The time has finally come when your greatest treasure, your baby begins to move on its own. For your baby, now is the time to experiment, on his/her own, the things of life by starting on all fours or already standing on his/her two little feet. You can buy a baby walker for your baby to encourage his/her efforts to walk. However, also make sure to keep your baby away from objects and places that are dangerous for him/her, such as stairs, electrical outlets, or sharp objects.

No worries, I have exactly a product that will prevent your baby from going into unknown perils. That product is a baby gate, and it is specifically designed to keep babies safe at a particular place by restricting their movements. You can also install a baby monitor to see your baby’s activities when you are not around. If you want to know which according to consumer reports best baby gates, then look at the reviews of 5 best baby gates followed by buying guide.

Reviews Of The 5 Best Baby Gates

1. Regalo Easy Step Extra Wide Walk Thru Baby Gate 1160

consumer reports best baby gates

Regalo is the leading brand when it comes to baby gates, as many of its models are among the parents’ favorites. Check out this particular model, which can expand to fit openings as wide as 29-34 inches and 35-38.5 inches. The gate is 30 inches tall, thus keeping your baby safe and secure. The gate is very easy to set up, thanks to its pressure mount design. You will see a gap between the frame and gate latch before the installation, so don’t take it as a defect, but it will vanquish once you install the gate.

You will get 4 pressure mount spindle rods and a ½-ft., wide extension kit in the package, thus letting you install the gate at the hallway, doorway, and bottom of the stair. You will also get 4 wall cups that keep the gate in its place. Just as how quickly you can install the gate, removing it is also that quick. You can wipe the gate with a damp cloth to clean it. The gate is made of top-quality steel, which makes it elegant as well as durable. During installation, make sure that the gap between the gate and wall should not increase more than 2.5 inches. The gate won’t fit an opening between 34-35 inches.

2. Safety 1st Easy Install Extra Tall And Wide Baby Gate With Pressure Mount Fastening ‎GA106WHOA1

consumer reports best baby gates

A notable feature of this baby gate is that you exactly know when it is installed, thanks to the red/green indicator on the gate. Also, installing this gate won’t require any tools, hence making installation quick and easy. Another major highlight about the product is that parents can open the gate easily while children can’t, as the two-action handle is hard to maneuver for little fingers. With this 36-inch adjustable baby gate, you can create a safe space for your kids in the house or while visiting your family and friends. You can install it in hallways, doorways, and the bottom of the stair.

3. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate And Play Yard ‎1350 DS (Best Baby Gate With Door)

consumer reports best baby gates

This is another top-class model from Regalo, which fits an opening as wide as 192 inches and gets as tall as 28 inches. This is a 2-in-1 convertible gate, which can be used as a super-wide baby gate and can be converted into an 8-panel play yard as well. You will get 4 packs of wall mounts in the package for quick and easy installation. The baby gate consists of multiple panels with each having the ability to fit any opening.

You can install the baby gate for wide spaces, doorway, hallway, openings, and bottom of stairs or barrier. The use of premium-quality steel doesn’t just make the baby gate durable, but elegant as well. You will like the inclusion of a walk-through door with a safety locking feature. For added protection, the gate can be wall-mounted, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your kid when this baby gate is intact.

4. Summer Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate ‎27410B (Best Baby Gate For Top Of Stairs)

consumer reports best baby gates

Check out this beautiful and versatile walk-through baby gate from The Summer, which you can use between doorways and stairways. The baby gate is 36-inch tall and fits openings between 28.5 and 48 inches wide. You will get a kit that is good enough to install the baby gate on stairways. Or, you can use the mount included in the package for installing the gate in between doorways. The mount requires no drilling, but for hardware mounting, you will need certain tools.

The inclusion of an auto-close feature gives you an additional hands-free convenience, as it allows gentle closing of the door behind you. Then, there is a hold-open feature that keeps the door to the gate open. You can also install the removable doorstopper that prevents the door from swinging open on the stairs. Not just babies, but you can use this baby gate to keep small pets safe.

