Wusthof Knife Sharpener Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports

When looking for a knife sharpener, it can be very difficult to discern what you really need and want. Considering that Wusthof is a more than 200-year-old knife company, you can rest assured that the company knows what you need when it comes to sharpening your knives at home. You may want to consider reading Wusthof knife sharpener reviews consumer reports, and for that, we’ve got you covered. Think of whether or not you want an electric knife sharpener. What are you willing to spend? Maybe you need a two stage sharpener, but would love to have a four stage sharpener. Making a list and reading reviews will be your best bet to finding the right product for you.

Reviews Of 3 Best Wusthof Knife Sharpeners

1. Wusthof PETec Electric Sharpener

Wusthof knife sharpener reviews consumer reports

The Wusthof PETec Electric Sharpener has three different stages of knife sharpening. These three stages are sharpening, honing and polishing. This is the perfect sharpener for those who want to easily sharpen knives or who are beginners at sharpening knives. This product does require electricity, however; it can’t necessarily be used on the go or while camping, for example.


  • This is an electric sharpener, so it is easy to use.
  • It has three different stages to give your knives a sharp, smooth edge
  • The sharpener both sharpens and reshapes knives.
  • The last stage polishes the blade of the knife.
  • This knife sharpener is lightweight and weighs less than five pounds.
  • It employs Wusthof’s Precision Edge Technology.
  • You can use this knife to sharpen serrated knives.
  • This sharpener is versatile and can be used on a variety of different knives, including Asian knives.
  • It isn’t hand-held, which makes it less dangerous to use.


  • It can’t be put in the dishwater or submerged in water, so cleaning is difficult.
  • The right edge of the blade doesn’t always sharpen as well as the left edge.
  • Requires electricity, so it isn’t the best option if you need a portable sharpener.
  • May cause scratches on the sides of knives if not used properly.
  • Much more expensive than the other sharpeners on our list.

2. Wusthof Classic Ikon Two-Stage Hand-held Knife Sharpener

Wusthof knife sharpener reviews consumer reports

The Wusthof Classic Ikon Two-Stage Hand-held Knife Sharpener is a great option for beginners. This sharpener is the best product on the list for intermediate level knife sharpeners. It is a great middle ground between the electric sharpener for beginners and the four-stage manual sharpener for those who are confident in their abilities.


  • Can be used to sharpen numerous different varieties of knives.
  • This sharpener has two different stages that are useful for different reasons, such as sharpening dull, blunt blades and general re-sharpening.
  • The sharpening rods are designed to cut at a 14 degree angle on each side of the blade, which is optimal for creating sharp knives.
  • Specifically made to work with Ikon knives from Wusthof.
  • The handle is designed to be used on a countertop with a stopper on the handle to prevent your hand from slipping and causing injury.
  • Non-slip grips on the bottom of the sharpener prevent it from sliding during use.


  • This may be a little heavy for some, as it weighs almost 10 pounds.
  • It isn’t an ideal sharpener for Asian, or Japanese, style knives, such as the Santoku knife.
  • This sharpener may cause scratches on your knives if it isn’t used properly.

3. Wusthof Precision Edge Four-Stage Knife Sharpener

Wusthof knife sharpener reviews consumer reports

Wusthof Precision Edge Four-Stage Knife Sharpener made it to number three on this list, because it is the best of all worlds. It has four stages, but is manual, which sets it apart from the other sharpeners on the list. This knife sharpener is made for people who want complete control over their knife sharpening, as well as many different options. For people with a variety of different knives, this is the perfect product.


  • This sharpener has four different stages, which can be used to sharpen a variety of different knives.
  • You can select standard or Asian knife settings to ensure that you get the correct angle for all of your knives.
  • This product both hones and sharpens your knives with just three or four pulls.
  • The sharpener is weighted, which makes it safer to use, as it is less likely to slip from your hand.
  • It is only 9-inches long, so it isn’t awkward or too large for people with smaller hands.
  • The rubber handle gives users extra grip when using this product.
  • This product is made for people who are both left- and right-handed.
  • You can use this sharpener to sharpen serrated knives by using only the second stage.


  • May be a little heavy for some, as it weighs almost 10 pounds.
  • This is one of the more complicated sharpeners from Wusthof, and may be too complex for those who have no knife sharpening experience.
  • The four-stages are a little misleading, as two of the stages are actually just for different kinds of knives, i.e. American or Asian.

