Ever got the taste of Kona coffee? If not, then what are you waiting for? Buy the best Kona coffee brand and experience the rich and intense flavor of Kona coffee in the comfort of your house. Kona coffee is being sold all over the world and is very much in demand as well.

This tropical bean attracts all coffee lovers regardless of which part of the world they reside in. Once that silk-smooth brew hits your taste buds, you are going to get a broad range of flavors with chocolate and hazelnut being the two most prominent ones. Kona coffee will not give you acidity, so you can have multiple cups of Kona coffee every day. Kona coffee is delicious, but at the same time very expensive as well. So, you need to identify the best Kona coffee brands because only those can offer you the authentic coffee and taste.

Buying Kona coffee from any random brand will be just like doing a big compromise on the taste, as lesser known brands usually add cheaper beans to make more affordable blends. I after brainstorming for a number of weeks got the names of five best Kona coffee brands that offer 100% genuine Kona coffee. I will now share those five brands with you so as to make your buying easier.

Reviews Of 5 Best Kona Coffee Brands


1. Caza Trail Coffee - Kona Blend

Best kona coffee

What on earth could be more comforting than sitting on a couch, reading your favorite book with a cup of great coffee?

If you are looking to buy a great brand of Kona coffee online, then look no further, as Caza Trail Coffee is your product.

You will get a rich and intense taste of coffee, and that too at a highly affordable price.

Caza Trail 100 count K-cups allows you to have multiple types of coffee, which includes coffee from Latin America to the Big Island of Hawaii.

I personally am a big fan of this coffee brand because of its amazing taste and consistency, and not to forget its price.

But, it is not just the rich taste and the affordability of this coffee that win me over, but the soft, subtle aromas, delicate body and vibrant acidity as well.

Your senses are going to get enlightened after you inhale the mesmerizing essences of sun-drenched tropical flora.

In my opinion, this coffee is a real treasure for coffee lovers because they are not going to get a similar kind of taste anywhere else.


2. Farm-Fresh 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast

Best kona coffee brands

If you are looking for a fresh, aromatic coffee, then you need this particular brand in your kitchen.

Farm-Fresh 100% Kona Coffee is filled with a number of capabilities, which make sure that you get a perfect cup of coffee every single time.

This is not a blend, but 100% Kona coffee pea-berry beans. Produced in an organic manner, these coffee beans taste different and a lot better than what you were drinking up till now.

I have chosen medium roast because it is perfect for both, new and old coffee drinkers. A dark roast would become sour and new coffee drinkers could find the taste inappropriate.

It is also to be noted that this coffee is not a Kona blend or Kona style coffee, but it is produced by processing Kona berries that are grown in the coffee belt. It is an exotic coffee and has been priced accordingly.

Highlighting Features:

  1. You get this coffee directly from the farms.
  2. Coffee comes from a single coffee estate instead of various farms.
  3. 100% pure Kona coffee without any blend.
  4. No use of any herbicide or pesticide while growing the crop.

3. KonaRed Premium Hawaiian Kona Blend Coffee

Kona coffee brands

The Big Island of Hawaii is known for some of the magical things that are nowhere else to be found in the world, and Kona Coffee is one of those things.

The environment that the Big Island has in the offing is ideal for growing coffee. Fertile soil with sweet tropical rain after short periods give an ideal platform for coffee beans to flourish and become what people want them to.

The right atmosphere has a lot to do with the rich and smooth flavor of the coffee.

This coffee is also not grown in large batches because that affects the quality of the coffee beans. Since it is a medium roast blend, then the color is going to be medium brown.

Medium roast doesn’t have an intense flavor, therefore, non-regular coffee drinkers can also have it. I really liked the taste and consistency of the coffee prepared from these coffee beans.

I could sense the freshness in every sip, which proves that Hawaiian Kona coffee is unbeatable.

You will have to try it in order to believe it because the taste can’t be expressed in words. It doesn’t matter what type of coffee you have been drinking so far, this coffee is going to make you its fan.

I have used this brand and found the taste, richness, and smoothness of the coffee to be more than satisfactory.

Highlighting Features:

  1. You can use this coffee to prepare espresso, auto drip and even coarse the coffee for French press.
  2. The coffee is prepared in small batches, therefore ensuring the quality of the product.
  3. Hand-picked, sun-dried coffee that doesn’t loses its flavor and aroma for a long-long time.

4. Kona Peaberry Coffee, Gran Reserve, Whole Bean

Best kona coffee brands

Peaberry coffee is rare because nature has made it so. Most of the coffee cherries that you see are nestled face to face, which is the reason that they are flat on one side.

But, if you are seeing an oval-shaped bean, then it is most probably the peaberry.

Kona Peaberry Coffee by Volcanica is an expensive coffee, but don’t go by its price because when you taste this coffee, you are going to forget everything else.

The taste is so mesmerizing that you will enter a whole new world of coffee and only coffee. The big sassy taste of this coffee is what excites coffee lovers, hence resulting in a growing demand for this type of coffee.

From aroma to taste, everything in this coffee is just so good that you won’t drink any other thing for a long-long time.

The intensity of this coffee doesn’t make it acidic, which is a feature that I really liked.

You will experience the flavor of chocolate, roasted almonds, caramel, and honey together with every sip of this coffee.

Try these gourmet coffee beans that are coming straight from the volcanic regions of the world. Consider this coffee like caviar because both are rare and expensive.


5. Hawaiian Gold Kona Coffee Whole Bean

Best kona coffee

This is another top product that can be considered to satisfy your daily cravings for a great cup of coffee.

Coming straight from the islands of Hawaii, these coffee beans smell brilliant, taste excellent and give that necessary kick to get going in the day in a proper manner.

These are sun-ripened coffee cherries that are grown in a very limited quantity so as to ensure the quality.

These beans are hand-picked, sun-dried and roasted in tiny batches. When I tasted this coffee, I got a very distinctive flavor that I can’t describe in words, but it was amazing.

The flavor of the coffee was intense and lasted in my mouth for quite some time, which proves that this coffee is not like any other coffee that is served in the cafés.

It is an exotic product that should be consumed when you feel the maximum need for it.

You are going to get the whole bean, so you will have to ground it on your own, which in my opinion is a great task because it will spread the beautiful aroma of this coffee in the entire house.

Despite the intense flavor, the coffee is low on acidity, so you can have multiple cups of coffee in a day if you want.


With so many brands arriving on the scene, it is very difficult for coffee lovers to determine as to which Kona coffee brand is good for their daily needs of coffee. In order to find the best Kona coffee, I took upon myself to go through all the available brands and then, determine five best Kona coffee brands for you.

These five products were shortlisted after testing their taste, richness, and consistency. Kona coffee is a rare type of coffee, and shortlisting five products from such a rare type of coffee was a tedious task, but someone has to do it, so I did it. The five products that I’ve discussed above are the most popular and widely used among coffee lovers. Go through these products and choose the one you like the most. After all, it is about your daily dose of coffee, so you can’t take it lightly.

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