The multi cooker has become an essential and fashionable cooking appliance in households. Who has never heard about a family meal, the aunt or the cousin who prepared a delicious meal with her latest purchase: a multifunctional, state-of-the-art, and intelligent pressure cooker?

But which one to choose? Indeed, faced with the many models found on the small household appliance market, it is not easy to make the right choice and find the model that suits your culinary habits and especially your wallet! This is why I have created a list of the 5 best multi cooker consumer reports along with a detailed buying guide to help you buy the right product.

Reviewing 5 Best Multi Cookers

1. Cuisinart MSC-800 7-Quart 4-in-1 Cook Central Multicooker

best multi cooker consumer reports

Cuisinart brings to you a highly efficient multicooker, which can slow cook on high and low, simmer and warm the cooked meals for up to 24 hours. It also features a roast feature where you can easily adjust the temperature from 250 to 450 degrees for a maximum of 6 hours. You can also sauté and brown different food items at a temperature of up to 500 degrees. The best thing about this multicooker is that it lets you do all that with a single touch on the settings panel.

You can easily switch modes depending on the recipe you want to cook. The cooker comes with a 7-qt non-stick cooking pot that is made of cast aluminum with a coating of Teflon. This is a removable pot, which means it can be easily removed for a different types of cooking. The cooking pot and lid are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning a breeze. The company has also provided reversible steaming and roasting rack in the package for efficient steaming and roasting of the food items.

2. Ninja MC1001 Foodi PRO 8.5 Quart Multi-Cooker

best multi cooker consumer reports

This cooker from Ninja can do 14 cooking tasks effortlessly. You can steam, sauté, roast, slow cook, warm, and much more with this cooker. The cooker features bottom heating elements, which allow you to sauté vegetables and sear proteins in the cooking pot without transferring the items to the stovetop. The cooking pot included in the cooker can be inserted into the oven, as it can bear temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, you get properly cooked meals with a crispy top. The overall capacity of the cooker is 8.5-qt, which is sufficient to make food for up to 20 people.

The cooking speed of this cooker is 30% faster than conventional ovens, as it combines the heat from the side, bottom, and steam produced during the cooking process. The cooker comes with a multi-functional utensil that you can use as a pasta fork and ladle. The pot is made of a non-stick material, which makes cleaning a breeze. The utensil and glass lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher. It’s better to handwash the pot to prolong its life. All the materials that come along with the cooker are free of cadmium, lead, and PFOA.

3. COMFEE' 5.2Qt Asian Style Programmable All-in-1 Multi Cooker

best multi cooker consumer reports

Comfee has developed a unique multicooker with a 6-step intelligent cooking process for excellent cooking performance. If you are fond of rice, then this cooker is ideal for you, as it preserves the steam inside the pot, which results in fluffy rice every time. The cooker features 11 digital cooking programs, which allow you to prepare rice, soup, pasta, stew, steamed vegetables, and much more to perfection. A good thing about this multicooker is that it operates under normal pressure with power, hence making it safer compared to a conventional pressure cooker.

The inclusion of a cool touch handle allows you to touch the cooker even if it is steaming. Now, talking about the capacity of the cooker, then it is around 5.2-qt, which is sufficient for cooking 10 cups of rice. The cooking part of the cooker is made of a non-stick material, which ensures even cooking along with fast clean-up. The cooker boasts a digital LED display with a sensitive touch panel, which makes it easier for you to access the right setting. You will also like the inclusion of a 24-hour delay timer along with auto-keep warm, which keeps the food warm for up to 12 hours.

4. National Presto 06009 10-Quart Kitchen Kettle XL steamer Multi-Cooker

best multi cooker consumer reports

Here is another highly capable multi-cooker from National Presto, which can roast, boil, steam, deep fry, stew, and more in the most efficient manner. You can deep fry up to 10 cups for jumbo batches of fish, chicken, donuts, and fries. The cooker features a multi-use basket, which can be used for steaming, deep frying, and blanching. You can hook the basket onto the rim of the multi-cooker for quick draining. All the components used in the cooker except heat control are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning anything but difficult.

5. Moss & Stone Electric Multicooker Digital Rice Cooker

best multi cooker consumer reports

Ending the list with an excellent multicooker from Moss & Stone, which is capable of cooking all types of rice, spaghetti, and slow-cooked chicken. It also comes with a steamer basket, which can be used to steam vegetables, cakes, fish, and other types of dishes. The best thing about this cooker is that it prepares meals to perfection but consumes less time compared to conventional cookers. As a result, you can cook more food and serve a large group of people.

You can easily cook up to 8 cups of rice in a matter of a few minutes, as you just need to add the ingredients to the pot and run the program. The multicooker is made of quality materials with the outer layer being made of stainless steel for a clean look and the inner pot with aluminum non-stick coating, which ensures properly cooked meals along with fast cleaning. A large LCD display is incorporated into the cooker that lets you know about the set program, countdown timer, and other settings. The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product that covers all manufacturing defects.

Buying Guide: All About The Multi Cooker

After the best multi cookers, here are the elements related to the operation and handling to allow you to compare yourself. The important thing is to have a product that matches your favorite dishes!

What is a Multi Cooker?

Sometimes nicknamed a pressure cooker, this device has a large bowl in which you can cook dishes. The different programs give access to several types of cooking: simmering, browning, sautéing, frying, steaming, reheating, etc. It is even possible to prepare cakes and yogurts (with specific recipes).

It should not be confused with the multifunction cooking robot which offers fewer types of cooking but has an arm for mixing. In addition, not all so-called pressure cookers are multicookers. Indeed, rice cookers are sometimes referred to by this name.

How To Choose The Best Multi Cooker?

To know which multicooker to buy, there are very specific criteria to take into account. This allows you to compare products, stay within your budget and prepare a dish for all members of the family (whether you live with two or ten).

Cooking Capacity

First, compare capacity! It can be from 1 to 8 liters depending on the model. Then check the coating, although all brands give priority to a non-stick system.


In general, the different firings available are called programs. It may be possible to fry, pressure cook, brown, steam, etc. Make sure the necessary accessories (like the steamer basket) are included.

Ease Of Use

This is to look at how the cooker is programmed. What is the format of the LCD screen, is it touch-sensitive or with buttons, where is the display, and is the device connected? Check all these things before investing in a multi cooker, as it will decide whether it is going to be easy or difficult for you to access the multi cooker.


This time, we're looking at the extra little things, those that make it easier to use. It is a delayed start, a timer, a handle on the tank, a backlight, an integrated scale, a recipe book, etc.

Dimensions & Design

The tank greatly determines the format of the robot, but it is still more or less bulky depending on the model. Some are very tall; others are rather wide with a large control panel. In short, anticipate its installation in your kitchen. Also, look at its color.

The Price

You can buy a multicooker for between 50 and 250 dollars. For solid and durable equipment, it is still preferable to plan a budget of at least 150 dollars. It will also give you access to a wider choice.

best multi cooker consumer reports

What Are The Advantages Of A Multicooker?

Here are some good reasons to use an electric multicooker for daily cooking:

  • Allows unattended cooking;
  • Limit the use of fat;
  • Limits the evaporation of liquids and therefore better preserves the flavors;
  • Limits the washing up since only one tank is dirty;
  • Offers keep warm feature so you don't have to go to the table right away.

Summing Up

Having an appliance like a multi cooker can make your life a lot easier in the kitchen, as it allows you to prepare a wide range of meals to perfection. But that’s not it, the main highlight of a multi cooker is the less time it takes to get the meals ready. So, pick a multi cooker from the reviews of best multi cooker consumer reports and enjoy cooking like never before.