Finding a baby crib is anything but a quick endeavor. You will have to go through various sources to come across the perfect crib for your baby. The main purpose of the crib is to provide a stable, comfortable and safe platform for your baby. A crib is nothing but a specially designed bed for babies, but since babies are delicate and vulnerable, their beds need to be safe and comfortable. To find out the best baby cribs consumer reports, you can check out the reviews of 10 products provided in the section below. These reviews will put you in a better position to buy the best crib that suits the requirements of your baby and your budget.

Reviews Of 10 Best Baby Cribs Consumer Ratings & Reports

1. Mika Micky Bedside Sleeper Easy Folding Portable Crib

best baby cribs consumer report

If you want your baby to sleep right next to your bed, then you need a special crib, one like Mika Mickey Bedside Crib. This crib allows parents to keep an eye on their little one at night and offer immediate assistance in case the child requires it. But, if you want a better device for keeping an eye on your child, then buy the best baby monitor. The crib has long legs, which stand on two sets of wheels that offer easy maneuvering of the crib. An ideal crib for new-born babies, this is also the best portable sleeper available on the market.

The crib is excellent for unsettled babies who tend to wake up in the middle of the night and disturb everybody. The crib has seven height adjustment levels, so select the level you think your child will be most comfortable in. For easy access to the crib, the company has opted for an open sidewall. You will get the best mattress within the package so no need to buy it separately. The only drawback of this crib is that it is suited for babies up to 5 months old.

2. MiClassic All mesh 2-in-1 Stationary & Rock Bassinet One-Second Fold Travel Crib

best baby cribs consumer report

Now, this is a 2-in-1 crib, which means, it can sit firmly or rock back and forth depending upon your child’s preference. The crib is available in three different styles, so you can get the one that blends with your bedroom décor. The crib also features multifunction legs, which is what makes it different from other cribs. A rotatable peg-like foot at the bottom of the crib is responsible for its multifunctional abilities. Setting up and folding down this crib is a breeze, plus it is very comfortable, considering the fact that it's your delicate baby who will be laying down in it. The crib comes with two modes, stationery, and rock, so if your baby is crying, then you can switch to rock mode to make him/her happy. Whosoever thought of a see-through mesh has done a great job because it allows parents to see the child without getting off the bed.

3. Union 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

best baby cribs consumer report

Another excellent crib, which is made from quality materials, thus ensuring longevity. This is a convertible crib, which means, it can be used in three different ways. You can use this crib for years because when your child outgrows the crib, then you can convert the crib into a bed. The structure of this crib is made using the quality pinewood coming straight from the beautiful country of New Zealand. The mattress of this crib can be adjusted to four different levels. The crib and mattress are 100% safe and tested by concerned US authorities. Coming to the drawbacks of the unit, then the absence of a conversion kit is the only one I was able to find in this product.

4. Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib

best baby cribs consumer report

Delta Children Emery is one of the most versatile cribs that you’ll find on the market. This baby crib is 4-in-1, yes that’s right, it can be transformed into four different units, which are baby crib (default setting), baby daybed, toddler bed, and full-sized bed. The crib is capable of supporting weight up to 50 lbs, which covers even larger babies. Assembling this crib is a breeze, so is the conversion. The only drawback in this crib is that it doesn’t come with a toddler guardrail.

5. Mamibaby Baby Nest/Baby Lounger

best baby cribs consumer report

MamiBaby Baby Lounger is a product that lets your baby sleep nicely so that you can get the necessary sleep, which you are deprived of all these days. The product is designed on the lines of DockATot Baby Lounger, but its price is not that expensive. Ideal for babies aged between 0-4 years, this crib will support your little one in the most suitable way. The mattress of this lounger is created using 100% cotton fabric and hypoallergenic internal filling, which is resistant to all toxic elements.

Cleaning the fabric is also easy, as you just need to unzip the bumpers and then, the base to wash both the items separately. Both items are washing machine safe. You don’t have to take your baby out of this crib for changing diapers, doing massage, feeding and so on. The best thing about this unit is that it is very spacious, which has elevated bumpers for protecting the sides of the crib, cushy base and adjustable bottom. You can even take this crib outside, thanks to its handles, portable and lightweight design.

