Sitting all day on an uncomfortable seat in front of your desk can awaken tensions in your body and generate significant musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Ergonomics is at the heart of technological innovations in seating and gamers also benefit from these advances to optimize their well-being, thus limiting the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

Do you play for a long time on PC and want to improve your comfort? Do you want to protect yourself from chronic lower back pain, common among people using a computer? You don't know how to select the product best suited to your needs?

Don’t worry as I present you with a detailed review of the best gaming chairs, followed by a very detailed guide to targeting the criteria to be preferred when making your purchase. So, go through the consumer reports gaming chairs reviews before making your purchase.

Reviews Of 5 Best Gaming Chairs

1. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Reclining Gaming Chair With Footrest (RSP-110-BLK)

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This is a gaming chair that will take your gaming experience to a whole new level. The racecar-style gaming chair looks luxurious and is very comfortable, so you can use it for intense gaming sessions. The gaming chair is made from bonded leather, which adds to the elegance of the chair and makes it extremely comfortable. The segmented padded of the chair gives contoured support to all where you need it the most. The chair features an extendable footrest to make you sit a lot more comfortably.

You will also like the inclusion of adjustable headrest, lumbar support pillows, and padded armrests to deliver all-around comfort. The capacity of this gaming chair is around 275 lbs. You can adjust the position of this chair by raising, lowering, or reclining it between 90 and 155 degrees with infinite locking positions. The chair allows full 360 degrees of swivel rotation, thus letting you move freely. With this chair, you will get a 5-year limited warranty along with comprehensive support.

2. Homall High Back Gaming & Office Chair With Headrest And Lumbar Support

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Have a look at this gaming chair, which boasts a high-density shaping foam, which makes your experience a lot more comfortable even when you’re sitting on it for a long duration. The gaming chair is made of a 1.8mm thick steel frame that makes it very sturdy and stable. The company has used PU leather in the chair for added elegance, plus it is very skin-friendly and resistant to wear and tear.

The durability of this gaming chair can easily support weight up to 300lbs. The chair comes with a recline function as well, so you can recline it between 90 and 180 degrees. Although, the recline function isn’t as effective as the best recliners, but it still does the job for gamers. It also comes with a rocking function and 360-degree swivel & multi-direction wheels, so you can move it in any direction. You can use this chair while playing games, watching your favorite shows, or doing work.

3. OFM Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair ESS-3085-GRN

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OFM brings to you a racing-style bonded leather gaming chair, which allows you to indulge in intense gaming sessions without feeling tired. The gaming chair features a contoured segmented padding, integrated padding arms, and padded headrest, which offer excellent support and comfort even when you sit for several hours.

The gaming chair is equipped with height adjustment, flip-up arms, center-tilt control, and swivel in 360 degrees. The use of SofThread leather along with contrasting colored upholstery adds an aggressive style along with a cool feel to this gaming chair. The weight carrying capacity of this gaming chair is around 275 lbs, which means you can use it for several years to come.

4. BestOffice Ergonomic Executive Swivel Rolling Computer & Gaming Chair With Lumbar Support

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BestOffice gaming chair comes with a generous amount of padding, which offers excellent lumbar support. You won’t just have a great time enjoying your favorite games on this gaming chair, but also experience huge relief from back pain. The gaming chair comes with all the necessary hardware and essential tools for quick and easy setup. The gaming chair easily supports weight up to 250 lbs.

The company has used soft PU leather upholstery along with enough padding to make your experience a lot more comfortable. The upholstery is oil and water-resistant as well. This chair features 360-degree swivel rotation for which, it comes with smooth-rolling casters. The company provides brilliant customer service on all its products, including this gaming chair, so if anything goes wrong, you can contact the company.

5. GTRACING Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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The moment you look at this gaming chair, you will fall in love with it, thanks to its amazing looks. The gaming chair comes in black leatherette and carbon fiber, which provides you with an immersive gaming experience. The ergonomic design of the gaming chair helps maintain a balanced posture and alleviates pressure and pain in your back and lumbar region. The inclusion of a well-padded seat along with a headrest and lumbar cushions make prolonged gaming sessions a lot more enjoyable.

You can recline the chair from 90 degrees to 160 degrees, depending upon your comfort level. You can also adjust the height of this gaming chair. Other features of the chair include adjustable tilt rock tension, multi-adjustable 3D armrests, and smooth-rolling casters for seamless mobility. The gaming chair is made of a durable metal frame and features supported molded foam, so you will love sitting in this chair for hours.

How Does A Gaming Chair Work?

These sporty-looking seats benefit from a wide variety of adjustments, aimed at best adapting to your morphology. This versatility allows you to personalize your seat, by acting on different parts of your body, until you obtain the ideal posture.

The gaming chair is designed to offer great modularity at the back level. The curve of the backrest, as well as the possible lumbar cushion, offer a pleasant and enveloping reception. Combined with an inclination, also adjustable, it guarantees optimal support.

