Best Reverse Osmosis System Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

Clean water is everybody’s prerogative. Water that is free from harmful chemicals and pathogens is what we are supposed to drink. Considered that the water coming in our houses undergo a series of cleaning steps, yet there are some pollutants left in the water, which can make us sick, very sick. In order to clean the water, there is a wide range of water filters available on the market, but when it comes to the system that is favored by most people, then it is ‘Reverse Osmosis System’. This is not a new technology when it comes to cleaning the water, as many would think, as it has been used for years to transform undrinkable water into drinkable in the best possible way. If you are now interested in buying the best reverse osmosis system reviews consumer reports. I after brainstorming have identified five best reverse osmosis systems that I believe you should definitely consider when planning to buy this incredible water filtering system.

Reviews Of 5 Best Reverse Osmosis Systems

1. iSpring 6-Stage High Capacity RO System Under Sink - Best Reverse Osmosis System With Remineralization

best reverse osmosis system consumer report

iSpring has manufactured some excellent water filtering products including this one. This particular model comes with alkaline, which is an element responsible for bringing back the minerals that were lost at the time of the reverse osmosis (RO) process. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are again added into the water. Alkaline also help enhance the taste of water, so you will find this alkaline water tastier than bottled water.

In this system, 99 percent of the contaminants are taken out of the water, which is one of the main points that I couldn’t miss telling. Despite being a secondary thing, the design of the system is quite attractive. This system is all about delivering an outstanding performance round the clock. The fact that it is called a six-stage model is also a testimony to the top-class performance of this system. It is apt in delivering approximately 75 gallons of filtered water every day. This model can give a tough competition to any reverse osmosis system of any brand.

2. Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Under Sink Reverse Osmosis System - Best Reverse Osmosis System Under Sink

best reverse osmosis system consumer report

If you have used several reverse osmosis systems in the past and looking for a model with something different, then this is exactly the product for you. The design of this system is so innovative that it ensures a seamless flow of clean and healthy water each time you need the water. The filtering process the water in carried out in seven different stages, which is what makes this RO system so amazing. At the end of the seventh stage, it becomes obvious that the water pouring out of the tap is going to be purest.

The previous model has six stages, but this one has got an additional, so this product has definitely up the ante. You will find the presence of ‘catalytic carbon filtration media’, which is highly effective in removing a good amount of chlorine that is present in the water. In this system, you will find a stage where the balance in the pH level of the water is restored, and I think I don’t have to tell you how important it is for the water to have the right pH level. This is an extremely popular model, which has also received a lot of appreciation from the experts of the niche as well as the consumers. Therefore, you must check out this model before making your final decision.

3. APEC Top Tier Supreme Certified High Output 90 GPD

best reverse osmosis system consumer report

If you are looking for a compact RO system, then this one fits in that requirement pretty well. It can easily fit in most cabinets in your kitchen. When it comes to reliability, there is nothing beating this product, as a top RO system manufacturing company manufactures it. You can expect it to perform excellently at all times. It will remove 99% contaminants from the water, thus letting you have a perfectly clean water to drink and use for other household tasks.

The water goes through a 5-stage filtration process, which means, you get clean and healthy water at the end of the processing. The system incorporates extruded double carbon blocks, which will make sure that there isn’t any foul smell, unpleasant odor and harmful contaminants present in the water. Despite its compact size, you will be able to filter up to 90 gallons of water every day. This will ensure that you get clean and tasty drinking water every time.

4. APEC ROES PH75 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System

best reverse osmosis system consumer report

A top brand like APEC has a knack of manufacturing advanced products with cutting-edge technology. This water filtering solution is no different, as it efficiently filters the drinking and cooking water for you with a 3:1 wastewater pure water ratio. The efficiency of the machine comes from its 6-step filtration process, which removes even the tiniest of harmful elements from the water.

Just like every RO system, this one too has an additional filter, which is going to reimburse for all the lost minerals in the water, but only the healthy ones. With the addition of minerals, water becomes tastier and healthier. With this RO system, you don’t have to worry about changing carbon filter and RO membrane filter until 2-3 years of use. When it comes to neutralizer filter, it is going to be changed once in 4-6 years. Only the first three filters will have to be changed in every 2-3 months.

Last but not least, the RO system is easy to install, so you don’t need anybody’s help with the installation.

5. Express Water Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

best reverse osmosis system consumer report

This RO system is another highly capable machine for filtering dirty water into drinkable. The small size of this RO system makes it ideal for any kitchen cabinet. Despite its compact size, it does the task of cleaning wastewater in an efficient way. In order to install the unit, you don’t need to call out a plumber. To filter dirty water, a 5-stage filtration system has been incorporated into the unit. You will say what’s so special in a 5-stage filtration system as it is available in every RO system.

Some have even more stages than this one, but they certainly don’t have 5-Micron filter in the initial stage, which is specially installed to remove fine as well as large dirt particles from the water. The next four stages make sure that the water becomes clean and safe for drinking. This is one of the simplest RO systems to use and not to forget, it is extremely capable of filtering wastewater to make it safe for consumption.

Reverse Osmosis: What is it and how does it work?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a popular way of purifying water. An RO system incorporates multiple filtration stages with each one focusing on removing different types of chemicals from the water. A normal RO system has 4-6 filtration stages in which a complete stage is dedicated to RO step with rest of the filtering taking place in other stages.


The name ‘Reverse Osmosis’ comes from the process in which the water is passed through a membrane in the direction opposite to the normal osmosis. Now, you must be thinking what ‘Normal Osmosis’ direction, then it is a direction from lower concentration to higher.

Whereas in reverse osmosis, the direction changes from higher concentration to lower. When the water is passed through the membrane, then it allows all the water particles to pass through and blocks all the unwanted elements. There are a number of filters present before and after the osmosis process to ensure clean and healthy water.

Factors That Make A Water Filter The Best Reverse Osmosis System?

There are a few crucial standards that a quality reverse osmosis system must possess, which are:

Size: Since there isn’t much space in the kitchens, having a large water filter system is not going to be feasible. Moreover, companies are trying to make compact, yet extremely powerful and effective units to meet the requirements of the users. If an RO system is compact and lightweight, then it will go a long way in terms of sales.

Efficiency: If the water coming out after being processed in the RO system is not clean, then there is no use of having an RO system. A top-notch reverse osmosis water filter should be able to remove up to 99% of contaminants from the water.

Taste: It is extremely important to ensure how the water tastes after going through the entire filtration process. Getting clean water is good, but it should also smell and taste good. A water filter is responsible for all that.

Summing Up:

There are no words to describe how important water is for our planet. Without water, we won’t be able to last a couple of days. Therefore, it becomes your duty to provide clean water to yourself and your family. For that, you need to buy the best reverse osmosis system reviews consumer reports. The products that we have discussed above are compact, efficient and long-lasting. Instead of selecting from a huge selection of products, you just need to pick the best one from the aforementioned five products. Make a wise choice because after all, it is about you and your family’s health!