Consumer Ratings & Reports Best Eyelash Growth Serum 2023

Eyelash treatment shouldn't be taken lightly if you want them to look beautiful and strong. There are indeed many serums sold in the market and making the wrong choice will not cost you a little money. So, emphasize the pros and cons of each product to find the right one. A top-rated eyelash growth serum is infused with unique and effective formula, which prevents hair fall from your eyelashes and improves their growth in a short time. Get the best eyelash growth serum to enjoy a darkening result, with a strengthening of the follicles. To buy one, you can refer to consumer reports eyelash growth serum reviews followed by a detailed buying guide.

Reviewing 5 Best Eyelash Growth Serums

1. Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum

consumer reports best eyelash growth serum

Use this amazing lash enhancing serum that incorporates a blend of amino acids, vitamins, peptides to improve the appearance of longer, thicker-looking lashes in 4 to 6 weeks. To fully improve the appearance of your lashes, apply the serum for 3 months. The product has been Ophthalmologist tested, so you can use it for contacts and lash extensions.

If you have been dealing with short, thin, and brittle lashes, then try this eyelash growth serum today to witness a dramatic change. Another notable feature of this product is that it is cruelty-free, which means no animals were harmed in manufacturing it. To apply the serum, use it once a day for 1-2 minutes on your eyelid right above your upper lash line and let the serum dry. Apply the serum for 3 months to get the desired length of the lash cycle.

2. RevitaLash Cosmetics Advanced Eyelash Conditioner & Lash Enhancing Serum

consumer reports eyelash growth serum

Check out this advanced eyelash conditioner and lash enhancing serum. This serum features a unique eye-conditioning formula that enhances the look of lashes and protects against breakage. You will also find a significant improvement in the strength and flexibility of your lashes and that too in a natural way. The serum is infused with biotin, lipids, peptides, and green tea extract, which is rich in Panthenol that helps strengthen and conditions lashes with protecting from all sorts of environmental damage.

If you have been using lash styling products, then you should use this serum to prevent your lashes from breakage and brittleness. The company has used its proprietary technology, which it has patented in the US for its Curl Effect. So, by using this product you can discover the true beauty of your natural lashes. The serum is made from vegan-friendly and cruelty-free materials, so you can use it without any worry. The company hasn’t used gluten, BHT, Phthalates, or Parabens in the serum, which makes it effective for people with extra sensitive skin.

3. FEG Eyelash Rapid Eye Lash Growth Serum

consumer reports eyelash growth serum

FEG Eyelash Growth Serum uses the most advanced formula to get you thicker, longer, and darker eyelashes. Apply this serum to your eyelashes to increase the length and strength of your natural lashes. Use this eyelash growth serum to intensify your eye expressions. The company has used 100% natural and non-irritating formula that makes it safe for all skin types.

If you have been dealing with weak lashes, then use this incredible serum. You can start seeing results in just 7 days, and if you keep using the serum daily for 4-6 weeks, then you can notice a significant improvement in the growth of your lashes.

4. Premium Eyelash Growth Serum And Eyebrow Enhancer By VieBeauti

consumer reports eyelash growth serum

VieBeauti brings to you its premium eyelash growth serum, which quickly helps you achieve alluring eyes naturally. Use this serum regularly to promote new eyelash growth and fortify existing hair for beautiful-looking eyes in a matter of 2 weeks. If you have been low on confidence due to thin, sparse, and brittle lashes, then it’s time to regain that confidence by having this highly efficient serum.

The company has used highly effective amino acids that stimulate circulation to blood vessels around follicles. If you have patch lash lines and eyebrows, then this serum will fill in those patches and lash lines to make them look lush and healthy. The serum also features Aspartic acid that helps reinforce hair structure to give strong-looking lashes and bows. The list of nutrients doesn’t end there, as you will find Arginine in the serum as well, which hydrates the hair to improve its strength and reduce brittleness. So, if you have been using fake eyelashes until now, then it’s time to ditch it.

The ingredients used in the serum have been botanically derived to bring unprecedented sheen and luster without any irritation or redness to the skin. You can use the eyelash growth serum in the mornings before you apply the makeup as well as in the evening when you apply a night skin cream. Applying this serum is very easy, as it comes with a fine-tip wand that works in the same way as your favorite eyeliner. Use the wand in the inner corner of the eye and then, move to the outer corner to nourish the follicles for promoting new hair growth and strengthening existing hair.