Each adjustable element aims to perfect your position, whether it is the height of the seat or the opening amplitude of the armrests. Each of the arrangements is designed to be performed with ease, using easily accessible push buttons or manual levers. This ease of use is the key to getting comfortable quickly.

What Are The Benefits Of A Gaming Chair?

This category of seats for PC gamers aims for the same performance as ergonomic office chairs. The objective is similar, only the target is different.

Gamers adopt a very specific posture in the practice of their activity. They also spend long hours in front of their screen, so they must enjoy the comfort that meets their needs.

Ergonomists, aware of the expectations of these demanding consumers, develop equipment that enhances body support and modular positioning. Adapting to everyone's morphology is also one of the determining criteria in the design of gaming chairs.

Thanks to innovation, the products marketed today make it possible to limit recurring back pain, well known to PC users. Low back pain, tendinitis, body aches, or even cervical tension are greatly reduced by the use of seats dedicated to gamers.

How To Choose Your Gaming Chair?

Certain criteria must imperatively be studied, to choose a gaming chair adapted to your needs. Your build, your budget, and your tastes are all points to define and prioritize, to buy a model that will give you complete satisfaction.


This is the very first element to consider when buying a gaming chair. Depending on your weight, select equipment with sufficient maximum load capacity.

Target 220 lbs minimum, even if you are thinner, to ensure certain robustness of the product. Note that some models are stamped "XL" or "XXL" and are suitable for heavy builds. Depending on your height, some seats will suit you better, mainly when it comes to back height.


They have a determining role in postural comfort. The correct position of the forearms avoids many back pains and tensions in the shoulders. The armrests offer different degrees of technicality. Depending on their ranking, they will benefit from several settings.

The "1D" is only mobile in height. The "2Ds" combines a lateral movement. The “3Ds” slide back and forth. Finally, the “4Ds” perform a rotation over a more or less wide-angle.


The "bucket" shape is quite common on gamer chairs. Its curves hug the sides of the body and hold it to perfection. It can be reinforced at the lumbar level, thus reducing the risk of pain.

The inclination is essential to access an optimal level of comfort. If the minimum tilt is 130 degrees, it can reach 180 degrees on some models. However, there is no point in looking for this kind of performance. An angle of 140 degrees or 150 degrees is perfectly sufficient.


The Racing style predominates in the category of gaming chairs. The sporty bucket seats are representative of the range. However, some brands stand out with lines oriented towards luxury, but these are often high-end products.

If black is generally the most used color, you can play on complementary shades. The red and blue keys are very frequently used to diversify the options.


The gaming chair can be accompanied by a removable lumbar cushion. Placed at the lower back, it will be very appreciable if your arch is particularly marked. Their quality is sometimes very basic and this accessory is often too rigid to be comfortable.

Other models are equipped with a retractable footrest. Folded, it fits under the seat. Deployed, it makes it possible to extend the legs and thus vary the position of the body.


Continuing from the previous criterion, take into account the width of the seat, which is on average between 42 cm and 52 cm. Also, be sure of the seat depth. It should allow your knees to be supported at the end of the cushion, so as not to cut off blood circulation.

Also pay attention to the height adjustment, especially if you are over 1.80 m tall. Finally, take an interest in the padding by checking the density and the material used. This will give you information about its firmness.


It is generally integrated into the back of the gaming chair and therefore does not offer any particular adjustment. Its inclination is designed to accommodate the gamer's head comfortably when it is installed at the bottom of the seat.

An additional cushion will sometimes be offered to offer an additional option, by straightening the neck a little more. Some models feature a flap on the sides of the headrest, to further strengthen the support.


Here, it is mainly a question of aesthetic taste that arises. The options are generally: leather, imitation leather, and fabric. The first, very beautiful, will have the effect of a marked increase in the price of the chair. This noble material will increase the bill.

PU or imitation leather will give the illusion of real skin, but at much more reasonable prices. However, it will be more fragile over time. The fabric itself requires in-depth maintenance. Indeed, the fiber will tend to catch the dust. Choose breathable mesh.

Additional Features

Some wheelchairs are equipped with speakers at the headrest, connected via Bluetooth. This option appeals to gamers looking for an immersive experience.

However, apart from very technologically advanced products, they often reward a rather mediocre quality sound. If you are a fan of headphones, this criterion should not hold your attention, because it will probably not offer the expected performance.


You will find good gaming chairs from $120, offering all the characteristics sought on this type of product. Below this price, the seats will target certain criteria only, but can still be comfortable.

Rates can quickly soar from $200 to over $500. Your budget will therefore be decisive in your purchasing decision.

Final Verdict

The aforementioned buying guide has presented you with all the key elements to take into consideration to validate your choice. It's up to you to prioritize them and determine the essential features to feel comfortable sitting. So, don’t delay anymore and buy the best gaming chair from the list of consumer reports gaming chairs. You will love playing games, watching shows, or doing work sitting in this chair.

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