When it comes to getting sterile and safe water for consumption, you will be spoilt for choices, as there are different types of water filters such as countertop water filters, faucet water filters and simply, the water filters. However, the most traditional way of getting sterile and safe drinking water remains the same, i.e., distillation. The best thing about distilled water is that it isn’t just used for drinking, but many other applications. Back in the day, there weren’t too many reliable products for water distillation, but things have changed with quality water distillers gracing the market. Today, we will be discussing seven such water distillers, which are above and beyond their rivals in all aspects. Go through the consumer reports best water distillers along with their detailed reviews in the forthcoming section.

Reviews Of 7 Best Water Distillers

1. Pure Water Mini-Classic CT 120v Counter Top Distiller

consumer report best water distillers

If you want to consume safe and clean water, but don’t want to invest in an industrialized automatic distiller, then this product is perfect for you. With the distillation capacity of 3 liters in 3.30 hours, this is definitely one of the quickest water distillers in the market. This quick speed is due to the faster venting of VOCs from the heating compartment in order to prevent their blending prior to condensing.

The water is cooled down through the air, and when you’re done distilling the water, then the unit shuts off automatically. The water distiller sterilizes itself on its own, so you don’t have to do the same. Moreover, you can easily take out the boiling tank for quick and pain-free cleaning and refilling. If the unit’s temperature goes beyond an optimum level, then it shuts off automatically. The only drawback of the product is its high price.

2. H2oLabs Best-In-Class Stainless Steel Water Distiller

consumer report best water distillers

H2o Labs produces top-rated water distillers, and I’m lucky enough to pick one of those. This particular water distiller is thoroughly tested and evaluated for a number of factors such as design, operational capabilities, durability, economy and customer support. You will find activated carbon pods in this water distiller, which is something that H2o Labs manufactures for its products. These carbon pods last thrice as long as other filters and deliver the purest water.

The VOC is efficiently removed from the water, hence getting safe water for consumption. The entire unit is designed using grade 304 stainless steel, which makes the distiller long-lasting. Some parts are made of plastic as well, but it is BPA-free and 100% safe. The water distiller is equipped with a 565-watt heating element, which may not be as big as you would see in other units, but is certainly efficient. With this water distiller, you will receive a non-breakable carafe, a large jar, and a year’s supply carbon pods.

3. Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller

consumer report best water distillers

The last product on my list is also from Waterwise. This one features a water distiller and water jug as a single unit as opposed to two different units in other water distillers. However, the water jar is quite easy to take out or put in place. The company has added a tap to the water distiller, so you can directly pour the water directly through it. I will also rate this water distiller high on safety and convenience because all the components used in it are shatterproof and impact resistant.

Moreover, lightweight nature makes it easier for users to carry it around without much effort. Cleaning this unit is also a breeze, as no mineral deposit or dirt accumulates inside the heating element. Other features that highlight the efficiency of this water distiller are delayed the start of a cooling fan, filter consisting of organic coconut shells and a tap for easy pouring of the water.

4. Megahome MH943SWS Water Distiller

consumer report best water distillers

The list of the best water distillers can’t be completed without a MegaHome Water Distiller, and I have got the best model for you. MegaHome MH943SWS Water Distiller has also undergone several Underwrites Laboratory (UL) tests to make sure that the product complies with all the necessary safety standards. The distillation speed of this unit is around one gallon in 5.30 hours, and during the distillation process, all the harmful toxins and contaminants will be eradicated from the water.

To make sure that there isn’t even the slightest of the toxic element present in the water, the company has constructed the steam chamber with 100% stainless steel. The water after being cooled drips out through the glass-lined nozzle and then, you can collect the distilled water in a glass container. The company is offering a 1-year warranty on the product along with excellent service and support so that you don’t have any issues using the product.

5. Waterwise 3200 Water Distiller

consumer report best water distillers

This is another water distiller capable of providing you with clean and safe water for drinking. The distiller is capable of distilling 1 gallon of water in 4 hours, which is better than many units. The company has ditched stainless steel in the construction and instead used BPA-free plastic, which makes the unit lightweight. The choice of plastic over stainless steel brings down the water temperature a lot quicker as well.

There is a filter included in the distiller, which you need to replace every two months. Moreover, you need to ensure that no scale builds up inside the water distiller. The unit is extremely quiet during the operation, which is a feature that many will appreciate. Coming to the drawback of the product, then the all-plastic construction is certainly a big shortcoming that nobody can ignore.

6. Durastill 8 Gallon per day Automatic-Fill Water Distiller

consumer report best water distillers

Durastill is another brand, which is known for making excellent water distillers. Durastill 30-4CT Water Distiller comes with a 4-gallon storage tank. Durastill 30-4CT Countertop Water Distiller Head and 4 Gallon Storage tank. The construction of this product will make you go for it, as the company has used grade 316 alloy stainless steel to make the steam chamber.

The product features a stainless steel heating element, which is going to quickly heat the water and aid in the removal of toxic elements. A good thing about this water distiller is the inclusion of float technology, which will come in handy during the manual fill operation. The benefit of this feature is that it stops the production once it detects the storage tank to be full. Overall, it is a great product coming at a decent price.

7. ROVSUN Countertop Water Distiller Machine 

consumer report best water distillers

Install this water distiller machine for getting 6 gallons of distilled water every day. This 750-watt unit is all you need to have for getting fresh water at will. While this water distiller is packed with many amazing features, but the two standouts among them would be auto shut off and no overheat, thanks to its temperature control mechanism.

