Reviews Of Best Laminate Flooring Consumer Ratings & Reports

If you are serious about transforming the looks of your house, then you can’t just stop at painting your house with the best exterior house paint using a paint sprayer, but you will have to make sure that the flooring is spic and span too. There are different types of floorings available on the market, but if you are looking for a quick and affordable flooring, then you should invest in the best laminate flooring consumer report. To assist you with the same, I have provided a list of 10 best laminate flooring, so you must check out the products enlisted below to make an informed decision.

Reviews Of 10 Best Laminate Flooring

1. Pergo XP Haley Oak Laminate Flooring 

best laminate flooring consumer reports

Pergo is a renowned brand when it comes to laminate flooring, and this particular laminate is among the top-selling product of the company. It is 8 mm thick, which has an additional 2 mm underlayment attached to it, which reduces the sound and makes installation a breeze. The laminate is 7 ½-inch wide and 47 ¼-inch long. Each case includes 19.63 square feet planks, so you can order the number of cases depending upon how much area you want to cover.

As far as the color and design of this laminate are concerned, then you will see a light-coloured laminate, which is embossed in register surface with PermaMax surface protection. You can use below grade, on grade, or above grade radiant heat while installing these laminate planks. It doesn’t if you want to lay down laminate flooring on a dry, flat, or smooth surface, you can use this product without any issue. You will get this laminate in multiple types, i.e., vinyl, ceramic tile, concrete, and wood, so you can select the option you are most comfortable with.

2. Turtle Bay Floors Floating Laminate Flooring

best laminate flooring consumer reports

Get this floating laminate flooring if you are interested in giving your floor a timeless rustic look. You will see sawmilling marks on the laminate flooring along with synchronized embossed acacia wood grain, which looks amazingly beautiful. The laminate flooring is AC4 rated, which means it is highly durable for residential use and moderately durable for commercial use. The inclusion of Unilin Locking Technology makes it easier for you to install the laminate flooring without taking anybody’s help.

3. Randall Manufacturing Oak Overlap Edging for Laminate Floor and Luxury Vinyl Tile

best laminate flooring consumer reports

Randall Manufacturing Co. Inc. has developed a 3 feet long laminate flooring, which is 4.5 mm thick. You will love the looks of your floor after installing this laminate. With this laminate, you will get nails as well, which allows you to install the laminate flooring without taking the help of a professional. This is a US-made product, so there should be no doubt about the quality and durability of the product.

4. Formica Brand Laminate 034201246408000 Dolce Vita

best laminate flooring consumer reports

This laminate flooring comes with top-class FX etchings finish, which displays beautiful fissures and fractures resulted from the reflection of the light in the room. You will feel as if the floor is made from expensive granite and natural stone. Use this laminate to create beautiful walls, desks, cabinet front, shelving units, backsplashes and bar tops, etc. The laminate is not much expensive and is available in many different colors and designs, so you can buy the design that matches your home décor.

5. Turtle Bay Floors Ballard Grey Spalted Maple Plank Floating Laminate Flooring

best laminate flooring consumer reports

Turtle Bay Floors manufacture beautiful looking and durable laminate floorings, and this laminate flooring is no different. If you want to add a grey spalted maple floor to your house or office, then you must invest in this product. The wide-plank laminate flooring allows you to cover the floor with lesser planks, so if you prefer wider planks to shorter planks, then this is your product to buy. The laminate flooring is AC4 rated, which means, it is highly durable for residential use and moderately durable for commercial use.

The surface of the floating laminate flooring is embossed with woodgrain, which adds a lot more years into the life of the laminate flooring. The company has used ‘Unilin Locking’ technology, which makes installation easy. The floor is going to be a showstopper on your premises, thanks to its micro v-bevel edge detail. Each case contains 8 planks, with each plank having a dimension of 47.8x7.68 inches.

6. Formica Sheet Laminate Stop Red

best laminate flooring consumer reports

If you call yourself a stylish person and want to improve the looks of your house, then you need to consider Formica Sheet Laminate, which comes in stop red. The matte finish on this laminate augments the looks of where you decide to install it. This countertop laminate blends with any home décor. You should definitely update your countertops and backsplashes with this laminate flooring, which is easy to install. The laminate flooring matches bevel-edge trim and backsplashes.

7. Bare Decor BARE-WF2009 Solid Teak Wood Interlocking Flooring Tiles

best laminate flooring consumer reports

Check out these flooring tiles by Bare Décor, which are made from solid teak wood. The best thing about these flooring tiles is that they interlock with each other. The oil finish on these tiles gives them an eye-arresting finish. With these tiles, you don’t require any tool or glue to install them. Just snap these interlocking tiles together and that will be it. You can install these tiles indoor and outdoor settings, be it pools, bathrooms, showers, terrace, deck, mudroom, and entryways, etc. The laminate flooring attracts fewer scratches, and even the ones that are present on the floor can be fixed by sanding them followed by applying a stain. Each case contains 10 tiles, with each tile having a dimension of 1x1 foot.

8. Wood Flooring Douglas Fir Solid Wood Flooring

best laminate flooring consumer reports

This is an unfinished solid wood floor, which has vertical grain. The wood flooring is kiln dried, which makes it a lot more efficient. You can buy the flooring kits in which, each kit contains 6 pieces of 5-feet and 6-feet each and 12 pieces of 12-feet. If you want to give your floor the look of natural wood, then you can opt for this particular laminate flooring. You don’t have to spend too much time installing the floor and you will be able to cover 26 square feet of area with unfinished wood flooring. This product is perfect when you are looking to paint, stain or clear-coat because of its easy installation and defect-free look.

9. Bare Decor BARE-WF2012 Solid Teak Wood Laminate

best laminate flooring consumer reports

These flooring tiles come with the interlocking feature, which means, you don’t have to use any tools or glue. These tiles don natural finish in solid teak wood. The tile attaches with another tile using a set of 8 PIN, which ends with a loop. The installation mechanism is quite simple, as you just need to snap the end piece to frame both sides of the tile. You can use the flooring inside as well as outside the premises.

When it comes to the spots where these tiles will be ideal for, then those include bathrooms, showers, terrace, deck, mudroom, and entryways, etc. The company has used natural, solid teak with an oil finish, which looks spectacular. You will see 8 transition pieces in the package, which form into authentic solid teak. You won’t find a better product to redo your flooring in the most affordable way than this Bare Décor laminate flooring.

10. Overstock 7.68-Inch Wide Mesquite Laminate Flooring 

best laminate flooring consumer reports

The best thing about this laminate flooring is that it looks very authentic and by that I mean, the look and feel of this laminate replicates that of the hardwood. This is one of the most affordable, durable, and easy to install & maintain flooring. The laminate flooring comes with beautiful mesquite finish natural wood texture, which is going to be a showstopper in your house or office, wherever you decide to lay down the flooring. The floor is scratch-resistant, so it won’t deform easily. Coming to the dimensions of the tiles, then each carton consists of 3 pieces where you will get 10 sq. ft. tile. If you have any queries regarding the tile dimensions or quality, then you can get in touch with the company’s support.

Wrapping Up

Laminate flooring is a quick and affordable way of giving your house or office a new and refreshed look. However, you must know which laminate flooring you should opt for. You can take help from the aforementioned list of 10 best laminate flooring consumer report, which comprises of different types of laminate flooring to suit everybody’s requirements. If you have zeroed-in on the laminate flooring that you want for your house or office, then you can proceed to the purchasing part.