To see your lawn spic and span, you need a lawn mower. However, you can’t just go into a supermarket and select a lawn mower because there are so many options available that your head would start to spin. You need to make an informed choice, which you can only make if you go through the consumer reports best lawn mowers. You need to take a decision whether you want a reeling lawn mower or the one that runs on electric power or gas. You can also check out the best riding lawn mowers if you have a large-sized lawn to trim. A lawn mower is an essential tool if you want to make your lawn beautiful and appealing. Nobody likes to see wild grass grown in the lawn because it leaves a negative impression on the minds of onlookers. I’m sure you couldn’t agree more to that, so why don’t you get yourself the best lawn mower after going through consumer reports best lawn mower consisting of seven top products.

Reviews Of 7 Best Lawn Mowers

1. GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25022, 20 inch 

best electric lawn mower reviews

A light, fast and efficient lawn mower, GreenWorks has really put some thought behind making this product. With a mowing width of 20 inches and adjustable height, this lawn mower is set to cut your grass in the most effective manner. The height can be easily adjusted with the help of a lever.

There are seven height adjustments in this mower using which; you can adjust the height from 1.5 inches to 3.75 inches. All three grass-cutting methods come along with this mower, such as mulching, side discharge, and bags. A side discharge chute comes along with the mower, but to keep it open, you will have to buy an attachment. A plug needs to be inserted in the back of the mower followed by adding the chute on the side to spread clippings to the side.

When it comes to dumping the grass clippings, it can be a bit awkward due to a crossbar, which supports the handles, thus making it hard for you to dump the grass. However, you can easily remove the bag. Since it is a corded lawn mower, coverage becomes limited, and if you want to buy an extension cord, then it should be at least 14 gauge for a 50-meter length. This mower is a bit noisy but doesn’t produce any emissions, thus making it an eco-friendly option.

2. Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower with Auto Choke 

best lawn mower reviews

The main highlight of this product is that it is more powerful than any electric lawn mower simply because it runs on gas. Not just powerful, but low on maintenance as well, so if you were looking for a power-packed lawn mower that works efficiently and is light on your pocket, then invest in Honda Self-Propelled Gas Mower. The mower features a 21-inch deck along with twin blades, which create finer clippings for easy disposal from the bag. You can easily switch between bagging, side discharging and mulching by turning a knob. You will really like the sleek design and incredible performance of this unit, as it can easily cut large lawns or sloped terrain. The inclusion of ‘Twin-Blade Cutting System’ makes the unit stands out from the competition.

3. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

best lawn mower reviews

GreenWorks is making superb garden products such as lawn mowers and rototillers, and this 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower is no exception. Being a cordless unit, you can move it anywhere in the lawn. The B-MAX 4.0 AH Li-ion battery will help you complete the mowing job easily. The lawn mower features a 16-inch cutting deck, so you can expect wide swathes of grass being cut on every pass. You can adjust the height of this unit up to five positions and the inclusion of two grass collection methods make things a lot more convenient. You can either use mulching or rear-bagging depending upon which one you like better. For easy maneuverability, you will get 6-inch front and 7-inch rear wheels, so rough terrains won’t pose any problem. This lawn mower is a perfect blend of efficiency, mobility, and affordability.

4. Great States 16In. Hand Reel Push Lawn Mower 415-16 

best lawn mower reviews

If you are looking for an easy to maneuver lawn mower, then this product is for you. Having a cutting width of 16 inches keeps the unit lightweight, thus allowing you to move it all across the lawn easily. This lawn mower will suit those who are looking for an economical product that does a decent mowing job. The cutting height of the mower ranges from 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches, which is good for cutting medium-long grass. However, if the grass ½ ft., long, then this lawn mower may become less efficient. Less noise and emission levels are two big positives of the unit, however, the cutting blade will produce grinding sound, but that won’t be too loud. Terrible setup instructions and plastic twist knobs are two drawbacks of the unit.

