Do you like to get busy in the kitchen? I’m sure you don’t, but at times, you must have found yourself getting stuck in tasks, which takes a lot of time to accomplish, like cutting fruits, vegetables, or meat. If you want to simplify the task of food preparation, then you should get yourself a cutting board. Now if you think buying a cutting board is easy, then you’re wrong because there are hundreds of products available on the market to confuse you. However, there is no need to worry, as you can bypass all the annoying and time-consuming steps that consumers usually have to go through by checking the reviews of the 10 best cutting board wood consumer reports. Just look below for the reviews and find the product that best matches your requirements.

Reviews Of 10 Best Cutting Board Wood

1. Sonder Los Angeles Large Reversible Teak Wood Cutting Board Laurel

best cutting board wood consumer reports

Get this wood cutting board, which is elegant, reliable, and long-lasting. Laurel is an edge grain constructed board, which will help you cut veggies, fruits, meat slices, and whatnot with ease. The cutting board doesn’t attract moisture, thus letting you use the product for a long period of time. The meticulous construction along with all-natural mineral oil finishing makes this product highly efficient and 100% food safe.

You can use both sides for chopping and prepping, as the reverse side comes with finishing without a juice groove, which catches excess liquid during food chopping and prepping. The cutting board comes with beautifully carved handles, which provide you with a firm grip. For cleaning and maintenance of the cutting board, kindly refer to the instruction manual that comes with the product.

2. Ironwood Gourmet Cutting Board

best cutting board wood consumer reports

Check out this cutting board, which is constructed from acacia wood, which is a special wood that has natural contrasting patterns, which looks spectacular. Use this cutting board to chop and prepare a wide range of vegetables, fruits, and meats in the most comfortable way. You can also use the board to transport the food items for serving guests. There are a few cutting boards, which are as aesthetically appealing as this product.

Its rustic appearance is going to steal all the attention, so if you had a boring looking kitchen, then this cutting board alone is going to change that. Coming to the cleaning and maintenance, then you won’t find any issues in it, as you just need to clean the board with warm soapy water followed by air drying it.

3. Bambusi BAM-MBL Large Carving Cutting Board

best cutting board wood consumer reports

Get this cutting board to solve all food chopping issues that you have been dealing with until now. Made up of bamboo, you will experience fast and smooth chopping of your food items. The product is very durable, low-maintenance, and equipped with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. This cutting board has more features than boards made with Maple, Acacia, or Walnut wood.

It comes with raised ridges at the center, which keeps turkey, brisket, and steak in its place, thus letting you cut perfect slices. The presence of deep, wide drip grooves will catch any liquid that comes out during the cutting process. The cutting board features a reversible design, which lets you prep the food by flipping the board. You are less likely to find a better cutting board than this product.

4. Labell Boards L18240 Large cutting board

best cutting board wood consumer reports

Check out this cutting board, which is made of Canadian maple hardwood, thus making it extremely strong and durable. You can cut a wide range of food items on this cutting board, thanks to its solid surface along with wide drip grooves. As far as cleaning is concerned, then you can clean the cutting board using warm water and soap and then drying with a clean cloth. You can use mineral oil to maintain the cutting board. This cutting board is eco-friendly, naturally antibacterial, and non-toxic.

5. John Boos CHY-R02 Cherry Wood Edge Grain Cutting Board

best cutting board wood consumer reports

If you want to buy a cutting board made up of maple wood, then John Boos CHY-R02 Reversible Cutting Board is the product for you. The company has used handpicked solid American Cherry wood, which is a premium-quality and durable wood. Being a reversible cutting board, you can use both sides of it as cutting surfaces. Each side of the cutting board has handgrips, which makes it easy for you to lift, move, and clean the cutting board.

Make sure to apply Boos mystery oil and cream to add a thick protective layer against microbes and bacteria, especially, if you live in a dry area because these ensure the proper functioning of the cutting board. The company offers a 1-year guarantee on the cutting board against all manufacturing defects.

6. Teakhaus by Proteak Edge Grain Carving Board With Hand Grip

best cutting board wood consumer reports

This is a rectangular carving board, which comes with hand grips for easy lifting and moving. This is an edge-grain board, which is extremely durable and longevity. Teaks ability to resist moisture and a wide range of natural oils make it perfect for culinary applications. Cleaning this cutting board is easy too, as you just need to wash it with soapy water and apply mineral oil occasionally. The only drawback of this product is that it isn’t suitable for large family parties due to its small size. Otherwise, everything is great about this cutting board.