6. DHZJM Baby Lounger Bassinet 

best baby cribs consumer report

If you want your baby to remain safe, warm and comfortable in the crib, then you got to look at DHZJM Baby Lounger Bassinet. This baby crib will make you relieved as a parent because you know that your child is at ease and comfortable. The bassinet of the crib is made of organic cotton, so you don’t have to worry about rashes or any other skin related problem. The product is easy to assemble, handle and maneuver. Moreover, when your baby outgrows the crib, then you can adjust the bassinet by loosening the cord provided at the bumper’s end. Coming to the drawback of the unit, then you will experience a sharp smell of chemical residue upon unpacking the crib.

7. Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Baby Crib

best baby cribs consumer report

The Babyletto Hudson Crib is a beautiful product, which has been designed with eco-friendly materials, so if you want to buy a comfortable crib, which contributes to the environment as well, then consider this crib. The main structure of this crib is carved using pinewood, which comes straight from New Zealand. In the first few months, the crib can be used as a crib, but after that, you can convert it into a toddler bed or a daybed. A high quality and comfortable mattress has been provided with the crib, the height of which can be changed up to four levels. Since it is a toddler bed, you will get a toddler bed conversion kit in the package. The crib stands out on all the essential safety standards, so there is nothing to worry about when using this product.

8. Delta Children Abby Convertible Crib and Changer

best baby cribs consumer report

Delta Abby Convertible Crib is a highly versatile product, which can be used as a crib as well as a day bed, toddler bed and even a full-size bed for your child. The crib also features a guardrail and toddler rail, which enhances the safety of your child. A standard-size mattress works well with this crib, but you will have to buy it separately. So is the metal frame, which the company offers at an extra price. Assembling this crib is easy, and a fully assembled crib will have two spacious shelves and drawers for keeping the necessary belongings of the child. The crib features a big changing pad that you can use as a base to change the diaper of your baby. The changing table has a safety strap to ensure that the baby doesn’t topple over. The sturdy and durable construction of the crib makes it last for a very long time.

9. Storkcraft Graco Solano 4-in-1 Convertible Crib

best baby cribs consumer report

Another crib with 4-in-1 design, Storkcraft Graco Solano is a crib that you can’t get your eyes off because it is so beautiful. But, it isn’t just the beauty of the crib that you will like, but its amazing set of features will make you go for this product. The crib incorporates a 4-in-1 design, which means, you can turn this crib into a day bed, toddler bed and even a full bed. The bed frame and mattress are not included in the package, so you will have to get it separately. Attached to the crib are a changing table and a couple of shelves, which can hold a few things related to your child. The mattress of the crib comes with three adjustable mattresses, so select the level your baby is most comfortable at. This is the complete baby crib, which is packed with everything that your baby would probably need.

10. ComfyBumpy Bed Side Crib for Baby

best baby cribs consumer report

ComfyBumpy is one of the most amazing bedside cribs for babies, so parents can now keep a close eye on their little ones by staying on the bed. This crib features rock mode, which can be used to comfort the baby. Then, there is an incline position to prevent acid reflux. The crib can be assembled quite easily, thanks to the detailed instructions. Moreover, you don’t require any tool during the assembling of the crib. You can adjust the bed up to seven levels, which is a cool feature to have. There is a storage compartment provided in the crib for keeping baby items. With this crib, you will get a mattress, urine pad, sheet cover and carry case. The crib scores high on safety, as it secures to the bed properly, thanks to the strong straps, leaving no gap.

Final Verdict

The purpose of reviews of 10 best baby cribs consumer reports is to catapult you to the perfect crib for your baby. All 10 baby cribs that I’ve reviewed are packed with exciting features, so you should choose the product that fits the requirements of your baby in the most suitable way. Also, make sure that the crib fits your budget too. If you have already zeroed-in on the crib that you want to buy, then you should proceed with the purchasing part.