5. Earthwise 50214 14-Inch 8-Amp Mower

best lawn mower reviews

One of the top-rated corded, electric lawn mowers, Earthwise 50214 can provide you with great results on a medium-large lawn. Sporting a powerful motor that delivers 3600 RPM says a lot about its grass cutting ability. The unit incorporates a side discharge mechanism, which offers a lot of convenience to users, and I expect the same for you. This lawn mower runs on electric power, thus allowing you to work noise and pollution free. The height of cutting blade can be adjusted from 1.5 inches to 4 inches and too with a single lever. You can adjust the padded ‘V’ handle of the lawn mower to get a good grip while mowing the lawn. For easy maneuverability, the company has added robust and durable wheels that ensure smooth movement for an extended period. Even the handles of this mower are foldable, thus letting you store the unit in confined spaces. Use this mower with the best lawn edger for excellent results.

6. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14-Inch 11-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

best lawn mower reviews

When your aim is to have an elegant and dependable grass-trimming machine, then go for American Lawn Mower Company 50514. This unit is light, powerful and long-lasting, three features that almost every customer wishes to have. Being a lightweight unit, you can expect this lawn mower to kick slopes in the rear quite comprehensively. The mower isn’t a rear-wheel drive, but you don’t need it to be one because it does a fantastic job the way it is.

The 11-amp motor delivers the necessary power to the unit to cut all types of grasses efficiently. The height of the cutting blade can be changed from 1 inch to 2.5 inches, whereas the cutting width is 14 inches. The unit features mulching as well as rear discharge system, but it also includes a 40-gallon grass bag with grass level indicator to make disposing of the grass as easy as possible. The ability to adjust the height of the handle is a big plus, as people with different heights can use the mower easily. Moreover, the unit operates noise-free and doesn’t produce any emissions.

7. Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower

best lawn mower reviews

When your lawn is not that big, then there is no sense in investing in a powerful lawn mower. Sometimes, a medium powerful unit can do the job nicely, plus it will be easy your pocket as well. Sun Joe MJ401C Pro is one such model, which can get the job of ‘trimming grass’ perfectly.

Despite being a compact and lightweight unit, it doesn’t lack power, so if you have a small or medium lawn that you want to mow, then this unit will do it in a comprehensive manner. The lawn mower has a 14-inch cutting diameter and adjustable cutting height up to three levels. Featuring a 28V rechargeable Li-ion battery allows the unit to operate for up to ¼th of an acre on a single charge.

Even the motor installed in the unit is power packed, so don’t underestimate this mower, as it will certainly surprise you with its power.  Other features of the unit include, push-button start, LED light battery indicator and height adjustability. The clipping goes inside the 10.6-gallon bag that comes along with the mower, which makes discharging a lot easier. The company offers a 2-year warranty on the product, so in case it malfunctions, you can get it repaired or replaced.

What to Look for in a Push Lawn Mower?


There are three types of lawn mowers available on the market, which are; electric, gas-powered and manual reel. Electric lawn mowers can be corded or cordless, so you can buy either of these. The best thing about electric lawn mowers is their quiet operation and low emissions.

However, you will have to charge the cordless units, which even after a full charge run for a limited period of time. Then comes Gas-powered mowers, which are highly convenient and powerful, but their operation is noisy and high on emissions. Lastly, we have ‘Reel’ models, which require a lot of physical effort, but if you have a small yard, then this type of mower can do the job perfectly.

Push Vs. Self-Propelled

If you opt to buy a push-type lawn mower, then be prepared to exert some physical effort especially when your lawn is uneven or have a slope. If that is the case, then you will find the self-propelled model a lot more convenient to use. Self-propelled lawn mowers either have the single pace or variable pace, so select the one that suits you the best.

Cutting Deck

There are three ways to expel grass clippings, which are; mulching, bags and side discharge. Where mulching models cut grass clippings into fine pieces before spitting them back onto the grass, bags collect the clippings, but then, emptying the bags is labor intensive. Then comes side discharge models, which also cut the grass clippings and spit them back onto the grass. Therefore, you can choose the cutting style that you think you will be most convenient with.

Final Words

Finding the best lawn mower was tough for me because, with so many products to consider, anybody can get confused. However, I thoroughly studied and reviewed each of the seven products, so that you don’t find any issue finding the best lawn mower. If you were looking for consumer reports best lawn mower, then the search ends here. Just go through the detailed and unbiased reviews of seven best lawn mowers, which include hand reel, electric and gas powered models. You can select the type of lawn mower that you think would suit your requirements the best.