I remember the time when I bought my first car. I was so excited about driving it, taking fun rides with my family and friends, but all that excitement turned into a big disappointment when a traffic police officer stopped my car and gave me a ticket for over speeding. I was just a tad faster than the allowed limit, which I thought was OK, but apparently, it wasn’t. Therefore, I had to pay fine for over speeding, which I didn’t like at all, but that’s how it is. At that time, I was given the advice of installing a radar detector, which will help me know if there is any traffic police squad tracking speed of vehicles ahead. This is a very handy product, which can save you from those speed tickets and hefty penalties related to them. A radar detector is a popular product, which is manufactured by many top companies, so if you are looking to buy one, then you better check out the 10 best radar detectors reviews consumer reports.

Reviews Of 10 Best Radar Detectors

1. Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

For prompt and accurate identification of police speed radars, this radar detector is ideal. For all those companies who manufacture radar detectors, Uniden is the force to reckon with because Uniden incorporates the best technology along with features in its radar detectors. Despite having a high price tag, the product completely justifies it with its elegant design, useful features, and accuracy.

The built-in GPS is a standout feature in my opinion because this feature allows the user, which could be you to get an updated view of the speed camera positions, which will keep you two steps ahead from getting in the trap of traffic cops and getting a ticket for over speeding.

Along with that, the high sensitivity of the radar along with a super effective false alarm filter incorporated into the machine gives testimony to the reliability of the machine. With this radar detector, you are getting 360-degree protection, which is something that not many machines are able to do. This is a long-range unit; therefore, you can expect it to tell you exact details as to where the police cameras are positioned.

2. ESCORT MAX360 Laser Radar Detector

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

This is a heavy-duty model, which is controlled using six mounted buttons. It features a rear radar antenna, which offers advanced radar signal identification to detect the police radars from far off locations. You can check the details regarding police radars on the OLED display of the device. The radar detector is capable of picking up signals from up to 4 radar sources. The device also comes with an integrated Wi-Fi, which can be connected to the car’s Wi-Fi.

Then, there is a Bluetooth functionality to link with smartphones through which, access to the community-based ticket protection program can be made. Other features of the device include, pinpoint precision, direction alert display, excellent response time, and wider range. A 360-arrow indicator helps figure the direction the signal is coming from, which is topped by AutoLearn Function, which lets the detector learn about the place and alerts you in the quietest of ways.

3. Cobra RAD 480i Laser Radar Detector

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

If you are looking for a high-performance radar detector, which offers 360-degree detection of the laser signals, then look no further than Cobra RAD 480i Laser Radar Detector. The device is capable of detecting all radar frequencies. Getting this model will allow you to track the signals from a significant distance along with letting you know if you are being surveilled, thanks to the inclusion of Spectre Alert and VG-2. The unit also comes with the town and dual carriageway modes, ultra-bright facts display, and many more top-class functionalities to alert you on the road.

4. Escort MAX360C Laser Radar Detector

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

This radar detector is on the expensive side but has many amazing features to justify the high price. The radar detector can detect signals from a significant distance, thanks to its effective use of the GPS. This unit can save you from being charged by costly tickets. You don’t have to be a professional to be able to use this product. Escort provides a ticket compensation guarantee, which applies only to the speeding tickets you got from a radar gun. The unit is capable of detecting the radar from two miles away, but only if the police are using a K-band radar gun. The range decreases when the police are using X-band radar. The radar detector alerts you effectively, but mutes after the initial voice alert. The unit features a built-in GPS, which automatically connects to the satellite TV or computer to deliver a handful of features, including over-pace alert.

5. Radenso XP Radar Detector with GPS Lockouts

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

If you were searching for a premium-quality radar and laser detector with seamless performance, then Radenso XP Radar Detector is what you should buy. This is a highly sensitive unit, which provides you with radar alerts from several miles of distance. You will only get genuine alerts, thanks to the inclusion of an incredible blind-spot monitor, which bars false alerts. The laser detector operates very quietly and comes with a GPS Lockout functionality, which allows it to remember the majority of false alerts on the regularly driven routes. Then, there is an automatic mute given in the device along with an automatic sensitivity adjustment, which depends on your current speed. The company offers a 1-year warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

6. Uniden R7 EXTREME LONG RANGE Laser/Radar Detector

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

If you want to buy a radar detector with an extended range, then you should go for Uniden R7 Extreme Radar Detector. The unit features dual antennas along with directional arrows, which detect threats from all directions and shows it on the multi-colored OLED display. It can display up to 4 signals at once. The company has added speed camera and red light locations on the device. The device can be updated unlimited times free of cost. As far as installing and setting up this radar detector is concerned, then you won’t find any issues, as all the instructions are provided in the user manual.

7. Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

Escort is also a renowned brand when it comes to manufacturing radar detectors and its ‘Passport series’ radar detectors are known for their superior detection technology and usability. Being sold at a mid-price range, this radar detector offers a wide range of features that will help you figure out the police radars in the most effective manner.

In my opinion, this particular model is among the most revolutionary laser radar detectors on the market. It can be installed into any car, so what you need to do in routine is, take off the your car cover, start the car’s engine and turn on the radar detector, that’s it. The system will take care of the rest of the things. This is a ‘V tuned’ radar detector, which means, it will cover a wider range and bring better results for the user. The efficiency of the radar detector remains consistent regardless of whether you are driving the vehicle in a city or highway. The range offered by this machine for traditional or instant on radar systems is above par, which gives the user an ability to detect the most sophisticated radars used by the police to track the speed of your vehicle.

