Freestanding bathtubs are booming in popularity. While they were once reserved for the rich and famous, today they are more accessible than ever, with styles to suit all tastes and budgets. Modern and luxurious, they offer an instant cachet to any bathroom, and with their comfortable design made to be appreciated, they promote relaxation. If you have renovated your bathroom or are in the process of renovating it, then don’t just focus on getting the best bathroom vanity, best faucets, and best toilet, If you want to jump on this new trend, then you should go through consumer reports best freestanding tubs followed by a comprehensive buying guide to help you make the right decision without wasting much time.

Reviewing 5 Best Freestanding Tubs

1. WOODBRIDGE BTA1513-BG-Drain &O Bathtub

consumer reports best freestanding tubs

This is a spacious bathtub from WoodBridge that can hold up to 60 gallons of water. The non-slip design of the bathtub meets ASTM standards, so you can easily go in and out of it without worrying about slipping. The bathtub is made from 100% high gloss lucite acrylic and then reinforced with fiberglass and Ashland resin. This combination of materials isn’t used by other companies due to their high cost.

This bathtub looks luxurious, but at the same time is very comfortable as well. This isn’t a huge bathtub, so you can fit it into a variety of spaces with ease. It features gently sloping lines that follow natural curves to deliver unmatched comfort. The material used by the company is both scratch and stain-resistant, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The bathtub is CSA certified and comes with 1-year limited warranty on material and workmanship.

2. FerdY Bali Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub

consumer reports best freestanding tubs

FerdY brings to you a highly beautiful freestanding bathtub that boasts sculpted curves, which beautifully cradle your body as you lie down in the tub. The use of cast resin material ensures dynamic curvatures and beautiful, hand-finished details rich with character. This material doesn’t weigh too much, which makes it easy to use and clean. It also helps prolong the life of the bathtub. The dimensions of this bathtub are 47x 15 inches with sloped lumbar support for added comfort while bathing. The inclusion of slotted overflow offers a minimalist design that encourages deep soak.

The use of 100% glossy white acrylic reinforced with fiberglass makes the product durable. It is an environmentally friendly material that won’t crack and remain toxic-free till the time you are using it. The bathtub is cUPC certified, which means it stands on all safety and health parameters as defined by the US government. Installing this bathtub is also a breeze, you will get an instruction manual in the package such as adjustable leveling feet, a brushed nickel drain installed in the bathtub, and plastic and brass drainpipes on the inner side of the tub. You will have to buy a drain stopper separately according to your bathroom design. If you come across any issue, then you can contact the company’s customer support at any time.

3. G Ganen Unisex Portable Foldable Freestanding Ice Bathtub

consumer reports best freestanding tubs

This freestanding bathtub from G Ganen can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is 75 cm high and as much as in diameter but is very lightweight and portable. The bathtub is perfect for small bathrooms or taking along on trips. Using this bathtub is a breeze and so is maintaining it.

The bathtub comes with an inflatable armrest and neck support for added comfort and the company has used quality material to design it to ensure that there is no leakage even after years of use. With 3 layers of durable material, you can be certain about the ruggedness of the bathtub, it is waterproof and keeps the temperature the same for a longer period. The material besides being durable is quite safe for you and the environment, as it meets all health standards.

4. Homefilos SK1 Japanese Soaking Portable Bathtub

consumer reports best freestanding tubs

Ending my list with Homefilos Japanese Bathtub, which is 13 inches tall and has a diameter of 30 inches. It may look small but can easily accommodate a male adult having a height of up to 5ft 10 inches. It is a comfortable freestanding bathtub for those with a short height, and they can hop in and out of it without the fear of tripping.

When you are done enjoying a refreshing bath in the bathtub, you can easily drain it without lifting it, thanks to the central drainage system and a 5-feet drain hose that allows you to easily drain the water without creating an unnecessary mess. You will get a large storage bag along with 5 sample bathtub liners in the package to add to your convenience.

