With so many fire-extinguishing technologies being rolled out into the market on a daily basis, people are forced to believe that their homes and offices are safe with these advanced fire extinguishing machines installed in the premises. However, that isn’t really the case. Fire can break out anytime and can spread quickly from one part of the building to another. The wise thing to do is be prepared for such events.

The best way to avoid an injury at the time of the fire is by exiting the building as quickly as possible, which you can do with the help of a fire escape ladder. However, which fire escape ladder to buy, as there are so many of them available on the market? Well, to solve this issue, I have laid out reviews of seven best fire escape ladders consumer reports, so you just need to go through the reviews and identify the product that matches your requirements in the most suitable way.

Reviews Of 7 Best Fire Escape Ladders

1. Kidde 468093 KL-2S Two-Story Fire Escape Ladder

best fire escape ladders consumer report

Kidde Fire Escape Ladder is a two-story highly reliable ladder, which is 13-inch long and weighs around 8 pounds. A highly efficient ladder, you can use at the time of emergencies. The ladder is made of anti-slip metal rungs, which along with flame-resistant nylon strap rails allow users to easily climb down the building in the event of a fire. Each rung has the ability to support up to 750 pounds of weight.

The weight can be increased to 1000 pounds if it is evenly distributed on multiple rungs. I found this fire escape ladder to be highly durable and affordable. The company offers a 5-year warranty on the ladder in case it gets damaged or completely broken due to manufacturing defects. The one and only drawback of the product is that it can be used for one time only, so you can’t perform drills using this ladder or else, you can’t use it at the time of real action.

2. HYNAWIN Emergency Fire Escape Ladder 

best fire escape ladders consumer report

This emergency ladder features a unique design, which allows users to quickly set it up and get to safety. You can easily hook the window, thanks to the ‘V’ shaped design of the steel hook central support. The ladder is made of aluminum, with its hooks made of steel and belt from terylene. You can trust this ladder in case of an emergency, as it can surely help you and your family exit the house safely. This ladder is ideal for situations like a fire getting uncontrolled while grilling food in the indoor grill or cooking food on the gas ranges. The ladder features anti-slip zinc-plated steel rungs, which won’t let your feet slip off the ladder.

You will really like the compact design of the ladder, as the belt can be folded under the treads. The ladder comes in a plastic bag, which you can keep in any corner of the house, but make sure to keep it at a place where you can easily access it at the time of an emergency. Three people can easily climb the ladder simultaneously as the weight supporting capacity of the unit is around 990 pounds.

3. ISOP Emergency Flame Resistant Fire Escape Ladder

best fire escape ladders consumer report

ISOP is a brand that you can trust at the time of an emergency because this company has been manufacturing some of the most durable fire escape ladders for quite some time. The ladder I’m reviewing has a length of 16 feet and can easily support weight up to 2,500 pounds. Setting up the ladder at the time of emergency is also quite easy, as it doesn’t require any assembling.

Another good thing about the ladder is that it is suitable for both adults and children. You can use it for fire drills to find out how efficient it is. The rope ladder doesn’t weigh too much and doesn’t tangle as well. The only drawback of the unit is that you can’t hook it over a window.

4. ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Rope Ladder for 3-4 Story

best fire escape ladders consumer report

Again, it’s a fire escape ladder by ISOP. Didn’t I say this company was good? So, I’m just reiterating the same thing. This ladder is excellent for a 3 or 4 story building, so if a fire broke out in your house or office and you’re stuck on 3rd or 4th floor, then you can get out of the building using this durable ladder. The inclusion of heavy-duty carabines and an excellent length of 32 feet allow the ladder to fit most windows.

Setting up this rope ladder is a breeze, as there isn’t a complicated assembling to be done, as you have expected. A lightweight ladder, you won’t have any issue carrying and storing it. The company has made use of high-quality polyester and resin to make this rope ladder, thus making it suitable for adults and children.

5. ResQLadder Fire Escape Ladder FL25SL 

best fire escape ladders consumer report

ResQLadder has developed a portable fire escape ladder, which is easy to install, and it easily fits the standard windowsill. Despite being a portable ladder, it can easily support around 1000 pounds. You will like the flexibility of this unit, which can easily overcome wall obstructions. Sporting a steel construction, you can expect this ladder to last for a very long time. The hook attached to the ladder can easily fit in walls up to 10 inches. The rungs are also slip-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about slipping from the ladder when climbing down in haste.

