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When it comes to smoking large amounts of meat efficiently, the vertical smoker is the best option because it consists of large smoking chambers and multiple shelves that allows it to cook different meats with utmost perfection. Get the best vertical smoker and start barbecuing in the backyard of your house. Believe me, you’re going love it. To make things more exciting for you, dozens of companies have rolled out dozens of vertical smokers on the market, so if you have no idea about the right brand and the right product, then let me help you out with that. We have done all the hard work for you, so now, you just need to pick the right vertical smoker from 5 top vertical smoker products that we have shortlisted for you.

Reviews Of 5 Best Vertical Smokers

1. Masterbuilt 20071117 30" Digital Electric Smoker

Best vertical smoker reviews

This is a beast when it comes to the vertical smoker. This is a 30-inch digital electric smoker that is designed with internal as well as external integrated features to fulfill all your barbecue related needs. A highly user-friendly product, this electric smoker by Masterbuilt is so convenient that you won’t feel tired after cooking multiple meals in this smoker. Let us find more about this smoker in our next section.

Major Highlights Of The Product:

Whether it is the inclusion of a digital panel to control multiple elements of time and temperature or four chrome-coated racks to provide a sufficient amount of cooking space for smoking, this product is packed with some amazing features.

  1. All four chrome-coated racks don’t just look good but are also immune to corrosion. Cleaning up of the racks is also easy, so there is every reason for the company to have such racks installed in the smoker.
  2. The wood chip-loading system of this smoker is also going to entice you, as it is a one-of-its-own-kind of a system that ensures fast and smooth loading of wooden pallets.
  3. This smoker consists of an integrated thermostat temperature control that makes smoking a lot quicker and easier. This system also results in even and consistent smoking.
  4. This smoker is fully insulated unlike many other smokers at a price range in which this smoker is available, thus giving this product a much-needed edge over the others. A fully insulated body ensures protection for the users, especially the ones who are beginning their journey of barbecuing.


  • The patented wood-chip loading system augments the speed and functionality.
  • A fully insulated body adds to the aesthetics of the machine and increases convenience for users.
  • The inclusion of smoking chips within the system gives users a good start-up.
  • A smoker can be used for different styles of cooking.
  • A user with any expertise level can use this smoker.
  •  The food capacity is sufficient for big families.


  • Not a great smoker for mobile chefs.
  • The price of the machine is on the higher side.

2. Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker

best vertical smoker reviews

This 22-inch vertical smoker not just offers you a large cooking space but a wide range of features too. This is one of the most efficient vertical smokers available on the market right now. For people with an immense love for smoky food, this smoker has a lot in the offing.

Major Highlights of the product:

  1. This smoker is durable because of the quality of materials that are used in it. Aluminum duel door is made of rust-resistant metal, charcoal chamber, the lid, and the bowl are made using porcelain enamel, which not just adds to the durability of the product, but ensures fast and efficient cooking as well.
  2. Cooking grates are also made using high-quality steel, so there is no need to worry that the plates would wear off because they won’t.
  3. The smoker sports a large cooking area of around 726 sq. inches, which consists of two plated steel cooking grates. You can put two different dishes on both grates.
  4. This smoker consists of four dampers for better heat control. One damper is situated on the top while three are placed at the bottom. Each of the dampers is equipped with a set of air vents.
  5. The company has given a built-in thermometer for reading internal temperature easily.
  6. To easily set fire to the coal, you will get an aluminized steel rapid fire chimney starter, which will light up the coal within seconds.
  7. The charcoal chamber is also quite spacious, and to place charcoal pieces, there is a round shaped ring integrated by the company. This design helps channel the heat directly in the cooking chamber.
  8. To add moisture to the meat while it is being grilled, there is a porcelain-enameled water pan present in the machine. The water raises the temperature of the food, thus lowering the cooking time.
  9. To add more coal and water into the water bowl, you can use the fuel door, which is made of a rust-resistant material.


