Best Yoga Mats Reviews Consumer Ratings & Reports 2024

The fast pace of life has forced many to put health and well-being on the backburner. This is the reason why so many people suffer from sleep disorders, muscle pain, stress, headaches, fatigue, and other problems that they could have easily avoided by implementing one simple thing in their lives. The cure to most (if not all) health problems lies in ‘YOGA’, which is an ancient technique to stay fit and healthy. You can keep a track of your fitness with the best fitness tracker.

If you were considering practicing yoga, then you will need a dedicated mat where you can lie and perform different asanas of this amazing Indian technique. You are fortunate to be living in a time where you can find many top-quality yoga mats at the most affordable price. Check out consumer reports yoga mats, which consist of reviews of the 5 best yoga mats available on the market followed by a buying guide.

Reviews Of 5 Best Yoga Mats

1. Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat Fitness & Exercise Mat

consumer reports yoga mats

Get this classic yoga mat from Gaiam Essentials, which is excellent for all types of exercise and fitness routines, which include yoga, Pilates, and several other floor exercises. The yoga mat boasts a thick layer of cushion that offers excellent support to the person. The yoga mat is 2.5 inches thick, which makes it ideal for a variety of exercise and workout routines. The yoga mat is made of PVC, which is a healthier choice for you and the environment.

The yoga mat is free of DNOP, DIDP, DINP, BBP, DBP, and DEHP.  With this yoga mat comes a carrier strap, which allows you to strap up your mat easily and travel hassle-free. As far as the dimensions of the yoga mat are concerned, then it is 72 inches long and 24 inches wide. The yoga mat weighs 3.11 lbs, which makes it travel-friendly.

2. Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Mat

consumer reports yoga mats

Have a look at this extra-thick yoga mat from Amazon Basics, which is made of 100% NBR foam, which offers excellent support to the users for years to come. The yoga mat is ½-inch thick, which makes it ideal for yoga, exercises, and even gym workout. The textured foam construction on the yoga mat offers excellent stability and traction.

Besides providing amazing support, this extra-thick yoga mat will absorb shocks to deliver maximum comfort to the user. The inclusion of elastic straps on the yoga mat for fast and secure rollup. You will also get a shoulder strap that makes it easier for you to carry it. Before using the yoga mat, just make sure that the mat doesn’t slip on the floor. The yoga mat is 74 inches long, 24 inches wide and 0.5 inches deep.

3. BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Exercise Yoga Mat

consumer reports yoga mats

If you are looking to buy a versatile yoga mat, then you can consider BalanceForm GoYoga, which is a high-density, anti-tear yoga mat. The mat is 71 inches long, 24 inches wide, and ½-inch thick to make your exercise and workout as comfortable as possible. Both sides of the yoga mat have a non-slip surface, thus letting you use it both sides. The slip-resistant surface also saves you from injuries.

The yoga mat is incredibly resilient that keeps you well balanced while performing any exercise. The mat boasts moisture-resistant technology that makes it easy to clean using soap and water. You will get a strap with this yoga mat for easily carrying it from one place to another. The company provides a 2-year warranty on the product that covers all manufacturing defects.

4. Manduka PRO Thick Yoga Mat

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If you were searching for a PRO Yoga Mat, then your search ends here. You can buy Manduka Pro Thick Yoga Mat, which is 6mm thick that will offer excellent comfort to you while performing yoga, barre, Pilates, and more. The yoga mat can be used at home, gyms as well as studios. You can also buy the company’s towel to get an extra grip in sweaty sessions. The yoga mat has been the most popular choice for yoga teachers for around two decades.

It’s a German product, so you can’t question its quality. The yoga mat is made of eco-friendly PVC material, which will retain its position for years to come. Coming with Closed-Cell Technology material, the yoga mat will efficiently wick moisture and sweat, which makes cleaning a breeze. You will get a lifetime warranty on this product.

5. JADE YOGA - Harmony Yoga Mat

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Take a look at this beautiful yoga mat from Jade Yoga, which has a superior level of traction, thanks to the use of natural rubber. The use of natural rubber in this yoga mat also offers more cushions compared to synthetic rubbers like EVA, PER, TPE, and PVC. The yoga mat is ideal for any activity, be it yoga, Pilates, and other exercises.

Besides being comfortable for the users, the yoga mat is eco-friendly as well. The company has planted more than 1 million trees since 2006 as its initiative to give back to the Earth in whatever capacity it could. Coming to the yoga mat, then it is made of high-quality materials, which allow it to last longer.

Criteria For Buying A Yoga Mat

Buying a yoga mat is not going to be easy, especially when you haven’t bought one ever. So, make sure you go through all the points below before finalizing anything.


One of the first criteria to assess is the material of the mat. This can be made of EVA, PER, PVC, NBR, TPE, TPV, cotton, organic cotton, wool, polyurethane, natural rubber, hemp, or jute. It is recommended to avoid toxic materials, as the mat will be in contact with your skin.

