Having a clean and tidy yard puts a great impression of you on others, but is it easy to clean a yard? Hell no, and if you don’t have a product like a leaf blower at your disposal, cleaning becomes a whole lot difficult. A well-maintained yard is not just pleasing to the eyes but adds value to your property as well. If you can combine a leaf blower with a lawn mower, then you can ensure much better cleaning of greenery surrounding your property. You can buy a zero turn mower or self-propelled lawn mower according to your requirements. If you are having trouble finding the best leaf blower, then you should go through reviews of the 10 best leaf blower consumer report in the impending section.

Reviews Of 10 Best Leaf Blowers

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Lithium Sweeper LSW221

best leaf blower consumer reports

Get this leaf blower if you want to clean leaves and other debris from a variety of surfaces including, decks, driveways, and garages. A powerful unit, this leaf blower throws air at a speed of 130 mph. The appliance comes equipped with a 20-volt Li-ion battery, which easily lasts for up to 18 months. Despite being a powerful appliance, it doesn’t make too much noise, as its noise rating stands at 61dB. The nominal voltage of the product is 18 volts whereas the maximum initial battery voltage is 20 volts. With this unit, you will get the battery, charger, cordless sweeper, and blow tube.

2. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower (Best Backpack Leaf Blower)

best leaf blower consumer reports

Check out this backpack blower, which features an X-torque engine to lower dangerous exhaust emissions by up to 60 percent along with enhancing the fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent. The leaf blower comes with an offset handle, which allows you to easily control the blow forces by keeping the arm from the downward pull. The company has placed dampeners between the engine and chassis to reduce vibrations. The motor rotates at the speed of 2200 RPM. You won’t have any issue holding this leaf blower for hours, thanks to its padded harness and hip belt, which perfectly fit the contours of your body. Handling this leaf blower is easy too, thanks to variable speed throttle with cruise control.

3. Greenworks 24252 Variable Speed Cordless Leaf Blower

best leaf blower consumer reports

Check out this high-performance leaf blower from Greenworks, which does its task in the most incredible way without consuming much power. The appliance is fade-free, which means, it won’t fade when you leave it around or after charging. The unit boasts variable wind speeds up to 150 miles per hour, which is good enough to clean up debris from hard to clean areas. The speed dial is present right under the thumb, thus allowing easy change of speeds.

The sweeper tip of the unit has a speed control mechanism, thus letting you sweep and gather leaves more efficiently. Another notable feature of this unit is its lightweight design, so you won’t get tired after using this machine even for hours. Coming to the battery life of this unit, then it can run non-stop for 30 minutes on a single charge. Not just leaves, but you can blow dirt out of your car, thanks to adjustable speeds. Sporting a cordless design, you won’t have any issue maneuvering this leaf blower.

4. Toro 51621 UltraPlus Leaf Blower Vacuum (Best Leaf Vacuum Mulcher)

best leaf blower consumer reports

Next up on my list is a leaf blower from Toro, which is equipped with shredding and vacuuming capabilities as well. The appliance comes with variable speed adjustments, a shredding ring, oscillating tube, and zip leaf bag at the bottom. This leaf blower works great for dry as well as wet leaves. It even features a concentrator to get into corners and crevices of your yard. You will get an oscillating tube attachment with this unit, which you can attach to the end of the blower to clear a wider path. The unit boasts an excellent leaf to mulch shredding ratio of 97 percent, thanks to its shredding ring, which pulverizes the leaves into tiny leaf mulch.

5. Makita XBU03Z Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 18V LXT Blower

best leaf blower consumer reports

If you are looking for an eco-friendly leaf blower, then this is your best option. It boasts zero emissions and lower noise, hence making the operation a lot more convenient. The unit runs on an 18-volt LXT battery, which is powerful but sold separately. An ergonomically designed leaf blower, it weighs only 6.5 lbs, hence making it a highly compact unit. The leaf blower features a brushless motor, which runs more efficiently for a longer period. The motor allows the unit to reach speeds up to 116 MPH along with 459 CFM.

The brushless motor of the device is controlled electronically to optimize battery energy use for 50 percent longer runtime per charge compared to non-brushless tools. You can easily manage power and runtime on this device, thanks to the cruise control lever. The leaf blower is packed with Extreme Protection Technology (XPT), which allows it to function in harsh conditions as well. It runs on an 18-volt Li-ion battery, which allows faster charge times and longer runtime.