Upon the purification of water, it goes into the plastic jug, which is made from BPA-free material. From the jug, you can easily pour the water into the glass. This is a set-and-forget kind of a machine, as you just need to push the button and the machine will distill the water. Moreover, it is very easy to assemble, clean and maintain.

Why Choose Water Distiller?

You may wonder what the health benefits of a water distiller are. You should know that the purest water is rainwater, which has undergone natural distillation due to the water cycle, and water, which comes from the melting of glaciers.

The water we drink from the tap is unfortunately not as pure, which contains harmful residues, fluorine, chlorine, etc., just like the water we buy in bottles. Indeed, this water contains mineral salts that humans do not fully assimilate, which ends up being felt in the joints. Likewise, plastic bottles that contain water are not ideal either, because the plastic eventually dissipates gradually in the water.

The solution to all of these problems is to distill the water. You can either do it on your own, by bringing the water to boil, which removes all the harmful elements present in the water. However, this is an arduous job if you decide to do it on a daily basis. So, make sure to get a water distiller to do it for you.

Distilled water has several health benefits because it removes mineral deposits and other harmful elements from the water. Your joints along with many other organs remain in good condition such as kidneys and liver.

How Does A Water Distiller Operate?

The working of a water distiller is very simple: it is filled with tap water up to 4 liters for the older ones. Then, just turn on the device, which will then boil the water to 100 degrees. It will take several hours to purify such an amount of water, ranging from 4 to 6 hours on average. It is during this process that bacteria and viruses will disappear from the water.

When the water is turned into steam, all the residue will separate from the water and remain at the bottom of the tank. And, the steam will then pass through a kind of stainless steel coil, in which it will be cooled, to then resume its liquid form.

The last step is the passage of water through an activated carbon filter, which is located in the outlet spout, in order to remove the last residues, such as pesticides, insecticides or solvents, for example. This is how you will obtain pure water, 99.99%, without any smell of chlorine.

The water distiller is not really a quiet device. Since it runs for several hours, it is easy to hear the fan during the distillation process. It is therefore practical to operate it at night, in a closed room, so that you will have pure water in the morning.

In terms of power consumption, the distiller turns out to be very greedy, especially if it is a powerful device. As it has to work for several hours, between 4 and 6 hours on average, it also consumes a lot of energy.

The carbon filters must be changed regularly, approximately every 6 months, but they are not expensive accessories.

Finally, be aware that to keep your distiller in good condition for as long as possible, it is advisable to clean the residue tank regularly; otherwise, it may be damaged, because the residue is corrosive.

The Criteria For Choosing A Water Distiller

It isn’t that simple to find the best water distiller, which is why I have made a simple list that you can go through to evaluate your needs and then, find the product that meets your needs in the best way.

Capacity Of The Distiller

Water consumption isn’t the same for everybody, so you need to choose a capacity, which meets your needs and the needs of your family adequately. A majority of commercial distillers treat around 4 liters of water. It is difficult to have more capacity for this type of device because of the slowness and the energy consumption that it takes to distill.

Power Of The Device

One of the key elements that you need to pay attention to, the power consumption can be a game-changer. Most water distillers can consume around 500 to 700 watts, which won’t burn a hole in your pocket, but if the power consumption is bigger than 700 watts, then you better pass on that device.

Type Of Internal Stainless Steel

An essential element of good water distiller, you should not neglect this parameter; you must imperatively have a so-called 316 stainless steel. This type of alloy is used in the kitchens of great chefs and it is not for nothing. Alloy 316 is non-toxic and is completely suitable for cooking and treating water.

Speed Of Water Treatment

Water distillation is a long process, which is measured in liters per hour. While topwater distillers can distill around a liter of water every hour, but usually, the process takes a lot of time to fully complete. Therefore, it is important to check the distillation rate.

Type Of Filter

Water distillers contain water filters, which treat the water using the evaporation technique. Water that is evaporated returns to its liquid state after being cooled inside the metal coil. To go even further in water treatment, finishing and filtration in a carbon filter and the condition for having bacteria-free water are few things that you need to check because these will result in optimal purification.

Product Dimensions

It may be perceived as the least important parameter compared to others, but you should consider this parameter if your kitchen is already packed with several appliances. Over time, you will restrict the workspace, which can quickly become problematic. You must keep in mind that the water distiller looks like a kettle and so, it needs to be connected to a power outlet.

The Ergonomics Of The Water Distiller

This type of device requires little manipulation, so it is quite simple to use. You pour the water and press the start button. The device has a pouring spout which will deliver the precious liquid in a glass container. Namely, some products also have a tester to check the quality of the water at the outlet. It is a little more significant especially if you distill for fragile people.

The Brand And The Price

It is a product still poorly known, but of which there are already quality brands. Making a choice is not necessarily very obvious in this area. Also, an important point when purchasing your model and relying on customer reviews that will give you the pros and cons.

Wrapping Up

Buying a water distiller could have been a very difficult task had you not stumbled upon this post. Now that you have read it from tip to toe, you must have clarity regarding the best water distiller for your house. The consumer reports best water distillers, their reviews and other useful information has catapulted you to the point where you can easily purchase the most suitable water distiller for your day-to-day needs.