Best Over The Range Microwave Consumer Ratings & Reports

If you are looking to clear up your counter space in the kitchen, but don’t know how it can be done, then allow me to help you out with it. If you have been using a countertop microwave oven, then it’s time to bid adieu to it because that’s what most probably be taking space on the counter, giving you less space to perform other tasks. Replace the countertop microwave oven with ‘Over-The-Range Microwave’, which performs exactly the same function, but consumes much lesser space than the former. Moreover, the new and advanced OTR Microwaves are packed with many exciting features, which you may not have used in your countertop microwave oven.

If you need help in finding the best over the range microwave, then you can again rely on my knowledge and experience, which apparently I’ve used to compile a list of six best over the range microwave consumer reports with an unbiased review on each of the products.

Reviews Of 6 Best Over The Range Microwaves

1. Frigidaire FGMV176NTD Over the Range Microwave

best over the range microwave consumer report

Frigidaire, as we all know, is a recognized brand in the niche of home appliances. You can check out Frigidaire Dishwasher, which is among the best dishwashing units that you’ll see on the market. This over-the-range microwave is just another example of the finesse of the company in the niche. Starting from the body of the unit, then you will see smudge-proof black stainless steel construction, which looks just spectacular. Let’s find out what else is exciting in this microwave.

  1. The ability to adjust the power levels and cooking times automatically make things a lot easier.
  2. The inclusion of cooktop LED lighting makes cooking and preparation of meals a lot easier, as you can get a bright view of the cooktop.
  3. The microwave allows you to choose from 30 options, so you can cook an assortment of dishes and reheat almost anything effortlessly.
  4. The microwave features ‘SpaceWise Rack’, which creates more room for you to cook multiple meals at a time.
  5. There are many pre-installed recipes in the microwave, which you can make with a touch of a button.
  6. The unit incorporates a glass turntable on which you can place large casserole dishes and big bowls.
  7. Cleaning the interior of this microwave is as easy as it gets.

2. GE JNM3163DJBB Over-The-Range Microwave

best over the range microwave consumer report

GE is known for manufacturing products that emanate quality and reliability. GE’s Over-The-Range Microwave is packed with a number of features, plus it has the power to cook a wide range of recipes flawlessly. Let’s find out some of the most intriguing features of the unit.

  1. With a capacity of 1.6 cubic ft., the microwave can easily fit into 30-inch cabinet space. Other microwaves with the same capacity as GE’s are priced higher, which is another point in favor of the unit.
  2. The microwave comes with a 2-speed 300 CFM venting system for eliminating food odor out of the unit.
  3. The unit also features turntable off/on control, just in case, you don’t want to turntable to rotate.
  4. There is an auto and time defrosting feature, which will come handy on various occasions.
  5. To control the functioning of the microwave, you can make use of the touch control buttons given on the right side of the display.
  6. For easy installation, a mounting backplate has been given along with the unit, using which, the microwave can be bolted to the wall.

3. Sharp R1874T Over-the-Range Convection Microwave

best over the range microwave consumer report

You can’t keep Japanese out of the picture for too long when the discussion is about the electronic appliances. Take a look at this over-the-range microwave by Sharp, which is a medium-sized unit, yet assures fast and flawless cooking. Let’s find out as to what else this microwave has got:

  1. Having a 1.1 cubic ft., capacity along with 850 watts of power, this unit is ideal for couples.
  2. There are many features in the unit, which put this microwave at par with bigger models such as, interactive display that allows you to set and change programs quite easily.
  3. Moreover, the microwave is equipped with smart sensor settings, low and high racks and built-in exhaust system for effortless cooking.
  4. The inclusion of a hood light enables you to see as to what is being cooked inside the unit.
  5. The presence of convection feature allows you to broil and bake food. Moreover, you can crisp-cooked food as well, something that we all wanted to do on several occasions, but couldn’t do due to microwave limitations. Some users have bought toaster ovens for enjoying that extra bit of crispiness in their food items.
  6. In this unit, you will get a 13-inch turntable for even cooking of food.

4. GE JVM3160DFCC Over-The-Range Microwave

best over the range microwave consumer report

Check this another OTR Microwave by GE, which is a 30-inch unit that comes in alluring bisque color. With a capacity of 1.6 cubic ft. and 30-inch cabinet space, cooking a large amount of food will not be a problem at all. Let’s move onto the features of the unit:

  1. Inclusion of a venting room with a carbon filter, so if you don’t like to smell food odor, then this machine ensures that you won’t.
  2. To control the microwave functions and change settings, control buttons are provided on the front panel.
  3. The interior of the unit is nice, but it could have been a lot better had there been a rack given along. Now, you can’t cook two dishes at a time.
  4. A beeper has been included that beeps when the defined program is complete, however, it continues to beep for a few seconds, which sometimes could be very annoying.