5. Babe Lash Essential Lash Serum

consumer reports eyelash growth serum

Ending my list with Babe Lash Essential Lash Serum, which is going to get you healthier-looking lashes in a matter of a couple of weeks. You will be amazed to see the growth of your brows and lashes by applying this highly-effective eyelash growth serum. The serum features a lash-friendly formula that hydrates the lashes for amazing results.

The company has used natural and top-quality ingredients to make this effective serum. You can say goodbye to fake lashes, as this serum will get you natural and healthy eyelashes in a matter of a few weeks. To use this serum, dip the wand once in the serum bottle and apply a thin line and dry lash line above the skin level. Let the serum dry, which takes a couple of minutes and that’s it.

How To Buy The Best Eyelash Growth Serum?

Due to a large number of products available on the market, it is not easy to determine which ones will effectively meet your expectations. With this buying guide for the best eyelash serums, you'll know what criteria to consider. So, when you go to a specialty store or a pharmacy, your choice will be easy.


First of all, remember to observe your eyelashes carefully. This will help you more easily determine the right treatment. Remember that a lack of judgment on your part, especially when using makeup, can cost you dearly. Mascara certainly adds volume for a few hours, but it gradually deteriorates the eyelash. You need to know your needs to care for and protect this part of your eyes. Look at yourself in a mirror to see if your hairs are too fine, rather short, or if they are falling out fast enough.

To date, there are three types of serums. You will therefore find stretchers, the main purpose of which is to lengthen the hairs. We also have tonics that strengthen, thus avoiding frequent falls. And finally, you will also face volume enhancers. The goal for the latter is to obtain more thickness, without having to use mascara. Consider taking this information into account to better determine how to buy a better value eyelash serum.

Know that these are the main functions that must be considered. Obviously, all the serums serve as nourishing nutrients to make the hairs grow quickly, but also to repair them in the event of damage caused by the makeup remover. Therefore, base yourself on these characteristics and the condition of your eyelashes to choose.


This is very important in determining which eyelash serum is the best on the market. Items with too many chemicals are never recommended. Since you will be using it every day, insist on natural ingredients to see a clear difference before and after use, without risking complications.

Be sure to focus on a serum with plant and mineral ingredients. The advice of many specialists is generally based on aloe vera, which nourishes effectively, on essential oils of argan, sesame, or rosehip, as well as peptides that stimulate thickness and length.

By going through our comparison, you will easily determine the treatment that will contain the most natural ingredients and the one that will best suit your needs.

Expiration Date

For those who do not yet know how to choose the best eyelash serums of 2021, remember that the expiration date is one of the big criteria. Remember that a large part of the ingredients is natural and do not contain preservatives. Therefore, never forget to check this deadline to avoid poisoning problems.

To determine if this characteristic meets the standards, it is first necessary to know that it does not exceed thirty months after manufacture. It must also comply with the government regulations imposed on cosmetic items.

Also, if you plan to buy online, be sure to immediately return a product that has almost reached its expiration date. Remember that to see the effects of the serum you will need about eight weeks of use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eyelashes And Their Growth

Q. How do I apply a serum to the eyelashes?

A. Simply apply it to cleansed skin at the root of the eyelashes using the brush for this purpose. Start from the inside of the eye outward. This is the same technique as when you use a highlighter pencil.

Q. Can an eyebrow serum be used on the lashes?

A. Yes, they contain similar products which work the same to stimulate the hair follicle. The difference is mostly in the applicator brush which is wider for the eyebrows and smaller for the eyelashes.

Q. How long can it take to see a difference when using eyelash growth serum?

A. Most manufacturers report that after daily use for two weeks you should start to see an improvement in lash volume. Six weeks is the recommended average period for optimal results.

Q. Can trimming the tips of the eyelashes stimulate their growth?

A. This is the case for the hair but not for the eyelashes, unfortunately. We all have a maximum lash length that varies for each person.

Final Verdict

It is well known that false eyelashes can damage real eyelashes. The chemicals used to color and stick them can lead to inflammation and conjunctivitis. Also, the regular use of mascara suffocates the eyelashes. So, the only option left to get fuller lashes is using a serum made from moisturizers. Buy the best eyelash serum from the list of consumer reports eyelash growth serum reviews and get real, beautiful eyelashes in a matter of a few weeks.