There are plenty of ways of getting rid of body hair with trimming being the most common one. However, a trimmer is mostly used by men for trimming beard and other body hair, whereas, women opt for waxing to get rid of body hair. But, the process of cutting body hair every once in a while is an annoying task for many, which they want to stop. The best way of removing body hair is investing in a hair removal system. There are plethora of options available on the market, so you can easily get confused. To make the selection process easier, you can take a look at the reviews of 10 best hair removal system consumer reports. This will allow you to zero-in on the most suitable product without spending too much of your precious time.

Reviews Of 10 Best Hair Removal Systems

1. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser For Women and Men

Tria hair removal system consumer report

If you were searching for a powerful Tria hair removal system consumer reports, then your search ends right here. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser is three times more powerful than other IPL or at-home hair removal systems. A built-in battery delivers power to the unit to carry out its operations, so you don’t need to look for power outlets to use it. As it uses laser light to remove the hair from the body, you must be wondering if the light of that intensity could also damage your eyes. Well, your concern is genuine, but there is nothing to worry, as the light emission isn’t as intense as you will find in an IPL device.

You will be surprised to see the precision with which the unit removes the hair from a specific area. The ability of this product, which is a part of every home electrolysis reviews consumer reports target each follicle deeper than IPL makes it a much better product. For permanent results, use the product every fortnight until you get the desired results. This machine works excellently on light brown or black body hair, so people with any other hair color other than these may not get as good results.

2. IMENE Laser Hair Removal for Women & Men

home electrolysis reviews consumer report

Take a look at IMENE Hair Removal, which sports IPL technology to remove hair and stop their regrowth as well. This is a safe and effective product, which starts showing noticeable results in 8 weeks of treatment. The machine features an ‘ice compress plate’, which maintains the temperature of the skin surface between 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. So, you don’t have to worry about redness and swelling on the skin, as that ice compress plate will take care of it.

The unit has a long service life, i.e., 500,000 flashes, which is enough for the whole body hair removal of around 10 individuals. The flash head is non-removable in order to prevent the risk of light leakage and loose contact. The product can be used to remove hair from small as well as large areas in a safe and effective manner. The company is so confident about its product that it even offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on it. If you come across any issue in the product, then you can return it to the company (no questions asked).

3. Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light

best hair removal system consumer report

Braun is regarded as one of the best brands for personal care appliances, and this hair removal system further consolidates that claim. The company claims to provide a permanent hair reduction in 4 weeks with the help of this hair removal system. With the incorporation of the safest IPL technology (Intense Pulse Light Technology), which is clinically tested for removing hair permanently.

The unit comprises of ‘Sensoadapt’ skin sensor, which automatically adapts to the skin tone of the person and offers excellent hair removal. It takes just 8 minutes to get the hair off your leg, so that shows the efficiency of the machine. Then, the company has included a Gillette Venus razor, which is the secret behind the smooth and efficient cutting of hair. You can buy this product with confidence, as it is a Braun product, which also comes with 100-day money-back guarantee.

4. LOVE DOCK Facial & Body Laser Hair Removal for Women and Men

best hair removal system consumer report

Unlike other hair removal systems that make use of IPL technology, this hair removal system uses WPL, which is a lot gentler and safer for the user’s skin. A light of a specific wavelength is emitted by this unit, which is absorbed by melanin, which is what the hair follicle constitutes. Melanin after absorbing the light blasts away, thus destroying the hair follicle in the process. As a result, permanent hair removal takes place. When it comes to WPL technology, then it is 100% safe and effective, as you can get the desired results in just 3 weeks of treatment, whereas the normal hair removal takes place in around 2 months.

The unit is capable of 350,000 flashes, which makes it ideal for removing hair of 10-15 people. You can see the number of flashes on the built-in LCD screen of the unit. The product is suitable for people with any kind of skin, from tough to sensitive; the unit can be used for any skin type, courtesy of its 5 energy levels. The unit includes ICE Cool Function with Cooling Head, which doesn’t let the skin to become red or swell after the hair removal procedure. The company offers 180-day money-back guarantee on the product along with 12-month friendly service.

5. DEESS Permanent Hair Removal System

home laser hair removal reviews consumer report

DEESS is a brand, which has developed an excellent home laser hair removal reviews consumer reports. The product has the fastest flashing time, i.e., 0.9 seconds per flash, which combined with smart automatic flash mode allows the user to remove hair from his/her arm in two minutes and lower leg in just four minutes. The product is equipped with IPL technology and Ice Compress technology, which allows comfortable hair removing experience.