6. EGO Power+ LB6504 Cordless Leaf Blower

best leaf blower consumer reports

You’re looking at the industry’s most powerful leaf blower. This appliance can throw air at speeds as high as 180 MPH. At such high speeds, it won’t just disperse dry leaves, but wet leaves as well along with mud, rocks, snow, and more. You can adjust the speed from 250 CFM to 500 CFM using the speed control dial. If there is heavy debris to move, then you can press the ‘Turbo’ button for 650 CFM. Sporting a highly efficient battery, this leaf blower can run continuously for up to 75 minutes.

The inclusion of a brushless motor will last longer than non-brushless motors and produce lesser vibrations. If you have been using gas-powered leaf blowers, then you will find the performance of this particular unit much better, as it sports a turbine fan, which is inspired by advanced aeronautics technology. The blower comes with flat and tapered nozzles for quick and easy cleaning of debris in all conditions.

7. WORX WG509 TRIVAC 12 Amp 3-In-1 Electric Blower

best leaf blower consumer reports

Take a look at this electric leaf blower from Worx, which works as a mulcher and vacuum as well. With this leaf blower in your grasp, you won’t see leaves and debris on your lawn. Since it comes with three modes, you can easily switch from one mode to another. In mulching mode, the metal impeller cuts into two stages in which, the leaves are chopped down to an 18:1 mulch ratio, which means mulching 18 bags of leaves into one. The leaf blower operates at two speeds, i.e., 80 mph and 210 mph with 350 CFM for different jobs.

If you are cleaning tight corners or pavement, then operate the unit at 80 mph, but if you are cleaning an open lawn, then go at 210 mph. With this machine at your disposal, you don’t need any other tool. You can operate this leaf blower using your one hand, as it weighs just 8.6 lbs. You can easily clean hard to reach places such as landscaping elements and lawn fixtures, thanks to the smart tube design, which curls up at the lip. The appliance comes with a 12-inch electrical cord with a retainer, which keeps the unit connected with the extension cord even when it is snagged.

8. Craftsman B215 25cc 2-Cycle Engine Handheld Gas Powered Leaf Blower (Best Gas Leaf Blower)

best leaf blower consumer reports

This is one of the most powerful leaf blowers, which you will find in the market. It boasts a 25cc engine to deliver speeds of up to 200 mph. Get rid of the most stubborn debris using this gas leaf blower. It comes with a cutting-edge 3-step system known as ‘Prime, Run and Start Choke System’, which works with spring-assisted recoil pull-start to ensure 50 percent faster startup time compared to standard leaf blowers. Equipped with cruise control, you can use this leaf blower on your garden or a section of property for as long as you want without altering it. The translucent fuel tank makes it easier for you to check the level of fuel remained in the tank. You will get an extended nozzle to help reach all corners in your garden with ease. The unit has a few drawbacks as well, such as weight on the higher side, i.e., 11 lbs, and the absence of a shoulder strap or harness.

9. DEWALT 20V MAX Blower DCBL720B

best leaf blower consumer reports

This particular model comes with a powerful motor, which is extremely durable, hence resulting in easy removal of leaves. It comes with an axial fan to maximize the outgoing air. The ergonomic design of the unit delivers noise-free operation. Equipped with a 20-volt max 5Ah li-ion battery, you can operate this leaf blower until the task is finished successfully. The leaf blower can work at speeds of up to 990 mph with 400 CFM to carry out a wide range of tasks. You are less likely to see a better leaf blower than this one. Moreover, if you can combine it with the best lawn mower, you can get your lawn cleaned more comprehensively.

10. EGO Power+ LB4800 Cordless Electric Blower

best leaf blower consumer reports

I have another leaf blower from EGO Power+ on the list, and it features a reliable motor that delivers excellent blowing power. It comes with turbine fan engineering that delivers up to 480 CFM for intense cleaning jobs and 250 CFM for low power tasks. The unit uses EGO Power+ Arch Li-ion batteries, which won’t be damaged in the rain. Not just the batteries, but the main unit is also resistant to harsh weather conditions, thus allowing you to take it anywhere at your will. With this leaf blower, you can clean any type of debris with ease, be it pebbles, grass clippings, or stray debris. You can even remove dried mud, thanks to the turbo setting. The unit’s battery will take some time to recharge, but before that, it will help you complete the yard work without any issue.

Final Verdict

A leaf blower is an important tool when you have a big garden that you want to keep in mint condition. Now that you have gone through the reviews of 10 best leaf blower consumer report, it’s time that you pick the one that you think suits your requirements the best. If you’ve already picked the leaf blower of your choice, then you should not waste time and place an order right away.