When it comes to having a comfortable sleep on a luxurious bed, you will certainly not imagine an air mattress in your mind. In fact, many people oppose the idea of sleeping on a temporary air mattress, which is completely a false notion that they have. Air mattresses may not provide the same features as the best memory foam mattresses or Beautyrest mattresses, but that doesn’t mean you’re relegated to a pathetic night’s sleep on one of those. The quality of air mattresses has risen in the past few years, and now, they are considered easier to use and comfortable to sleep on. Let me introduce to you some of the best air mattress consumer reports in the following section. I have reviewed 10 best air mattresses that you can choose from.

Reviews Of 10 Best Air Mattresses

1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology

best air mattress consumer report

SoundAsleep makes beautifully designed mattresses, which you can easily find out after purchasing its Dream Series Air Mattress. This is one of the best air beds consumer reports, which is breathable, high quality and packed with many amazing features. Featuring ‘ComfortCoil Technology’ along with 40 built-in air coils, you can expect excellent support and durability as you lay down on this mattress.

Inflating and deflating this mattress is super easy, thanks to its patented 1-click internal pump system. You can get the desired firmness in just 3 minutes. The thick and rugged material of the mattress prevents it from puncture. The inclusion of ‘Sure-Grip’ technology makes the mattress slip-free as well. Made with multi-layered material, you will find the weight of the mattress to be on the higher side compared to other mattresses. The company offers 1-year warranty on the product against any manufacturing defects.

2. Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed with Internal Electric Pump

best air mattress consumer report

Intex has been able to provide a perfectly balanced air mattress in Dura-Beam Airbed. The mattress horizontal air chambers, which make it breathable and comfortable for the user. A powerful pump is provided with the mattress, which inflates the mattress at a decent speed. The top and sides of the mattress come with a velvety coating, which not just adds a smooth touch to the mattress, but makes it puncture resistant as well.

This is a spacious and stable bed, which comes with movement isolation feature, so if you move a lot during sleep, then those movements will not bother your partner at all (until you decide to dance on the mattress). The company offers 3-month warranty on the product, which the company should have extended to at least a year.

3. King Koil Twin Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

best air mattress consumer report

This mattress features coil beam construction, which adds strength and stability to the unit. It accompanies a powerful 210-watt pump, which inflates the mattress in just 90 seconds. The outer surface of the mattress is made using eco-friendly PVC, which is durable and waterproof. The top of this mattress comes with a suede finish, so you won’t slide out of the mattress while sleeping. You will get decent support on the fully flocked surface of the mattress. The company also offers 1-year guarantee on the product, which shows how confident it is regarding the mattress.

4. Noble Twin XL Size Luxury Double HIGH Raised Air Mattress

best air mattress consumer report

Noble Luxury Double High Raised Air Mattress comes in different sizes, but the one we are discussing is a Twin XL size. When your aim is to have a sound sleep on a super-soft surface, then you should definitely consider this product. It is made using the industry’s best materials, which will last for several years. The mattress features a built-in AC pump, which you can connect to AC mains to inflate the mattress. It doesn’t take much time to inflate the mattress, and once it is inflated, you can enjoy your time laying down on it.

The coil beam construction along with the company’s patented ‘Noble Beam Technology’ ensures great comfort and durability. The quilt top of the mattress is waterproof and supportive, as it adjusts to the posture of the person. Moreover, the suede top makes sure that the bedsheet and pillows stay in their place. To complement the excellent product, the company offers 1-year guarantee on the air mattress, just in case, anything goes wrong in the mattress.

5. Englander First Ever Microfiber California King Air Mattress

best air mattress consumer report

Englander has designed this mattress using innovative microfiber construction, which makes the mattress extremely stable. The mattress is 20 percent more abrasion and puncture resistant, which prolongs the usability of the product. Then, the tensile strength of the mattress is also 30 percent more than usual air mattresses. The microfiber flocking in the mattress has thermos-regulating properties, which keeps you warm or cold depending upon how you sleep. An in-built air pump inflates and deflates the mattress in 2 minutes, so you don’t have to wait long to doze off. The company also offers excellent support on the product along with a 5-year warranty.

6. Coleman Airbed Cot With Side Table

best air mattress consumer report

A perfect airbed for outdoor trips, which is comfortable, durable and long-lasting. It also comes with a side table, where you will be able to keep a few of your necessary items such as a water bottle, eyeglasses, phone and so on. The airbed is made with steel frames along with nylon-sewed covers, which is the secret behind its durability. Even the side tables are made up of steel. The airbed can be used indoors as well as outdoors, and it also comes in two sizes, Queen and Twin, so choose the size you are most convenient with.

