Are you looking for a good steam iron, but you don't know which model to choose? These household appliances have established themselves in our homes and have become an essential tool for ironing clothes. Both online and offline, there are many references with very different brands, prices, and characteristics. To help you see more clearly and find the most efficient steam iron, I present to you reviews of best rowenta irons consumer reports along with a buying guide to help you pick the right product as per your needs.

Reviewing 5 Best Rowenta Irons

1. Rowenta Access Steam Iron DW2360U1

best rowenta irons consumer reports

This is a powerful steam iron that features over 300 micro-holes, thanks to patented Micro steam 300 soleplate technology for exceptional distribution of steam. The durable stainless-steel construction of this steam iron is going to help it last longer and deliver properly ironed clothes irrespective of the fiber they are made of. You can iron clothes made of cotton, silk, polyester, and rayon with this steam iron. It comes with a vertical steaming function that allows it to iron delicate garments and at the same time, large curtains and suits as well.

The steam iron features a 3-setting thermoknob and a precision tip that makes ironing easy and makes it reach hard-to-reach areas respectively. It also features an ergonomic handle that gives you a firm and comfortable grip as you move your wrists over the clothes. The water refill process is also easy. As for safety, the company has added an auto-off feature in this steam iron that shuts it down when not in use.

2. Rowenta DG8624U1 Perfect Pro Station

best rowenta irons consumer reports

If your current steam iron is incapable of getting rid of wrinkles from your clothes, then you should check out this pro station from Rowenta. This steam iron produces a 430 g/min burst of steam along with 7.4 bars of high-pressure steam, which makes ironing quick and effortless. The iron features more than 400 HD active steam holes that allow even distribution of steam on the clothes for efficient ironing.

The company has incorporated a patented calcium collecting technology in this steam to provide good performance over a long period. The inclusion of a 37-ounce water tank produces enough steam to iron dozens of clothes. It also features a safe locking mechanism that prevents you from burn injuries. The inclusion of cord storage makes storing this iron a breeze.

3. Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron 

best rowenta irons consumer reports

This is another steam iron from Rowenta, which promises fast and efficient ironing of different garments. It features a stainless-steel soleplate with a precision tip, which allows it to easily glide across garments made of different fibers and smooth areas of the garments that are hard to reach. Just like its siblings, this steam iron also features more than 400 steam holes that spread 35 g/min of evenly distributed steam.

It also comes with a thermostat knob that allows you to easily control the heat settings and steam output according to the fabric. You can easily fill the water tank with tap water, which you can easily check through the translucent window of the water tank. The steam iron comes with an automatic 3-way shut-off system to avoid burn injuries. You will also like the anti-calcium and auto-cleaning system, which allows the steam iron to run for years without any issues.

4. Rowenta DW9280 Digital Display Steam Iron

best rowenta irons consumer reports

This is an 1800-watt steam iron that comes with SteamForce technology for the quick and effective removal of wrinkles from different types of fabrics. An electronic steam pump is integrated into the steam iron that delivers a powerful burst of steam to properly iron the garments. The presence of an extra-large water tank and a 7-feet electrical cord with a 360-degree pivot makes it easier to use. It also comes with an ergonomically designed handle, which adds to your comfort when ironing thick clothes like curtains or suits.

It can easily push up to 30% more steam as compared to the irons that don’t contain a pump. The iron features more than 400 HD active steam holes that allow even distribution of steam on the clothes for efficient ironing. It also features an LED-ready indicator, a 3-way auto safety shut-off, and a smart steam motion sensor, which makes ironing a breeze irrespective of the fabric of the garment. You can produce the right amount of steam and the right temperature using 1-touch controls. The steam iron comes with a large water tank with a capacity of 350 ml along with 5 settings that are controlled electronically.

5. Rowenta Focus Steam Garment Iron

best rowenta irons consumer reports

Ending the list with yet another top-class product from Rowenta, which offers even distribution of steam, courtesy of more than 400 active holes that are meticulously distributed on the soleplate. The steam iron also features a highly precise tip that allows you to cover even hard-to-reach areas of the garment. The presence of the anti-drip feature of the steam iron prevents stains on the fabric.

The water tank in the steam iron comes with a transparent window that allows you to precisely check the water level and make the refills. The self-cleaning mechanism along with the anti-scale setting makes the iron last longer. For safety, the company has added an auto shut-off function in the steam iron, which prevents accidents and burn injuries. You will also like the vertical steaming function, which definitely adds to the convenience, as you don’t have to find a table to place the garment for ironing.

Features That Make Rowenta Irons A Top Choice

best rowenta irons consumer reports

The list below shows the most common features you may find on Rowenta iron models:

Automatic shutdown - This function enables the iron to be automatically switched off in the event of prolonged inactivity (a few minutes vertically or a few seconds horizontally). This is a plus for safety and energy savings.

Anti-drip system - To avoid the formation of drops likely to leave marks on laundry or clothing, especially at low temperatures.

Vertical steaming - This function allows the iron to be used in the upright position, for example, to straighten clothes directly on their hangers or curtains without having to unhook them. It should be noted that there are dedicated steamers.

Spray - The iron sends a jet of water to moisten a specific area (useful in particular to overcome creases). This feature is found in almost all Rowenta irons.

Criteria To Choose A Steam Iron

best rowenta irons reviews consumer reports

The guide below brings together the essential points to know to choose the right model of iron: power, steam output, tank, etc.


Coupled with the temperature, it is the steam emitted by the iron that will allow efficient ironing. It is easier to get rid of the wrinkles from garments that are slightly damped. Steam is characterized by its flow rate, expressed in grams per minute (g/min). It is generally between 20 and 60 g/min.

Overall, the higher the flow, the easier and faster the ironing will be. High-speed models are often the most expensive. For maximum steam, you will have to turn to a steam generator, more expensive but more powerful.

Power & Temperature

Expressed in Watts (W), the power of iron is generally between 2000 and 3000 W. An iron with high power will heat up faster and be ready for use more quickly. The temperature of the iron will also be more stable during ironing.

On many models, the temperature is adjusted via a selector depending on the type of garments to be ironed (synthetic, cotton, linen, etc.). If you have any doubts about the material of the fabric, refer to the pictogram on the label of the garment.

Water Tank

Unlike steam generators, irons have a built-in reservoir. For reasons of weight and compactness, the size of this one is limited (generally around 300 mL) and it will be necessary to fill it regularly.

If you have a lot of clothes to iron, opt for a model with the largest possible tank or go for a steam generator, which has a much longer operating autonomy.


Several systems make it possible to avoid or limit the formation of calcium or limescale, which affects the proper functioning of the iron: less steam, marks on clothes, soleplate that catches, etc.

Among the processes used, you will find among others: self-cleaning systems, anti-scale rods, anti-scale cartridges to be replaced regularly, etc.

Wrapping Up

An efficient steam iron can save you a lot of time and the embarrassment of wearing a wrinkled shirt or tees or pants. Don’t let that happen to you, get a Rowenta iron and get properly ironed clothes in less period. So, pick one of the best rowenta irons consumer reports and see the difference it makes to your clothes as well as your personality.