Depending on your tastes, you can opt for a material of natural origin. Again, knowing the type of yoga you are going to be doing on it is essential. If you don’t mind sweating profusely by trying advanced yoga positions, you should prefer a yoga mat that is made of non-slip, cooler, and easier to clean material.


Let’s discuss the different thicknesses and their recommended use.

2mm: Very thin mat, according to tests. Ideal for travel. It rolls up easily and weighs less than standard rugs. This isn’t an ideal mat for regular use.

3mm: This is the standard thickness. This thickness is suitable for most styles of yoga.

4mm: This thickness is an excellent choice for more dynamic styles of yoga, considering that it offers better cushioning.

5mm: This type of mat is suitable for styles of yoga that do not incorporate many balance postures. Considering that it is thicker, it does not offer optimal stability.

More than 5 mm: Also known as very thick mats, these are not used for yoga only, but for many other activities such as Pilates, weight training, or stretching.

Dimensions And weight

There are some standard sizes for yoga mats. You will mostly find yoga mats having a length of between 66 inches and 70 inches long and a width of around 23 – 25 inches. This criterion will depend a lot on your physique. Just make sure that your hands and feet are not sticking out of the yoga mat because if they are, then you will need a bigger yoga mat.

The weight will be directly related to the material of manufacture. The denser it is, the heavier the carpet will be. I recommend that you choose based on how often you plan to transport it. In addition, if you often take the train or public transport, choose a lighter mat. You can also opt for a travel mat.


The texture of the carpet varies depending on the material of manufacture. Natural materials, for example, will have their texture due to the characteristics of their composition. It is essential that you are comfortable and that you do not mind the touch during your practice.

Another criterion closely related to the texture is the non-slip effect, or how strongly the yoga mat sticks to the surface. The grip is a key aspect, especially for dynamic yoga styles, as a loss of balance can lead to accidents. Some models of yoga mats have a non-slip surface on both sides.

FAQs About Yoga Mats

Why is it recommended to practice yoga?

Yoga has many benefits for your physical and mental health, helping you relax but also reducing the effects of daily fatigue. Try doing yoga and I can guarantee that you will love the experience. You will be more relaxed while having more energy. Yoga not only relaxes the muscles but also your mind, relieving tension, stress and anxiety. Plus, practicing yoga regularly improves your focus.

On the physical level, yoga will give you energy, strengthen your body and make you more enduring. The postures and breathing practiced during the session improve lung capacity, help keep your heart healthy, make you more flexible, and promote joint mobility. In addition, practicing yoga will improve your posture and bring relief from muscle pain. If the muscle pain continues to exist, then you can take massage on the best massage chair. Finally, doing yoga before going to sleep guarantees you a more peaceful sleep.

What are the necessary characteristics of a good yoga mat?

Depending on the type of yoga you practice, the mat should meet a series of criteria. These include comfort, weight, thickness, grip, and ease of transport. Be sure to check and adapt these factors to your expectations. To these basic criteria, we could add specific characteristics according to the preferences and needs of each user. Its lifespan, its maintenance, if it is non-polluting, hypoallergenic, and possibly recyclable are some of these aspects. And of course, the design and the color are also to be taken into consideration.

Is it necessary to opt for a high-quality yoga mat when starting?

This is a very personal choice. However, we recommend a good quality mat even if you are a beginner. If you are just starting yoga and you don't feel comfortable on your mat, the practice could quickly displease you. If you are sliding, for example, it will be more difficult to maintain the postures and you may end up thinking that yoga is not for you. However, you don't have to spend a fortune on a yoga mat. There is currently a multitude of good quality products at an affordable price. As you advance in the practice, you can of course change your mat.

How to clean a yoga mat?

When doing yoga, the body sweats and the sweat comes into contact with the mat. If you do not clean the carpet regularly enough, bacteria get into it, which can cause bad odors later. For cleaning, it is not recommended to use chemicals that could cause allergic reactions and adverse effects. You can acquire a spray specially designed for its cleaning or just use a little water and soap. Yoga mat cleaner spray: spray over the entire surface then wipe with a cotton or microfiber cloth.

Soap and Water: If you choose to put it in the washing machine, use a cold-water program without spinning. Another option is to immerse it in the tub in which you add a small amount of liquid soap and a teaspoon of baking soda. Then rub the carpet carefully with a sponge, avoiding damaging its surface. To dry it, simply lay it out in the open air or on a drying rack. You can also roll it in a dry towel that will absorb the water. Then let it dry on the towel.

Final Verdict

Not every yoga mat is the same, so the decision to buy one will depend upon the type of exercises you want to perform on a yoga mat. There are different yoga mats for just yoga, so if you are interested in those, then you can check out consumer reports yoga mats reviews. I have also reviewed yoga mats that allow you to perform yoga, Pilates, and other exercises, so choose whatever suits you the best.