Inflating and deflating the mattress is quite easy, courtesy of a 4D pump, which operates on battery power. For a comfortable sleep, the company has used ComfortStrong mattress coil in the mattress. The mattress is immune to leakage, thanks to ‘AirTight System’ and ‘Double Lock Valve’. If you or your partner moves a lot in the bed, then you can separate the cot as well. A bag is also provided with the product, which can be used for easy storage and transportation. The queen size of the bed supports 600 pounds of weight whereas the twin size supports only 300 pounds.

7. CREMAX Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

best air mattress consumer report

CREMAX Air Mattress has raised the bar in terms of how the most premier microfiber airbed should look and feel like. The mattress is encased in a silky soft flocking, which creates a durable outer shell for the bed and offers excellent softness at the same time. The mattress easily supports a weight of 600 lbs or 2 adults. The interior of this air mattress is designed with reinforced coil beams, which keep the bed sturdy and durable. It won’t deform even after years of use.

The mattress includes a built-in pump, which automatically inflates the mattress faster than many competition airbeds. To deflate the bed, you just need to turn the pump in a counter-clockwise direction. The full microfiber flocked exterior of the product is 50 percent more resistant to abrasion and punctures, plus it has 50 percent more tensile strength than other airbeds. The mattress is equipped with ‘Advanced Coil Technology’ along with welded seams, which offer great strength and durability to the user as he/she sleeps on it.  

8. Fox Air Beds Air Mattress Twin Size

best air mattress consumer report

If you are searching for a firm airbed, then this is exactly what you should buy. Many airbeds have a tendency to collapse or stretch, which deprives the users of the necessary support for joints, but that problem isn’t there in Fox Air Beds Air Mattress. The stylish bed skirt along with a fitted top sheet gives an excellent look to the mattress and provides a much-needed layer between you and the bed. With this, you will sleep warmer and deeper. If you have niggle in your back or hip region, then you will really enjoy yourself laying down on this mattress. A layer of laminated vinyl has been incorporated into the mattress, which prevents it from overstretching. Then, you are getting 60-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee along with 1-year warranty on the product.

9. AeroBed Air Mattress with Built-in Pump & Headboard 

best air mattress consumer report

This is one of the few air mattresses (best aerobed reviews consumer reports), which comes with a headboard. It also features a built-in air pump with auto shutoff, firmness of which you can select quite easily. A secondary comfort lock pump is also provided by the company, which maintains the required firmness all night. The mattress offers great support to the user, courtesy of its coil construction. The use of PVC along with brushed polyester top makes the mattress a lot more durable.

The sleep surface has been treated to prevent the accumulation of foul odor, mold, mildew, and fungus. The outer layer is covered with a laminated material, which prevents the mattress from punctures. One of the most exciting features in this mattress is the inclusion of a USB port, so you don’t have to get out of the bed to charge your electronic devices. Just lay down a beautiful bed sheet on the mattress and enjoy a comfortable sleep with your partner.

10. Lazery Sleep Air Mattress Airbed with Built-in Electric LED Pump

best air mattress consumer report

Last but definitely not the least, Lazery Sleep Air Mattress sports a dual-chamber design with 40 air coils, which clearly indicates how stable and durable this mattress is going to be. The top layer of the mattress is extra thick to enhance durability. The company has used high-quality material in the product that makes it waterproof and puncture-resistant. Firm support is provided to the users even at the edges. You can consider this mattress for back pain as well because the kind of comfort and support it offers will truly benefit you.

There are seven firmness levels in the mattress, so you can select the right setting based on your comfort level. LED indications are given along with the firmness level to let you change the settings easily in the dark. A built-in electric pump inflates the mattress in just 4 minutes. It also shuts down automatically after inflating or deflating the mattress to avoid any technical problems or pump malfunction. Overall, an excellent product for anybody who desires to have a comfortable sleep night after night.

Concluding Remarks

Buying an air mattress should never be a spontaneous decision because there are many different types available on the market. Every air mattress is constructed in a unique way and offers plenty of features, so you must invest an ample amount of time searching for the right air mattress. Or, you can go through the reviews of the 10 best air mattress consumer reports to make the task of buying the most suitable air mattress a lot easier.