7. Virginia Boys Kitchens 8541908081 Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board

best cutting board wood consumer reports

Virginia Boys Kitchens have developed a hardwood board, which is extremely durable and easy on knife-edges. Another notable thing about this cutting board is the rustic look it offers, which blends with any kitchen style perfectly. Since it is made from black walnut wood, you will not feel heaviness when lifting and moving this cutting board. This is a US-made product, which is kiln dried and smoothed before giving the final touch.

The color of the wood can also be customized, as each board comes unseasoned in its natural state. You can apply different oils and wood finishing wax for getting the exact shade and shine on the cutting board. The product also features a deep dip groove along the edge on one side, with the other side having a completely flat surface. As a result, the juices coming from the food items won't scatter on the countertop. This cutting board will make your dull kitchen alive.

8. AZRHOM Wood Cutting Board Extra Large Walnut Reversible with Handles and Juice Groove

best cutting board wood consumer reports

This is another black walnut cutting board, which has been sustainably sourced from the premium quality walnut wood. The use of walnut adds to the durability and stability of the product along with making it look beautiful than other cutting boards. Another highlighting point in this cutting board is that it is extra thick, which makes it more stable.

The use of organic and food-grade oil and beeswax adds a perfect finish to the cutting board and make it safe. When cutting your favorite fruits and vegetables on this cutting board, you don’t have to worry about juice dripping out of the board, thanks to a wide and easy-to-clean juice groove. The board is suitable for carving pork and beef ribs and grilled brisket, plus you can use it as a cheese board and charcuterie board.

The company has provided handle grips, which lets you easily lift and move the cutting board. Despite emanating a strong and durable look, the cutting board is perfectly soft to keep your Chicago Cutlery knives sharp. In case, the knives are already blunt, then you can buy the best electric knife sharpener, but that’s a different story altogether.

This cutting board won’t blunt your knives for sure. The company is fully confident in its product, which is why it offers a 100% money-back guarantee on it. The cutting board is so beautiful, then you can even think of gifting it to people on their special occasions.

9. Totally Bamboo Destination Bamboo Serving And Cutting Board

best cutting board wood consumer reports

The best thing about this product is that it is available in different shapes, and those shapes are not random, but they are designed according to the shape of the states, so if you live in Florida, then you can buy a cutting board exactly looking like Florida. The cutting board boasts precise shape of the state along with laser-engraved artwork, so you can keep this product as a showpiece if you don’t want to cut veggies, fruits, and slices of meat on it.

Coming to the material used in constructing the cutting board, then that includes bamboo, which makes it a strong, durable, and long-lasting product. Then, there is a laser-etched side, which makes it a perfect serving platter. You can reverse the cutting board’s side and use it for cutting as well. Not just you, but your knives will love this cutting board as well. When it comes to cleaning, then you can easily clean the board using warm and soapy water and then, dry it with clean cloth.

10. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Organic Bamboo Cutting Board With Juice Groove

best cutting board wood consumer reports

The best thing about this cutting board is that it comes in a pack of 3, so you can use the board according to your needs. If you’re going out, then you can take out the small board, whereas, the medium-sized can be used for small chopping jobs. The large cutting board is ideal for prepping for parties. The cutting board boasts side handles, which allow you to use it as a serving tray as well.

This is a highly versatile product, which can be used as a cheese-board or charcuterie board as well. The cutting board’s surface is smooth, which is perfect for your knives. Use the knife without any worry, as it won’t cause any scratches and marks on the board. The cutting of fruits, vegetables, and meats results in juices dripping out of the board, which can create a mess on the kitchen’s counter, but that won’t happen with this cutting board, thanks to its deep juice grooves. It is a completely cutting board, which is made from natural wood without making use of any chemicals or BPA.


The best cutting board is the one that is strong, durable, and versatile. It should have a strong built quality, but at the same can protect itself and the knife that is being used in food preparation. The best cutting board wood consumer reports includes those products, which emanate quality, durability, and versatility, so you will have no regrets selecting a product from the aforementioned list.

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