5. Cumbor 51.6" Baby Gates Extra Wide For Stairs And Doorways ‎YG-1901 (Best Tall Baby Gate)

consumer reports best baby gates

Cumbor is among the most reliable baby gate brands, which ensures complete safety for your kids. The baby gate fits openings as wide as 29.5 inches to 51.6 inches. The baby gate is 30.5 inches tall, so once closed there is no way your baby could jump over the gate. The gate is made of heavy-duty steel, which allows it to withstand impacts and bites from large pets. You can open the gate with one hand, and there is no need to close it, as the gate boasts an auto-close design.

The opening of the baby gate is 23.6 inches, which is sufficient to get through with grocery bags or laundry bags in your hand. It is very easy to assemble and disassemble this baby gate, thanks to the pressure mount. Plus, it keeps your wall safe from damage, even when you decide to remove the baby gate. When installing the baby gate, check the installation distance of upper and lower walls, as it must be within 29.5 and 51.6 inches. Besides the baby gate, you can get 3 extensions to go with it. The dimensions of those extensions are 2.75, 5.5, and 11 inches. The baby gate is not just meant for kids, but also pets. 

How To Choose The Best Baby Gate?

You are now convinced of the usefulness of the baby gate, but you are still skeptical about the question. Here you are on the buying guide for the best baby gate, which will give you details on everything there is to know about this article including the type of attachment, the sturdiness, and the price of the latter.

Type Of Fixing

No need to rush into a comparison, your best bet is to trust your preferences, and what you think is best for your baby. Already, you can choose between two types of fixing. The first is the pressure-mounted safety gate that is installed with suction cups or cups. The advantage is that you don't have to drill holes in your walls to secure it. However, it is more practical on some walls than others are and you will need to re-tighten the fasteners from time to time to prevent the gate from giving way. The second is the fixed security gate, which unlike the other type will need to be screwed to the wall for installation. However, the fixed safety gate is very sturdy and you won't need to check the attachment often, making it the best option for you.


The issue of gate resistance comes before anything else when it comes to baby gates. If it is not strong enough to support even the baby's weight, it may be more of a danger than a thing. It is therefore imperative to check that the gate is strong enough, whether it is very expensive or not. To do this, opt for fixed security gates, which are much more resistant since they are fixed directly to the wall with screws. Besides, if you have a house with rough surfaces or uneven walls, this type of gate will be the best baby gate for you.


For the purchase of a baby safety gate, you can look at price comparison, but normally you will have a price range of $30 to $60, and even beyond, if you take a gate with a larger size. So, give your child maximum safety by buying him/her a product that you think is best for your child when you are away. How to buy a baby gate with better value for money? It's up to you to give the best for your baby, knowing that I have already given you my recommendations regarding the baby gate.

How To Use A Baby Gate?

Taking safety measures is an obligation for parents, especially if they have young children who still need to be supervised at all times. However, we cannot always supervise our children; we must therefore give ourselves the means to preserve the safety of our descendants. DIY tools such as baby safety gates accompany parents in their obligation, this type of article with simple principles of use responds to their primary concerns. However, know-how is necessary to be able to install and use a baby gate.

Know the size of the space where the baby gate will be placed

Before buying a baby safety gate, you must first measure the dimensions of the space on which you are going to place it. A mistake that users often make is to imagine roughly the dimensions of the space. Afterward, this makes the installation of the gate problematic.

Study the mounting brackets

The gates are fixed using brackets. You have to know the type of support on which you are going to fix the baby gate. The best brands of baby gate indicate in their instructions the types of support on which their products can be attached. Find out where to buy a new and suitable baby gate if you want to avoid tinkering with supports.

Assemble and place the gate

After performing all these procedures, we can now move on to the assembly and placement of the gate. To obtain a good safety gate, you must not buy the cheapest or the most expensive; you must choose the most suitable for your needs. The assembly will be all the more facilitated by this. It is important to read the assembly advice prescribed in the manual that accompanies the product to know the characteristics of the latter and to know how to mount and secure the gate. Fixings or pins must be present in the space where you want to put the gate; otherwise, the gate would fall at the slightest pressure. There is not much to fit with the gate, apart from the fasteners placed at the ends as well as the pegs and doorstops.


Buying a baby gate becomes paramount if your baby is starting to explore the world and you don’t want your baby to get injured in that exploration process. You can install a baby gate at hallways, doorways, and the bottom of the stairs, depending upon where you need to restrict the movements of your baby. The ultimate goal is to keep your baby safe, so pick a baby gate from the consumer reports best baby gates and place your order.