The radar detector works 360-degree, so no matter where the radar systems have been placed, it will detect them way before they could track the speed of your vehicle. You can also customize the working of the detector easily, so if you want full radar protection, then choose the mode accordingly and same in the case with normal police detection. The radar detector comes with a built-in earphone jack, so you can hear your radar detector alerting you even when the music is being played in the vehicle. If the radar detector is banned in your state, then you can remove the detector from the windshield mount before anyone sees it.

8. Uniden R1 360 Degree, DSP, Voice Alert

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

Uniden R1 is another top-class radar detector that you can consider when looking to get fast and accurate information of the cameras waiting to catch you and your speedy vehicle. Boasting its 360-degree processing system, Uniden R1 radar detector is going to provide you with quick and accurate information regarding the police radar systems from a long distance so that you can reduce the speed of your vehicle accordingly.

The ability to choose between voice and tone alerts will ensure that you don’t have to divert your attention from the road to see as to what’s being told by the system. Along with that, the compact size of this radar detector system is going to make it easier for you to install it in the cramped spaces of the vehicle. There is a term used to describe the sensitivity of this radar, i.e., ‘Extreme’, which is exactly what you’ll get. The detector detects the radar systems from a long range, thus saving you from getting a speed ticket.

However, it is still suggested to glow within the speed limit in order to reduce the chances of any mishap. This becomes even more important when your child, who is sitting in convertible car seat is accompanying you. The accurate information appears because of the inclusion of K False/KA False Filter, which is received on the color OLED display.

9. Beltronics RX65 Professional Series Radar Detector

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

When you are interested in getting a radar detector but don’t have a high budget for it, then you don’t need to be disappointed at all because Beltronics RX65 Professional Series Radar Detector will deliver a power-packed performance at an affordable price. While it has most of the features that high-end radar detectors, but the absence of laser detection will definitely leave you disappointed.

However, laser speed guns are also not employed by all police forces, but that’s something you can’t check beforehand, so it all depends on your luck and can you leave things on luck? Of course not. This radar detector incorporates a cutting-edge technology, which gets better and better with time. To detect police radar systems clearly even during the night, this radar detector system constitutes a bright LED screen.

The ability of the radar detector to scan all radar wavelengths allows you to get accurate information about any radar system. Moreover, the detector is immune to VG-2 radar detection, which is widely used by police forces in the US.

10. Valentine One Radar Detector

Radar Detector Reviews Consumer Reports

This radar detector may give you an impression of a toy, but in reality, it is a sophisticated machine, which will inform you about the radar systems used by the police force. The radar detector incorporates externally mounted antennae, which help detect the radar systems from all corners. The antennas are installed in a unique way, i.e., one antenna facing in the forward direction while other facing backward.

This unique design ensures excellent performance in detecting radar as well as laser speed guns. This radar detector still has the same old design, which the company has made in 1992. Despite sporting an old design, the efficiency of the radar detection system hasn’t gotten affected at all. The only drawback of this system is that it is expensive compared to other radar detection systems, but that drawback is compensated by the longevity of the system.

What Is A Radar Detector?

In simple terms, a radar detector is a machine that detects the signals coming from a radar installed at a distance. The role of a car detector in a car is to make users aware of the radar systems and laser guns used by police forces to gauge the speed of vehicles and give tickets to the offenders accordingly.

The radio guns and devices operate on special radio waves, therefore it becomes the responsibility of a radar detector system to warn the users of the presence of those radio waves and the distance from which they are being originated.

Shopping for a radar detector is not an easy job because there are dozens of companies manufacturing these devices and they all have something unique and interesting to offer. The rule of thumb says the more expensive the product, the better it is, and it goes true with radar detectors. Expensive radar detectors are equipped with better technology to deliver a quick and reliable response to the users.

They are apt in identifying false radar signals as well, which cheaper models may not be able to identify. Therefore, you must only invest your money in a reliable product even if you have to pay a bit more for it.

Features To Look Forward To In A Radar Detector

Prior to buying a radar detector, it is crucial for you to confirm whether the system has the ability to salvage you from the prying police radar systems or not. A radar system that has a perfect amalgamation of range and accuracy will be the one delivering the best performance. Here is the list of features that you need to check before buying a radar detector.

Alert Features

  • A radar system that has the ability to alert you regarding the radar devices or guns along with other unforeseen traffic threats such as red-light cameras, speed cameras and traps is the one you should be putting your money on.
  • A radar detector should also alert you when you are exceeding the speed limit rather than just informing you about the radar systems and guns that are used by police forces.
  • A radar detector that is capable of alerting you regarding weather conditions, road hazards and accidents will offer great help to you.

Control Features

  • A radar detector that is equipped with built-in GPS and Bluetooth functionalities is always better because a GPS system will make you aware about the speed at which you are moving whereas the addition of Bluetooth will help you share traffic details with other users provided it is connected with an app.
  • A radar detector that consists ‘Auto-learn’ feature will always come handy because it allows you to mark certain coordinates that you have been before, which you know were traps or dangerous intersections. This feature will work on GPS, so make sure that the radar detector is GPS enabled.

Other Features

  • Excellent Range.
  • Dual Radar Antenna to cover the front and back.
  • The inclusion of Radar Detector Detector (RDD) Protection.
  • False alert filtering.

Bottom Line

Driving a car in a responsible manner is your prerogative, but at times, speed can go beyond the speed limit defined by the law enforcement authorities. If a police officer has ever stopped you just because the speed of your car was a bit faster than the prescribed speed limit, and was also slapped with a speed ticket, then you can install a radar detector to prevent it from happening again. To know as to which is the best radar detector, you can go through the best radar detector reviews consumer reports provided in the section above.

In the end, I would still urge you to drive slow and safe because it’s better to be late at the destination than never reaching there.

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