultra-high energy density. The battery sports amazing performance with consistent and short recycle time. Coming with smart protection, you can ensure excellent performance from this battery in any extreme weather conditions, ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

10. Tenergy 6LR61 9V Alkaline Non-Rechargeable Battery

best 9 volt battery consumer reports

Tenergy battery offers the best value for money, so if you have multiple devices that work on 9-volt batteries, then this product is ideal for you. This high-performance battery can be used in everyday applications such as cameras, microphones, musical equipment, children's toys, clocks, guitar pickups, fire alarms, and smoke detectors, etc. The battery is designed to operate in all kinds of weather conditions, from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 129 degrees Fahrenheit.

With this battery, you can rest assured of the performance of your devices. You will also like the shelf life of this battery, which is around 5 years, thus letting you use the battery even after 5 years of no use. As for safety, this battery is held to strict requirements of RoHS and the battery has also received SGS certification, so you don’t have to worry about the reliability of the battery.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that a 9-volt battery is an integral part of many of the devices you currently use. If you have checked the reviews of the 10 best 9 volt battery consumer reports and identified the battery that you wish to buy, then you should not wait any longer and place an order for the best 9-volt batteries right now.