  • A perfect smoker to get a host of smoke-flavored dishes in the comfort of your house.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Charcoal can be added to the machine much easier due to an improved design.
  • Keeping a track of temperature becomes much easier with a built-in thermometer.
  • Cleaning and management of this smoker are a lot easier than other vertical smokers are.


  • The temperature gauge is not that accurate.
  • Although assembly is easier, there aren’t any instructions given in the box regarding assembling of the smoker.

3. 18-1/2 In. Classic Pit Barrel Cooker

Best vertical smoker reviews

This vertical smoker by Pit Barrel is for those who like the DIY approach or are running on a tight budget for buying a decent smoker. Although the design of this smoker is similar to Weber Smokey Mountain smoker, there are certain differences that I’ll explain here. There isn’t a water bowl in Pit Barrel Smoker. You won’t be able to place your food on grill racks, so you will have to hang the meat vertically inside the smoker by making use of metal hooks.

The smoker has a 30-gallon drum that is made of 18-gauge steel and a highly formidable lid. Therefore, it is capable of handling high temperatures, and when it receives the cooler temperature from outside, it adds moisture in the barrel, thus leading in a smoky, juicy piece of meat. The cylindrical shape of Pit Barrel Cooker generates optimum heat and then, distributes it evenly throughout the smoker.


  • Meat hooking system of this vertical smoker is pretty amazing, as meat is hanged inside the smoker thus allowing the users to baste the meat with the juices that are dripping from the meat.
  • There aren’t any hot conduction points in this smoker, unlike many conventional smokers.
  • It gets less messy during the operation, so cleaning of this smoker is easy. Moreover, all the juices from the meat is going to fall directly on the blazing coals, so there is no need to waste your time cleaning up messy water bowl after cooking the food.


  • An expensive smoker provided that there are aren’t many features to play with.
  • It becomes hot at times, so you can only maintain low and slow temperatures by making sure not to add too much of hot charcoal at the beginning of the cooking process.

4. Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill

best vertical smoker

The advancement in frying technology can be easily determined by making use of this amazing vertical smoker by Char-Boil. This smoker is a giant among all the advanced and sophisticated vertical smokers, and using it is more of a fun task rather than just cooking.

Major Highlights Of The Product:

  1. You are looking at a multi-functional smoker in Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster & Grill. You can grill, roast or smoke your meat to perfection.
  2. If you think the oil is used just for cooking, then this smoker will prove it wrong. The food cooked in this smoker will be tender and crisp, which is so because of the even distribution of heat within the smoker. Even distribution had been made possible due to the oil that adds fluidity to the food, with the oil being used as a heating agent. The inclusion of infrared technology in the smoker will ensure as to what shape, length, and weight of the food being cooked are, thus enabling the smoker to channel the heat in the right spots.
  3. Mammoth Space for Roasting and Grilling that one gets in this smoker is what makes it an excellent choice for users with large families. You can simultaneously roast and grill a good amount of meat without worrying about things getting messy because it won’t.
  4. A thermal control from 9.000 BTU to 18,000 is more than enough to play with different kinds of meat. Changing the temperature is also done a lot quicker than many vertical smokers.
  5. Despite so much of space and features, this machine weighs on 63 pounds, so if you want to carry it along on trips, then there is certainly a possibility of doing that.


  • An ample amount of space gives users the freedom to cook a wide range of meats at a single time.
  • This is perhaps the best oil-less fryers available on the market right now. Where most oil-less fryers lack capabilities and multiple functions, this vertical smoker won’t disappoint you at all.
  • Easily cook different meals together, which will save time and electricity. But, more importantly, it shows the machine’s capability to provide the exact temperature that is required to cook a specific meal that is totally different from the one that is cooking adjacently.
  • The strong construction amalgamated with quality parts ensures the longevity of the machine. It can withstand extreme weathers, and still give you the taste for which you love this vertical smoker.