A user will find a 95 percent hair reduction in 2-3 months with a permanent stoppage on the hair growth after 3 months of use. Three different lamps accompany the unit, which meets the skincare needs of the people in the most comprehensive manner, but make sure to unplug the device before replacing the lamp. The company also offers 2-year warranty on the product against all manufacturing defects.

6. PHILIPS Lumea BRI956/60 Prestige IPL Hair Removal Tool with 4 Attachments 

home laser hair removal reviews consumer report

The list of the best hair removal system can’t be completed without a Philips product, so here I am with a Philips hair removal system. This one allows you to enjoy 2 months of smooth and hairless skin. The company has developed the first-ever machine, which is equipped with IPL technology and has four curved attachments for face, body, underarms, and bikini.

To find out the best setting as per your skin tone, the company has added a ‘SmartSkin Sensor’ in the product. The unit operates on AC power supply as well as on battery power, so use it how you like. Along with the hair removal system, you will get a Philips Satin compact face and body trimmer and its cleaning brush as well.

7. SMALLRT D19 Pro Hair Removal for Women & Men 

best hair removal system consumer report

When you are looking for a smart, pain-free and permanent hair removal, you will want to invest in a reputed brand, right? SMALLRT hair removal is a product that is known for removing the hair in an efficient and reliable way. The hair is removed in an organized manner, and you don’t have to worry about the re-growth of the hair, as it won’t happen. To use the hair removal machine, place it at 90 degrees vertically against the skin and begin with the to and fro motion.

The machine is effective on light, medium & dark brown and black hair. The machine comes with two modes, manual mode, and auto mode, where the first mode is used for removing hair from small areas. The auto mode, on the other hand, is used for cleaning hair from large areas. There are five different energy levels in this hair removal machine for accommodating to skin with different sensitivity levels. Incorporated with IPL technology, you will not find the re-growth of hair in the areas where you have used the machine. However, the unit is not as effective on white, red and blonde hair along with dark skin.

8. Beamia IPL Permanent Hair Removal System

best hair removal system consumer report

The working of this hair removal system ensures a permanent stoppage of hair regrowth in the areas where it is used. The machine puts hair follicles to sleep along with stopping the cycle of hair regrowth. The entire procedure is smooth and pain-free, even for first-time users. Women who are looking to have a complete makeup and grooming kit can buy this particular product along with the best hair straightener and best hair dryer.

The machine is equipped with an advanced skin tone sensor, which scans the skin tone and adjusts the light intensity accordingly. With this machine, you don’t have to worry about buying a replacement cartridge, as it can give up to 999,999 flashes. There is nothing better than getting your hair removed by a professional hair removal system in the comfort of your own house.

9. Feeke Laser Hair Removal For Women and Men 

best hair removal system consumer report

When it comes to removing body hair, the less painful the process is, the better it is for the users. Feeke laser hair removal is a product designed for both men and women, which shows that the product can be used on tough men's skin to gentle and soft women’s skin. The unit has a long service life, around 999,999 flashes, which is the highest value ever.

The unit comes with two flash modes, automatic mode, and manual mode, with the former mode used for removing hair from areas such as back, legs, arms, and abdomen, whereas the latter mode is used for removing hair from fingers, lips, underarms and bikini lines. The technology used in this product is 100% safe and reliable, which you will get to know once you start using it. The company offers round-the-clock support on the product, so in case, you encounter any issue, then you can get in touch with the company’s officials.

10. Trunple IPL Hair Removal System For Women and Men

best hair removal system consumer report

Using this hair removal system for 4 weeks will make your hair finer and stop the hair regrowth process. When you use this machine, you won’t be any tingling sensation or pain, even if you have sensitive skin. The product features IPL technology, something that you have heard a lot until now. It is used in the majority of hair removal systems because it offers the fastest, easiest and safest way to destroy the hair follicle.

Besides IPL technology, the unit includes 2 flash modes and 5 energy levels in which the modes are selected for removing hair from specific areas and the energy levels are adjusted as per the sensitivity of the skin. As far as the usability of the product is concerned, then that is around 999,900 for the whole body treatment, which means, you don’t have to get a replacement cartridge. The company offers 90-day money-back guarantee along with a 1-year warranty on the product, which gives a lot of confidence to the users in terms of using the product.

Final Verdict

Cosmetic tools are extremely important for women as well as for men because both parties want to look attractive and beautiful. One of the biggest obstacles in the beauty of a person is body hair. If you too are fed up with your body hair and want to get rid of them in the comfort of your own house, then just go through the best hair removal system consumer reports comprising of reviews of 10 top products. Some of the hair removal systems use IPL Technology (Intense Pulse Light), while others have WPL Technology (Wavelength Pulse Light). Find out which hair removal system suits you the best followed by purchasing the same.

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