Best First Aid Kit Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2024

No matter how many safety measures you take, accidents are inevitable. People get injured all the time, and you too have incurred injuries on occasions when you least expected it. From slipping on a wet floor to falling off the stairs and from cutting fingers while chopping off the vegetables to hitting by a vehicle on the road, accidents are in fact very common, so one should remain ready all the time.

But how? Well, you need a first aid kit because that is how you can get relief from pain and prevent any further damage from happening. However, what kind of first aid kit should you have? Well, to answer this and many other questions, I have brought to you the reviews of 10 best first aid kit consumer reports in which different types of first aid kits are reviewed in detail, which will help you decide as to which first aid kit you need to buy.

Reviews Of 10 Best First Aid Kits

1. M2 BASICS 300 Piece (40 Unique Items) First Aid Kit

Best first aid kit consumer report

Check out this first aid kit, which consists of 300 items including 40 unique products that you won’t find in many first aid kits. In the package, you will find different sized bandages, cleansing wipes, gauze sponges, gauze rolls and finger splints. This first aid kit lets you treat minor to critical injuries without breaking a sweat.

Unlike many first aid kits, this one isn’t compact, but do you need a compact first aid kit or the one that has all the items to help get the injured out of danger. The kit is made from sturdy material and comes with easy-to-grip handles. Despite being a big first aid kit, you’d be able to carry it while traveling or camping.

2. EnergeticSky First Aid Kit Survival Kit 

Best first aid kit consumer report

In this first aid kit, you are getting 130 pieces of medical supplies and survival tools, which in my opinion are sufficient to save your or someone else’s life. You can easily clean and dress minor wounds with the help of this first aid kit. If you are going for outdoor activities, let’s say boating with your newly bought outboard motor, then you should have this kit in the boat for any emergency situation.

All the medical supplies and survival equipment are packed inside a tote bag-style carrying bag, which is designed with nylon fabric that keeps the water from entering the bag. Besides first aid equipment, the bag can contain other necessary items as well, which you want to carry along on the trip.

3. EVERLIT Earthquake Emergency Kits

Best first aid kit consumer report

Get this emergency kit if you are looking for something efficient and reliable for two people. This emergency kit can provide you with three days of support. This is a highly durable kit, which is designed using 600-denier polyester, so expect it to bear a lot of punishment without showing any change in its shape. The bag has a comfortable mesh padding for your back, which along with durable straps and robust zippers make it a perfect emergency kit for outdoor lovers.

You can put enough water and food supplies to get you going for multiple days in the woods. The bag also contains a phone charger, emergency shelter, and 3-in-1 hand-crank flashlight. When the daytrex water packs run out, then you can fill up the water from a nearby water source and add water purification tablets to clean the water. Or, you can buy a filtered water bottle to enjoy clean and safe water anytime. The inclusion of a tactical knife is also beneficial, as you can use it in a number of ways.

4. Lightning X Stocked EMS/EMT Trauma & Bleeding First Aid

Best first aid kit consumer report

While it has all the features of a regular first aid kit, so I thought, why not begin with the number of colors it is available in. You can pick any color of your choice, as the items present within won’t change. You can keep a lot more than just first aid items in the bag, thanks to its four main exterior compartments.

You can also attach tools and other essentials on the bag, courtesy of MOLLE loops given on the exterior. With the inclusion of a chest strap and adjustable shoulder straps, you can easily distribute the weight of the bag. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the product, which gives a lot of confidence to people considering the product.

5. LSIKA-Z CPR Face Shield Mask Keychain Keyring Emergency Kit

Best first aid kit consumer report

If you are trying to help a sick or injured person, then make sure you’re fully protected or else, you may get the disease he/she may be carrying. For that, an emergency facemask will be of great use, and there is no other facemask, which is as good as LSIKA-Z CPR Face Shield Mask. The CPR masks are made of premium quality polyethylene fiber and nylon pouch.