5. Sharp R-1214 Over-the-Counter Microwave

best over the range microwave consumer report

If you are specifically looking for an OTR Microwave with 24-inch cabinet space, then you better check out this Sharp R-1214 Microwave, which has a capacity of 1.5 cubic ft., and operating power of 1,100W. Other features of the unit include:

  1. Availability in two color options, i.e., stainless and white. Stainless color is slightly on the expensive side due to increased demand, but it looks damn good.
  2. A number of recipes have been pre-installed into the unit such as hot water, baked potatoes, beverage, and fresh vegetables, etc. However, the microwave has the capability to cook any dish in the quickest of times.
  3. You can time your cooking on this unit, courtesy of a timer.
  4. The inclusion of highly responsive control buttons will allow you to control various functions of the unit seamlessly; however, the placement of the buttons could be a matter of some concern.
  5. You will really like the ‘Keep Warm Plus’ function, which lets you keep your food warm for half an hour after you’re done with the cooking.
  6. With the presence of ‘Defrost’ feature, you can easily defrost foods like poultry and meats.

6. Frigidaire FGMV176NTF Over the Range Microwave

best over the range microwave consumer report

In this OTR microwave, you are going to get all basic features along with some food-specific settings, which you may not see in many OTR microwave units. Here is what you are exactly going to get in this incredible unit from Frigidaire.

  1. The microwave features three quick start settings. Whereas the fan and lights also have three settings each, which are off, low and high.
  2. Instead of having a reset option, the unit comes with a ‘Stop’ key.
  3. The inclusion of food-specific options may intrigue some users, while others may get confused with them. Example, there is a ‘Snacks’ preset in the unit, which many might not be able to understand what it includes.
  4. Besides ‘Snacks’, there are several other presets such as, Veggies, Popcorn, and Potato, which are also very specific.
  5. The presence of nine separate power levels will come in handy while using the unit.

Benefits of Using an Over-The-Range Microwave

Had there been no benefits of this electronic appliance, I wouldn’t have reviewed. An ‘over-the-range microwave’ offers a wide range of advantages to users, which is what you will be reading in detail now.


If you were using conventional microwaves so far, then you must have noticed that those microwaves take up a lot of valuable space on the countertop. If the kitchen is big and spacious, then the size of the conventional microwave may not pose a problem, however, if the kitchen is small, then a conventional microwave can be a big turn off, as you won’t get much space for cooking.

Over the range microwaves are installed above the countertop, thus allowing you to use the countertop as you like. Most countertop microwaves don’t aren’t bigger than 1 cubic ft., with some models going a bit higher at 1.2 or 2 cubic ft. Over-the-range microwaves have bigger internal space compared to conventional units, thus allowing you to utilize more counter space.

More Power

An over-the-range microwave has more than 1000W of power, thus letting the food to be cooked at a much faster pace. As a result, cooking time reduces significantly and you get the opportunity to do other things.

Removes Food Odor

Over-the-range microwaves come with a vent hood, which takes the entire food odor out of the machine, thus getting you well-cooked and odorless food.

Factors That Help You Decide On The Best ‘Over The Range’ Microwave

An over-the-range microwave needs to have a few essential features. If you know what those features are, then that’s great, but if not, don’t worry. I am going to discuss some points that you must take into consideration while selecting ‘over the range microwave’.

Size: You can’t just pick any microwave, as you have to analyze the space you have in the kitchen or the room where you want to place the microwave. Based on the available space you have in the room, the size of the microwave will be decided. Another benefit of discerning the size is that you will have to select from fewer options. If there is ample space in the kitchen/room, then you can go for a big microwave, as it will ensure the preparation of more food at a time.

Wattage: The power consumption of a microwave is directly proportional to its quickness to cook and reheat food. Higher the wattage faster will be the cooking time. However, convection microwaves have a lower wattage because they make use of convection cooking on top of microwaves. Despite less wattage, the cooking is done a lot quicker in convection microwaves compared to usual microwaves.

Display: Pay attention to the display given on the microwave, as it should be easy to read. Some microwaves have weird-looking displays, reading through which is nothing but painful. A display is basically used to set and/or change programs for cooking, therefore, the simple it is, the better it will be for users.

Control Panel: With a control panel, you won’t be able to use microwave easily or at all. However, a microwave’s control panel is susceptible to breakage, which is why many users request a new control panel other than any other part of the microwave. You must invest in a microwave, which has a durable control panel that can be easily accessed as well.

Power Levels: Microwaves often come with multiple power levels that allow you to control the unit in a precise manner. This particular feature is particularly helpful when you are preparing a large variety of foods. If you want to heat a chicken dish and a bowl of soup, then the power level for each of these dishes will be different, thus getting you perfectly cooked food items every time.

In The End

Cooking is an art, and to perform this art, you need space in the kitchen. If you have appliance in your kitchen that you think are taking more space and are not coming into use that much, then it’s time to get rid of those, especially if it is a countertop microwave. Get an ‘Over-The-Range Microwave’ for fast and efficient cooking. Moreover, it won’t consume as much space, thus allowing you to have a more enjoyable time in the kitchen. Check out the reviews of the six best over the range microwave consumer reports and select the right product that fits the counter of your kitchen as well your cooking requirements perfectly.