Why Do You Need to Sharpen Knives?

Knives are the most dangerous tool in the kitchen, and dull knives are even more hazardous. Dull knives are much more likely to slip off of the food you are attempting to cut and cause you to cut yourself. Plus, if a knife is dull, you need to use more force to cut through your food, which means that you have less control over the tool. Lastly, if you know that a knife is sharp, you are more likely to use it with care.

Using a dull knife can also ruin your food. If you can’t properly cut the ingredients you are cooking with, you may end up with mush or inconsistently cut pieces. You won’t want to ruin a salad with squished tomatoes, so you need to keep those knives sharp.

How Do Knife Sharpeners Work?

Knife sharpening seems like a simple process, but how does it work? To sharpen a knife, you need to grind it against a hard, rough surface. Stone and sandpaper are popular sharpening surfaces for knives, but now knife sharpeners are the easiest way to get your knives cutting like they did when they were brand new.

There are a few different styles of knife sharpeners. A couple common ones are whetstones and steels, but these products are not made for beginners and only cover part of the process. Whetstones help you grind the metal of the blade, while steels help straighten the metal on the blade, but don’t remove much of the metal. The last step in the process is polishing, which these two tools aren’t capable of doing.

Knife sharpeners can be capable of completing all three stages of the sharpening process. Many sharpeners have different stages and the different stages will cover these three stages. You will notice that there are some sharpeners that only have one or two stages, and in those cases, the polishing step is typically what gets skipped (Wuesthof).

Manual Knife Sharpeners vs Electric Knife Sharpeners

There are benefits to using both manual and electric knife sharpeners, but there may be one option that is better for you and your knife sharpening needs.

Manual knife sharpeners are safer and simpler than their electric counterparts. These sharpeners allow for the most control when sharpening knives. Unfortunately, many knifes don’t lend themselves to manual knife sharpening. Knives that are serrated or have heavily waved edges will sharpen unevenly, which will do more harm than good.

Manual knife sharpeners are easy to use; most use two hardened wheels that intersect at the point where the blade sits in the sharpener. These wheels then rotate and create an angle that sharpens the edge of the blade.

Electric knife sharpeners work much more quickly than manual ones. They are easier and more convenient than their manual counterparts, and they are generally more sophisticated. To use an electric knife sharpener, all you need to be able to do is turn the machine on and off. Once the machine is on, you just put the back edge of the knife into the slot and pull the knife back toward yourself until it is sharp.

Like manual knife sharpeners, electric sharpeners may do more than just sharpen the blades of your knives. Many electric sharpeners can even polish your knife. Electric knife sharpeners often have different stages of sharpening, which will allow you to get better results than you would with a manual sharpener (http://www.knifesharpenerstop.com/).

How to Choose the Best Wusthof Knife Sharpener

Before you go out and purchase a new Wusthof knife sharpener, you will need to consider what you want and need out of the sharpener. To do this, you need to look at the kinds of knives you will need to sharpen, as well as how much effort you want to put into sharpening your kitchen knives.

While both manual and electric knife sharpeners are easy to use, electric sharpeners are fool proof. If you are concerned about being a beginner, you may want to consider buying an electric sharpener. If you are confident that you will quickly become a pro, you have more freedom to choose between electric and manual.

Also consider how you want your knives to perform. Electric knife sharpeners generally have more stages than manual sharpeners, which means that you can sometimes get a better edge on your knife. If you don’t need the have all the bells and whistles, a manual option would be less expensive.

Now, you need to decide on how many different stages you want your knife sharpener to have. Do you want a simple sharpener? If so, you will want to choose one with fewer stages. Learn more with our Wusthof knife sharpener reviews.

Final Thoughts

The Wusthof PETec Electric Knife Sharpener was the winner of this Wusthof Knife Sharpener battle. This knife sharpener is a great tool for people who don’t want to stress over trying to sharpen their knives. This electric knife sharpener is easy to use, has three different stages to properly sharpen your knives, and is safe to use. The fact that anyone could use this product makes it highly rated, but it is much more expensive than many other knife sharpeners on the market.

After reading best Wusthof knife sharpener reviews consumer reports, you should be all set to make the best purchasing decision for you. Wusthof’s knife sharpener selection is broad, but these three products are the most likely to solve your dull knife problems.

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