Women are very conscious about their looks, and they will do everything within their power to look stunning. One of the biggest hindrances in their beautiful looks is hair, and I’m not talking about head hair, but the hair on their arms, armpits, legs and other parts of the body where they don’t need the hair at all. One way of getting rid of body hair is by using a hair removal system, which permanently stops the growth of hair from the part where the machine is used. However, many women have reservations regarding this process, so they want to have a temporary solution, which they can repeat from time to time.

Well, the temporary solution for removing body hair is the same as that of men. Where men use a beard trimmer to trim beard and hair from other body parts, women too can use a similar product by the name of ‘electric razor’. An electric razor looks like men’s trimmer, but it incorporates many other features, which are beneficial to only women. If you are interested in buying an electric razor, then you must first go through the reviews of 10 best women’s electric razor consumer reports.

Reviews Of 10 Best Women’s Electric Razors

1. Hatteker 2-In-1 Electric Razor For Women

best women’s electric razor consumer report

If you want an electric razor, which you can use to remove hair with great confidence, then you can consider Hatteker 2-in-1 electric razor. This is a professional unit, which can be used on the face, arms, legs and bikini lines. You can customize the unit to shave in the way you like. The inclusion of a floating hypoallergenic foil ensures that the hair remains as short as possible without damaging the skin.

You can use this razor on dry or wet hair, as it sports a waterproof design. The razor has a detachable head along with a facial brush, which provides excellent results in terms of getting rid of the facial hair. The razor once fully charged operates for 50 minutes non-stop. As far as charging is concerned, then it supports USB charging as well besides charging via plugging into the power outlet. The only drawback of this product is that the outer blade can’t be folded.

2. Panasonic ES2207P Electric Shaver For Women 

best women’s electric razor consumer report

Panasonic has entered into the competition of 10 best women’s electric razors with its ES2207P electric razor. This product is ideal for newbies who are just starting with their DIY grooming venture as well as seasoned pros. Great value for money product that helps you achieve the best results in terms of hair removal. The product can be used on dry as well as wet hair, which makes shaving anything but arduous. Even the cleaning of this electric shaver is easy, as you can submerge it in the water.

The unit has three heads, which can float up and down independently, so as to increase the chance of catching the hair in one stroke thrice as much as any other razor. The blades of this razor are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel for excellent sharpness and long-lasting performance. The electric razor can also be used to create smooth bikini lines. The only drawback in this unit is its less run time, i.e., 20 minutes on a full charge. Moreover, it can only be charged via a power cable, so no USB charging available in it.

3. Sminiker Professional Version Electric Razor

best women’s electric razor consumer report

Now, this is a 4-in-1 electric razor, which features a 3-in-1 shaver head, so buying this product will get you a facial cleansing brush, trimming head and shaving head. It doesn’t matter if you want to clean the hair on your arms, armpits, legs and bikini line and even facial hair, this electric razor will do the job for you. The unit incorporates two straight shaving blades on both sides along with a shaving foil at the center.

The razor easily adjusts to the contour of the body to deliver an impeccable shave. It also offers deep pore cleansing on the face, courtesy of its facial cleansing brush head. A waterproof razor, you can easily clean it by submerging in the water, but make sure not to bring the cradle close to water, as that isn’t water-resistant. The hypoallergenic foil and super-sharp blades make this razor an excellent shaver. The run time of this electric razor is around 70 minutes, which is among the longest on the list. Overall, an incredible device for regular use.

4. ISTON Rechargeable Wet And Dry Painless Lady Shaver Body Hair Remover

best women’s electric razor consumer report

For a complete hair removal solution, you can trust ISTON body hair remover, which features three high-speed sharp stainless steel blades. You can get rid of the hair on our arms, armpits, face, legs, bikini lines and other parts of the body. The efficiency of this electric razor comes from its hypoallergenic blades along with advanced 3D floating foil, which together offers smooth and safe shaving. You can check the battery status on the LED display integrated into the unit.

The razor works for 70 minutes when it is fully charged after which, you will plug it into the power supply. It takes 2 hours to fully charge the razor. This is a 100% waterproof unit, which can be used even in the shower. You can also lock the product to avoid unexpected turn-on of the unit. The package includes a wide range of accessories such as cleaning brush, protective head cover, bikini shaver, eyebrow tweezer scissors set and a USB charging cable. The absence of an adapter will disappoint you, but other than that, everything is great in this product.

5. CCFADD Electric Shaver For Women

best women’s electric razor consumer report

Now, this is an electric shaver for women as well as men. The blade of this shaver is designed from medical-grade stainless steel, which removes the hair smoothly and doesn’t even irritate the skin. You can quickly get rid of hair from any part of the body, be it arm, head, leg, bikini lines or any other body hair. The razor boasts an ergonomic design, which when combines with 3D rotary floating blades gives excellent results.