  • The smoker doesn’t come assembled, so you will have to do it yourself, which may be a bit time to consume and annoying at the same time.
  • The price of this smoker may bother you because it is on the expensive side.

5. Dyna-Glo DGO1176BDC-D Vertical Offset Charcoal Smoker

best vertical smoker

Do you always have a lot of guests coming to your house on weekends? If yes, then you need a smoker that could easily feed those hungry beasts.

Major Highlights Of The Product

  1. An overall cooking area of 1,176 sq. inches., and the ability to cook up to 150 lbs of food at one time is going to make your task a lot easier.
  2. Despite a large cooking area, maneuvering this machine is not that difficult. It has got a reliable handle on either side, which makes moving the machine from one place to another easy.
  3. I really liked the offset firebox that is given in this smoker. This feature helps reduce the heat levels that come across the food, thus allowing me to have a more delicious food without charring.
  4. After cooking, there is no need to spend time cleaning up because the smoker incorporates a grease management system, so all the grease drippings and condensation will be accumulated in a defined place. Just wipe down the vertical smoker and that’s it, the smoker is clean.


  • A highly spacious product with the large cooking area.
  • An easy to clean product with grease management system.
  • This vertical smoker is easy to maneuver.
  • Easy-to-read temperature gauge.


  • Cooking time may be increased due to machine’s offset design.
  • Assembling this vertical smoker is quite difficult.
  • A number of modifications are required before you could use this smoker.

Different Types of Smokers

There are five types of vertical smokers available on the market, which are; wood pellets, charcoal, electric, hardwood, and propane operated. Let us delve into the details of each type of vertical smoker

  1. Charcoal And Wood Smokers: These are traditional types of smokers, which can provide a more authentic flavor to the food. Mostly, the cheapest smokers that are available on the market usually make use of charcoal, but some premium smokers also use charcoal.
  2. Electric Smokers: These are some of the most convenient smokers to use, but when it comes to getting a flavor-packed food, then it isn’t as good as the charcoal or wood smokers. But, everything is automatic in electric smokers, so you don’t have to babysit for your food.
  3. Pellet Smokers: These can be electrically powered, but the heat and smoke are generated by wood pellets. These are as convenient as electric smokers, but provide a better taste and flavor than electric smokers.
  4. Propane Smokers: These are probably the fastest of the smokers, and quite easy to use, but you can’t get the same smoky flavor in these as you would have gotten in a charcoal smoker.

Things To Keep In Mind While Buying The Best Vertical Smoker


The type of features a smoker has depends a lot on its price. You need to ask yourself as to how much you want to get involved in the cooking process. So, the more you leave things to the machine, the expensive it will be. Having a dozen of features in a smoker doesn’t harm, does it? So, if you want your smoker to be packed with features, then get ready to loosen your pocket as well.


What size of smoker you want to buy will depend upon how much people you want to feed. If you just want to make food for a family for four, then a smoker with 400-500 sq. Inches, of the area, will do the job for you. If you are looking to feed a group of dozen people, then the size of the smoker will increase accordingly. A smoker with a cooking area of 800-1000 sq. inches will be good enough.


You need to buy a smoker that can cook any type of meat with perfection. Moreover, a smoker that is capable of smoking, grilling, braising and roasting meat is the one you should go with. A good thing is, most vertical smokers are nowadays capable of cooking food in different types, plus they aren’t that expensive too.


It is extremely important to choose a branded product because only a brand can provide quality products with genuine warranties. You can find many fake copies of original products these days, so take some time to find out as to whether the product you’ve chosen is genuine or fake.

Final Verdict

The job to find the best vertical smoker could have been a lot difficult, but I guess I have made it somewhat easier for you. Now, you have got five products to choose from, which is a lot better than going through dozens of options that are available on the market. Which vertical smoker suits you the best is a question that only can answer, so go through the aforementioned reviews and choose the vertical smoker that fits your requirements in the best way.