5. Home And Mix Portable Inflatable Freestanding Bathtub With Manual Air Pump

consumer reports best freestanding tubs

Get this freestanding bathtub, which is constructed with high-density PVC and has a beautiful finish done with thermal fusion technology for added strength. This is an inflatable tub that is made from a waterproof and non-toxic material that is completely safe for you, your family, and the environment. It also features a manual air pump that allows quick and easy inflation in just 3 minutes.

The portable design of the bathtub makes storage a lot more convenient. The comfort in this bathtub comes from the inflatable pillow, ergonomic armrest, and backrest that are attached to it. There is ample space in the bathtub to accommodate an adult along with a couple of kids. Taking frequent baths in this bathtub will help kill toxins in your body, and improve your skin condition. The capacity of this bathtub is 25 gallons, which makes it a perfect product for your family to relax and unwind.

How To Buy The Right Freestanding Bathtub?

You shouldn't rely solely on aesthetics when talking about the best-performing freestanding bathtub. Several other criteria come into play to find a model adapted to its space, but also its sanitary installation. In this buying guide for the best freestanding bathtubs, we show you them one by one.

Dimensions And Shape

Before approaching a product comparison, select the criteria. A free-standing bathtub comes in different sizes from brands depending on the format. The length is approximately 1.60 meters to 1.90 meters. The width extends between 60 cm and more than one meter. As for the height, we see from 50 to 60 cm, but generally, the feet are adjustable so you can adjust them according to your preferences.

Before determining the dimensions, you need, take a good look at the dimensions of your bathroom. Depending, you can afford to take an item to put in the middle of the room, or rather along one of the walls even if the standards say that you need at least a 10 m 2 room to accommodate such a specimen. Always be sure to leave room around it for free movement.

It's the same for the form. Round or oval models are considered the most compact. As a diameter, 1m34 already falls within the average. The most common are rectangular. They are also said to be more aesthetic and modern. As long as it does not impact the comfort of the room, you can allow yourself all the designs you want.

Be careful when selecting the tub size. For you to feel good in it, you must at least be able to lie down at its full length and comfortably, especially in the neck and pelvis area. And if you share your home with other people, that goes for them too.

Manufacturing Materials, Ease Of Installation, And Maintenance

The most common material on the market is acrylic. There are quality and less good. But most are lightweight (around 50 pounds) and chip easily. This is why several manufacturers consolidate it with a more robust covering such as fiberglass. But beware, examining the solidity does not stop at the level of the body of the bathtub. This also goes through the accessories, including the drain plug. If you want to set up your bathtub all by yourself, turn to this category.

Next to it, there are models in stone, cast iron, or enamel. These weigh a bit heavier, over 100kg, but are sure to last for years, if not indefinitely. They are also the favorite of vintage enthusiasts. The coating also plays on daily cleaning. So, prefer models that do not retain dirt and that make the sponge or cloth slip during maintenance.

Attached Accessories

The siphon and the elements for the evacuation of water are compulsorily present in the package. Sometimes, for models for which it is difficult to find a suitable fitting, the brands also include this one in the lot. This greatly simplifies the installation and if you're lucky will save you some money.

Now between standing, wall-mounted, or deck-mounted taps, opinions are divided. Some prefer the third because it costs less than its counterparts. The second and third are more practical in terms of space.

On the other hand, if you had to get your taps separately, try to find them in the same diameter as your pipe. The standard dimensions are around 26 mm for the cold water tap alone, and 35 mm for the mixer taps.

Options Available And Their Price

You have two main distinct categories: classic freestanding bathtubs, and whirlpools. The first has a simple design without a hole for water jets or a sophisticated shower for this purpose. That said, quality models include features such as the click-clack face intended to facilitate use for people with limited abilities.

Edges thick enough to put shower products on are also appreciated if you do not have a platform or furniture next to it.

You should also know that there are concentrates of technologies that can perform water massages and different settings. Here, on the other hand, the sophistication may complicate the work of setting up a little for you.

Wrapping Up

A freestanding bathtub is definitely going to be the game-changer especially if your bathroom is ordinary-looking or will enhance the beauty of your bathroom if it is already amped-up. There are inflatable types available as well, which can be taken along on trips, so there are plenty of options for you to choose from, so don’t wait anymore and pick one from the consumer reports best freestanding tubs and place your order today.