When it comes to safeguarding your house, we all take a number of measures because we know that one silly mistake made by us will result in a catastrophic event. To beef up the security of the house, security cameras are available in large numbers on the market. You will be surprised to know that the market of home security camera system has become a multi-million market and is going further up with every passing day. You will find dozens of companies who manufacture security cameras and they have like hundreds of models to choose from, which creates more confusion in the minds of the users. Therefore, I have come up with five best home security camera system consumer reports, which I’m sure will help you make a better decision regarding which security camera you should install at home.

Reviews Of 5 Best Home Security Camera Systems

1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro, Works with Alexa – Best Video Doorbell

Best Home Security Camera System Consumer Reports

Ring Video Doorbell Pro is a perfect blend of economical smart doorbell integrated into a sleek compartment that emulates a traditional doorbell button. When it comes to the video quality of this device, then it is better than any other doorbell camera there is on the market. But, I still won’t say that this is a product without flaws because I was able to find one, i.e., lack of battery backup.

Moreover, it is the most expensive security camera that you will be reading the review of here today. The video quality of the camera during daytime was impeccable, but that of the night was not up to the mark. However, the audio was clear and understandable, so the device has compensated for bad video quality at night with exceptional audio quality.

The operation of this doorbell camera is easier than other doorbells, as it allows you to turn off the indoor chime, especially when you don’t want any interruptions. On top of it, the device has more customizable motion detection options, which permit you to specify the zones where you want the camera to look for motion. You can connect this device to your Wi-Fi network, which further allows you to control the device using smart voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Wink, SmartThings, IFTTT, Wemo and so on.

If you think that this is a kind of door camera you were looking for, then you should go for it.

2. Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired Home Security Camera 24/7 live video

Best Home Security Camera System Consumer Reports

When it comes to providing you with sharp camera footage as to what is going on in or out of your house, then this camera will not disappoint you. You will get the sharpest home security camera footage through this camera despite the absence of true 4K resolution. This device comes with a 4K image sensor that offers a 12x digital zoom. So, you can check the details of the images by zooming-in the images and be assured of the quality as you will not see much deterioration in the quality of the objects you want to focus on.

If you are considering this camera, then there are two small drawbacks as well, which I would like to share with you. The price of the camera, which is around $250 and you will have to pay additional costs for adding new amazing features to the camera. If these two things don’t bother you, then you can go ahead and buy this camera.

3. Arlo – Wireless Home Security Camera System | Night vision, Indoor/Outdoor

best home security camera system consumer report

This camera has a distinguished feature, i.e., it is 100% wireless. You don’t have to attach any wires while installing or connecting the camera to the power outlet. The wireless operation of the camera empowers you to install the camera anywhere, either inside or outside the house. Moreover, this product is weatherproof, but keep in mind that you must use it at temperatures higher than 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

The camera records videos at 720p resolution, which is lower than most security cameras, but the ability of the camera to provide a wide 110-degree field of view gives it an edge over others. You can easily control this camera from a remote place, as the company offers ‘Arlo app’, which you can download to monitor all the activities in the area where you have installed the camera. You can connect up to five Arlo cameras with Arlo app. To connect more than five cameras, you need to buy the subscription to the service.

4. YI 1080p Smart Home Camera, Indoor IP Security Surveillance System – Best Home Video Surveillance System

best home security camera system consumer report

When your primary focus is to monitor the activity that is taking place during nighttime, then you can’t get a better camera than YI Home Camera 2. The reason for its extraordinary capabilities during night exists in the 11 infrared LEDs that this camera sports, which can easily get you the footage within 30 feet perimeter. This camera records videos at 1080p HD quality, so you can easily identify intruders or anything that you were looking to see in the video. This is just like a Nest Cam, but with the option of storing videos in a microSD card. The only drawback of this unit is its inability to store videos in cloud storage.

5. Amcrest 2K 3MP Wireless Outdoor Security Camera ProHD 1080P / 1296P – Best Outdoor Home Security Camera System

best home security camera system consumer report

The main purpose of installing a security camera is to ensure the safety of your house and the people who live in it. So, a camera that produces grainy and garbled video footage is going to do no good when it comes to catching the intruder. To overcome that issue, you can opt for Amcrest ProHD Outdoor security camera, as it is simply the best in the niche.

The video will be recorded in 1296p HD resolution along with a long night vision range of 98 feet, which is extraordinary in its own ways. The camera includes a motion detector, which works much better than other cameras. You will also get a direct access to live and recorded videos. Now, let’s talk about the drawback of the camera, i.e., 100-degree field of view. Therefore, if you want to capture something more with this camera, then that won’t be possible.

If that is something you can deal with, then this camera is the best for capturing activities during the night in a crystal clear way.

What Features To Pay Attention To While Buying A Home Security Camera?

Although security cameras come in different shapes and sizes, plus each has a specific set of features. But, there are some important features you need to look diligently when buying a security camera.

Picture Quality

A camera that records footage in HD quality is the one you should be putting your hands on. The better the quality of the videos, the better your chances of catching the intruders or anyone

Night Vision

A camera that is capable of providing excellent picture quality during the night is definitely a big plus. Look for a camera with excellent night vision and a large coverage area. If the camera has multiple Infrared LED sensors, then that’s the camera you will definitely like to put your money on.

Field Of View

A wider field of view is always recommended because it allows you to see more things without moving yourself or the camera.

Sound Capabilities

If you want to communicate with your security camera through your smartphone with a two-way voice feature, then you need to buy a camera that can capture sound.

Motion Detection

Having the motion detection feature does two crucial things; first, whenever the sensor detects a movement, it notifies the camera to record the activity and secondly, notifications are sent to the users regarding the movements.

Wi-Fi Capability

Some cameras have the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi network or the smart home systems installed in the house, so if you want your camera to have this feature because you want to control the camera from a smart voice assistant or something similar, then you need a camera that supports such features.


Security cameras are available in the different price range, so the purpose of buying the camera and the features you want your camera to have will decide the price.

Wired Security Camera Vs Wireless Security Camera: Which One To Buy

While you may find the majority of home security cameras being run wirelessly, as that makes things less cluttered. You get the freedom to install the cameras anywhere you like, without worrying about drilling holes in the wall to install wires. Although wireless cameras need to be connected to the main power outlet with a cable, that’s the only part where you will see a wire. You just need to make sure that there is a power outlet nearby because you will need it to power your security camera.

Final Verdict

Whether you are looking to buy a single or multiple security cameras, indoor and/or outdoor, wired or wireless, you must have full information regarding the product. As they say, ‘incomplete information is a dangerous thing’, and they were not actually wrong. To help you choose the best home security camera system, I have laid down the review of five products that are doing extremely well on the market globally. These are also the best home security camera system consumer reports, so you will definitely have to consider these when buying an advanced and reliable security camera for your house.

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