There are five floating blade heads, which allows you to keep the razor-close to the skin as you shave. When you are done using the razor, you can clean it with water, as this product is IPX6 rated, but make sure not to soak the unit in water, as then, it will cease to work. As far as run time and charging of the razor is concerned, then you will get 45 minutes of run time after which, you will have to recharge it via USB charging.

6. Philips SatinShave BRL140/50 Advanced Women’s Electric Shaver 

best women’s electric razor consumer report

Philips is a leading brand when it comes to personal care products, and this product consolidates that claim. Philips SatinShave BRL140 is a shaver, which does its task in a pain-free manner. It features a pearl tip trimmer, which removes hair without causing irritation to the skin. Sporting a waterproof design, you can easily clean the unit underwater. It won’t rust or corrode at all.

A trimming comb is included in the package, which is accompanied by a gentle gliding technology to make shaving a fun job. The operation of the electric razor is premised upon on a Li-ion battery, which works longer and is easy to recharge. The razor is ideal for dry as well as wet surfaces, so if you want to remove hair while taking a bath, then you can certainly do that.

7. Misiki 3 in 1 Electric Lady Shaver

best women’s electric razor consumer report

Misiki has developed a shaving machine precisely for ladies. For safe and pain-free shaving, use this electric razor, which efficiently removes hair on arms and legs. One of the highlighting features of this product is its ability to remove hair from hard-to-reach areas such as bikini lines and underarms. The residual hair is also removed, courtesy of the floating foil. The blades of this razor are made from high-quality stainless steel, which makes the operation smooth and pain-free.

You can use this razor on the dry or wet surface, as the unit is IP68 rated. The inclusion of a built-in LED light turns on automatically as you start using the product. When you’re done using the shaver, you can detach the cutter head and clean it under the tap water. As far as charging goes, you can charge the razor via micro USB charging or by connecting it to the power source. The run time and charging time are exactly the same, i.e., 2 hours, which is great.

8. Remington WDF5030A Smooth & Silky Electric Shaver 

best women’s electric razor consumer report

Remington WDF5030A is an incredible electric shaver, which will help you overcome your day-to-day hair removal needs. This shaver is hypoallergenic, which means, it can be used on all types of skins. The shaver’s head is very flexible, which allows you to position it in a much better way. This also allows the floating foil to stay on the skin for a closer shave. The inclusion of glide technology ensures a smooth and silky shave. The run time of this shaver is 30 minutes, which could have been a bit longer.

9. VOYOR-HEALTH ES400 Electric Shaver for Women 

best women’s electric razor consumer report

For those looking for a fast, effective and reliable trimmer can opt for Voyor-Health ES400 because it comes with multi-function heads, which can be used for different shaving jobs. It has got a specially designed blade, which trims hair from large areas of the body, but then, there is another head, which is used for cutting hair from complicated areas such as eyebrows, where great precision is required.

From face hair to bikini line, this electric razor can provide you with a complete solution. The unit is waterproof, as it is IPX7 rated, so you can use it over dry or wet body. When you are done using the razor, you can connect it to the power outlet and use it again. This electric razor is a perfect addition to your grooming kit because of its compact design and features.

10. Brori Electric Razor For Women

best women’s electric razor consumer report

There are only a few products, which offer a quiet and smooth shave, and Brori is one of them. Brori electric razor features three high-speed razor-sharp blades, which get rid of the unwanted hair on armpits, beck, legs and arms. It can even clean hair from bikini lines without any residue, which shows how efficient the product is. The shaver’s blade is designed using hypo-allergenic stainless steel, which will glide gently over the skin, removing hair in a painless manner. This electric razor is IPX7 rated, which means water doesn’t affect the product.

You can detach shaving heads and wash the entire body. The cleaning brush that accompanies a long cleaning brush that makes cleaning the shaver easy. The best thing about this razor is the built-in illumination light, which reveals the finest of the hairs for a comprehensive cleaning. When it comes to charging the unit, then you can directly charge by connecting the device to the power source or you can do fast USB charging as well. Once fully charged, the razor works for 60 minutes. The company offers excellent support for the product, just in case, you find any problem with it.


If you don’t like the hair on your body but are also not in favor of permanently removing them, then the best option for you is an electric razor. As you have read reviews of 10 best women’s electric razor consumer reports, you must have gotten a decent idea as to which electric razor suits you. The functionality of all 10 products is the same, but the difference lies only in the run time, charging time and types & number of shaving heads. So, you can choose the product that suits your requirements and budget.