A compact CPR face shield, you will get it with a nylon keychain with a ring, which makes it easier for you to carry it around. This is a multifunction tool, which comprises of an emergency face shields along with keychain kit. You can add this shield to any first aid kit, which shows how versatile it is.

6. TRSCIND First Aid Kit Earthquake Survival Kit for Emergencies

Best first aid kit consumer report

This is one of the most efficient first aid and earthquake survival kit, which is equipped with a wide range of multi-purpose emergency survival tools. In case, you or someone else is severely injured and there isn’t any help nearby, then this first aid kit is excellent for you.

Weighing just 1 lb, this first aid kit is easy to store and transport, as you can carry it along on outdoor adventures to tackle medical situations nicely. A first kit is only helpful if it has all the necessary medical supplies and survival equipment, which this first aid kit has. The product is so efficient that you can even gift it to someone.

7. Delta Provision Waterproof First Aid Kit

Best first aid kit consumer report

Emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime, even when you are on a boat. Delta Provision Waterproof First Aid Kit is a water-resistant first aid kit, which can come in handy if you are a boat owner. All the first aid items in this kit are securely wrapped and arranged inside a watertight bag. A proper arrangement of the first aid items allows fast and easy access to the same. If you love using different types of watercraft or sails, then this first aid kit won’t let you down.

In this kit, you will find 154 first aid items for different injuries and medical situations. The company has designed the product keeping in mind that the users will use it at a time when there is no medical facility nearby. The first aid kit can even float on the water, which makes it an ideal product for kayak, boat, canoe, Jet Ski and other types of vessels.

8. MFASCO Marine Emergency First Aid Kit

Best first aid kit consumer report

This is another marine emergency first aid kit, which can help you in emergencies occurring on the boat. The kit includes a wide range of products that will help you in case of an injury. Items such as a pair of heavy-duty scissors, burn gel, bite relief, sunscreen and elastic bandages are included in the kit, which will come in handy in different emergencies.

All the items are packed properly inside a large Plano Waterproof case, which is made up of heavy-duty plastic. The case has three clasp closures and a waterproof seal, which keep all the items dry and safe inside. There are 100+ items in the first aid kit, all focused on helping the injured in the most suitable way,  

9. The College Student First Aid Kit Created by a College Clinic Nurse Practitioner

Best first aid kit consumer report

I would like to end my list with this incredible first aid kit that was created by a nurse working at a college clinic. The kit was made keeping students in mind, so it has all the items, which students will find useful at the time of an injury. There are more than 30 different medications, tools, ointments, creams, drops, and wound care supplies in the first aid kit, which would provide relief to the injured.

Even if you are dealing with fever, cold, headaches, stomach-aches, burns, allergies and other issues, this first aid kit can help you a great deal. Students should definitely have this first aid kit in their bags, but in my opinion, this kit will be useful for even those who are not students.

10. Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit 

Best first aid kit consumer report

Having this first aid kit at your disposal allows you to tackle any medical situation at home or outdoors with ease. The kit includes all the basic items that you need to help someone who has been severely injured in an accident. Items like bandages, gloves, cotton swabs are there in the kit along with an instruction manual to guide you through the basic procedures.

Besides basic items, the first aid kit features a large trauma pad, which has enhanced absorbency and protection for large abrasions. The first aid kit will even help you in the dark, thanks to the glow stick and whistle, which are included in the kit. This is a compact kit, which you can keep anywhere, be it a closet or drawer. You can even carry this kit with you on outdoor trips.

Wrap Up

Now that you know different types of first aid kits and their uses, you should definitely order one for your personal use, especially when you see people being injured before you all the time. You can really save lives with an efficient first aid kit. The purpose of the best first aid kit consumer reports is to take you close enough to the right product so that the only thing left for you is ‘place an order’. A first aid kit is something that you should definitely have in your room or bag because accidents don’t happen with a warning, they just happen, but with a reliable first aid kit, you can certainly make a difference between life and death of a person