6. ISOP Emergency Fire Escape Ladder 8-25 ft Flame Resistant 

best fire escape ladders consumer report

Check out this emergency fire escape ladder by ISOP, which is a perfect ladder for climbing down from the 3rd or 4th floor of a building at the time of an emergency. You can easily connect the ladder with the window with the help of a hook. The ladder can be attached to window frames of all sizes, courtesy of heavy-duty carabines along with a decent length of 32 feet.

Assembling this ladder is a no-brainer, as you can do it without reading any manual or taking anybody’s help. To descend with the help of this ladder, just wear a safety belt and attach the carabine to the safety cord without worrying about slip and fall. The use of high-quality polyester and resin in constructing the rope. The breaking strength of the rope is 11.2 KN, which makes it well suited for adults and children. When not in use, you can store the ladder in the closet, under your bed or anywhere else.

7. SHAREWIN Portable Fire Ladder 5 & 6 Story Emergency Escape Ladder

best fire escape ladders consumer report

If you are looking for a reliable yet space-saving fire escape ladder, then consider this product. SHAREWIN Portable Fire Ladder is a 16 feet ladder, which sports a foldable design, so you can store it in any confined spot of the house or office. The ladder supports weight up to 990 pounds, so if there is a fire in the building, then 3-4 people can easily climb down the ladder at once.

The ladder can be connected to any window frame and windowsill with a steel hook with central support. This is a very flexible and safe ladder, which will get you out of trouble always. The ladder features wide steps made up of aluminum along with a terylene belt. In a nutshell, this is a totally reliable product, which will offer excellent safety to you and your loved ones.

How to Choose The Best Fire Escape Ladder

Selecting the right fire escape ladder isn’t going to be easy if you have no knowledge of this field. But, you don’t have to worry, as you can go through some crucial factors that you need to keep in mind while buying the best fire escape ladder.


A fire escape ladder is primarily used in two places, home or commercial buildings. The placement of the ladder should be such that whenever it is needed, then you can easily access it. The position of the ladder depends upon various factors such as the number of people who will use it, the state of the ladder, whether it is going to be temporary or permanent and the height of the ladder from the ground.


Fire escape ladders come in different sizes, so you need to select the ladder that suits your needs in the most appropriate manner. Consider the place where you will use the ladder, the place where you will store it and the number of people using the ladder in case of a fire. Go through the product reviews in order to find out which fire escape ladder is ideal in terms of size and weight limit.


Fire escape ladders come in all sizes, so if you are looking for a lightweight option, then you can certainly find many options, and if you want a heavy fire escape ladder, then plenty of options are available in this category as well. A lightweight fire escape ladder is a great option if you want a portable unit, which can be quickly brought into use in the event of an emergency. However, it isn’t great when you need a ladder every once in a while. A heavyweight ladder works wells for commercial buildings, but if it isn’t permanent, then it won’t be good, especially when it is being installed at homes.


You should always check as to what type of material is used in the construction of the fire escape ladder. Besides the material, check if there is an additional coating on the ladder to protect it against corrosion and other deterioration. Strong fire escape ladders are constructed using steel or aluminum, so make sure that the ladder you’re buying is made of either of these metals.


It is extremely important to check the design of the ladder because differently designed ladders work in different environments, so you need to make sure that the one you are interested in buying suits your requirements. If you are looking for complete coverage of the wall and windowsill, then you need a big and permanent fire escape ladder. Otherwise, go for a temporary option.


The last thing that you need to consider is money. Every person has a different budget for buying a fire escape ladder, so you need to identify the best product within your budget. Fortunately, there are many escape ladders available at affordable rates, which also have an abundance of safety features, so look for such options on the web.

Final Thoughts

I can’t stress enough as to why you should have a fire escape ladder, so I won’t be discussing that. The discussion should be on the type of fire escape ladder you should be buying. For that, you can go through the reviews of seven best fire escape ladders consumer reports in which I discussed in detail, seven amazing products with each having a unique design and features. You won’t find a better list of fire escape ladders to choose from, so take a decision and purchase the best fire escape ladder today!